We Signed Honeybee Up for Soccer!

Hi everyone.  If you've followed the blog for a while, then you know that our family is a family of sports lovers especially on S.'s end.  We enjoy watching, playing in, and commenting on sports of all kinds.  We also enjoy allowing our children to experience those things as well.  Since we never push, we have been quietly observing our Honeybee running around playing soccer against herself, chastising herself in misses, celebrating scores.  Tonight, she was running around enough that S. asked her if she liked soccer.  She affirmed that she did and continued playing. 

Proper Spouse Communications and Loving when You Don’t Even Feel Like Liking

Oooh, ya’ll! God just handed me all kinds of chastisement for a conversation I just finished having with S. It wasn’t a nice conversation filled with roses and love. Nope, this was a frenzied, whispered conversation with high octaves and impatient sighs. It was step outside the building. It was lower the volume and look around cube walls to make sure you are alone. It. Was. Bad. AND It was stupid. Seriously, it was the stupidest thing that I could have ever been concerned enough to argue about when I honestly didn’t even care. I could have stopped the conversation at any moment, but I’m a debater…and I’m stubborn…and I like people to see my point even if it isn’t always right. Ugh.

The subject of this one doesn’t even matter. At its core, the issue becomes communication. It was the result of a lack of communication that S. and I tend to display to one another unintentionally. I’m being candid because you all know I try and keep it completely earnest with you. The fact of the matter is listening more and talking less would have prevented me from sounding like a disgruntled nut on the phone. Seriously, guys. There is plenty of room for blame, but this one leans heavily on me. 

Human Trafficking is REAL (A scary moment for a friend of mine)...

Guys, I have scrolled through FB countless times and have recently seen stories of human traffickers. Some I paid attention to. Some I dismissed as click bait. After today, I never will again. This morning, I saw a post describing an ordeal of a woman and her child being almost abducted and something seemed scarily familiar. I contacted a friend who seemed similar to the person described in the post and confirmed it was her. This morning, someone tried to abduct her and her newborn baby. Guys, my absolute heart.

Weekend Recap: Family Fun at Kings Dominion (A Bucket List Item!)

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Hi everyone!  You may remember a couple of weeks ago I posted our Summer Bucket List and shared that I hoped we would be able to check off quite a few items.  Well, it just so happens that it exactly what happened!

Coincidence would have it that my office decided to host a Company sponsored family fun day at Kings Dominion in Doswell, VA.  Kings Dominion is a favorite amusement park of mine and there is always so much to do for everyone.  Every family member has their favorite thing about the park.  Honeybee loves Planet Snoopy.  Bug loves Soak City.  S. loves the funnel cakes.  I love the people watching.  When the company sent out the email to see if any of the employees were interested, you know that out family was ALL in!

We arrived about an hour after the park opened and ended up staying until about an hour before it closed.  What a fun and LONG day!