Man (er...Woman) Down...part duex

Man, I sound like oohwee on top of uh-uh.  I am sick!  No, sick is the polite way of saying what I am.  I am SICCCCCCKKKKKK.  Lol.  It's a good thing that I am really interested in science and the human body because mine has been doing all sorts of interesting things.

First, the conjunctivitis still remains.  Every time I close my eyes for the evening, I wake up with the oh so yucky yellow and green crust that keeps the eyes closed.  (insert shiver of disgust here).  During the day, I'm fine.  It's just the bright pink shade that looks like I busted a blood vessel.    Oh, but in the morning, I look like someone's science experiment.  Not to mention the horrible cough and voice that sounds like someone flattened me.  

Thank You, Father, for a boss who allows me to work from home.  I look and sound awful.  And I feel that way too.

This morning, I woke up and my head was stopped up too!  Ugh.  I'm so thankful for today's doctor appointment.  I'm hoping for medication.  This thing is UGLY. Lol.

But I am alive and I am not complaining.

Man (er...woman ) Down...

Can you believe it?!  Both Honeybee and I are down with colds.  How ridiculous is this?!  While I've been hyper-vigilant on keeping the germs out, I suppose I failed in making sure I kept the germs out of me.  Two days ago, I woke up with a  slight pink tint to my eye.  Despite being warned a few weeks ago that conjunctivitis was making the rounds at Honeybee's daycare, I wasn't concerned.  I'd sprayed down, wiped down, and cleaned everything I could possibly treat.  I figured I'd just slept a little hard, a little long.  The tickle in my throat I attributed to the previous night's choir rehearsal where we were holding notes just a little too long.  Nothing to worry about.

I went to work, got things done, noticed that I was a little less peppy than usual, but hey the weekend was approaching.  Nothing to keep me down.  Imagine my surprise yesterday morning when I attempted to open my right eye and found I could not.  Immediately I groaned inside.  I'm a former Certified Nurse's Assistant; my mom is a nurse; my sister in laws are all nurses; I was originally in school to become a nurse.  Yep, I knew that this would not be good.  I rushed to the bathroom mirror and saw the yellow crust that immediately identified conjunctivitis.  DANG IT!!!!  Washing my hands, I then gathered the tiny white linen cloths used to remove makeup and removed the crust.    I opened my eye and saw it was a bright pink...yep, no doubt about it...conjunctivitis.  UGHHHHHHHH!!!!!  Now, let's just add to that feeling with a massive headache and a throat that feels like Hades.  Daggone it!
I went to FatherWinter and informed him that I needed to make a trip to the ophthalmologist.  Turns out, I have viral conjunctivitis.  There's nothing I can take.  I just have to let the virus run its course.  In the meantime, I feel like blah!

I did manage to keep a promise to Superbug and let him go out last night with the family last night.  I made sure to stay covered and mouth and nose areas covered so as not to spread my germs.  It was a very short trip and when I returned, the men went downstairs to watch a Christmas movie.  I went straight to bed and slept from 8:30 PM to 9 AM.  Honeybee wasn't feeling well either with her runny nose and crankiness.  Before I laid down, I gave her her antibiotic for her ear infections and let her rest.  She slept for 13+ hours.

She woke this morning and I gave her her breakfast of rice cereal and applesauce with a bottle of formula. She played until 1:00 pm and then gave me the sign she needed to go back to sleep.  She is presently napping.

I still have the headache of Hades, but the throat feels better.  My conjunctivitis is still there per the nice pink eye and crust that arrives when I awake.  So, looks like it will be a work from home day tomorrow.

The boys are currently at church and I hate that I am missing an awesome Word, but I am sure the congregants would be more than appreciative that I stayed home.

I do plan on reminding the daycare to spray down a little more.  UGH, I hate being sick.


Of Doctor Visits and Delays

Yesterday was our Honeybee’s 9-month well baby visit.  FatherWinter took her to the doctor’s office and was met by Honeybee’s social worker, Ms. Care.  We wanted to make sure that Ms. Care received all of the medical documentation.  We’ve found that sometimes the doctor’s office forgets to forward it on to Ms. Care and we need it to build for Honeybee’s court file.  We weren’t really expecting anything at the visit.  Honeybee has been all smiles and coos lately, with the exception of a couple of flares.

Imagine my surprise to receive a phone call after the visit to inform me that Honeybee has not one, but TWO ear infections!!!  My poor baby!  She hadn’t been pulling her ears or complaining or anything.  We had no idea.  My poor, poor Honeybee!!  The NP suggested that the culprit could be the cold that Honeybee has been fighting all week long.  Honeybee was prescribed an antibiotic.  They did the measuring and found out she is 13 lbs, 2.5 ounces and has only gained 1 pound 7 ounces since her last visit.  I was a bit concerned about that, but since her appetite is so voracious (Honeybee can EAT), there wasn’t much concern from the office staff.

There were, however, items requiring observation.  Honeybee has a slight developmental delay with her fine and gross motor skills.  She will put food in her mouth, but can’t use her thumb and forefinger.  She tries to feed herself with her entire fist.  She pulls herself up to her knees, but not to her legs consistently as the doctors said she should.  She also doesn’t wave or respond to bye-bye.  Sigh.  When Ms. Care told me that, I was a bit worried that we’d done something to fail Honeybee.  I was assured that we had not.  Honeybee’s delays are slight and could be simply a biological development. 

She reminded me that our Honeybee is a mobile machine.  She gets everywhere she wants as fast as she wants.  She is more than inquisitive and has learned to vocalize to get her point across.  While the delays were something to be aware of, there was no need to panic.  We would just govern ourselves according to the need.  I appreciated the assurance, but made sure to immediately start seeking developmental toys that could help in her development delays and games she and I could play that would encourage the same.
Our Honeybee is a mobile machine!

 Then, there was our friend, the dreaded ECZEMA.  Ugh….I thought we’d slain this beast (or at the very least knocked his butt out).  It turns out the weather change has been doing a number on Honeybee’s skin.  While last week it was smooth, yesterday Honeybee’s back, ankles, inner thigh, and side were all alligator like and ridiculously dry DESPITE the momentasone and tons of SheaMoisture Shea Butter Eczema cream that I grease her down with every morning and night.  (Not paid as a promotion or anything, but my personal opinion is this stuff is AWESOME!)

The NP, with the doctor’s approval, has now given us a new lotion prescription that we are to use daily, as well as orders for a very specific brand of soap that is not inexpensive.  SIGH.  I’d noticed 
the skin fluctuations, but thought I could get it back in line without the harsh products minus her cream of course.  Hopefully, we will be able to find something soon.  Honeybee hasn’t really been complaining, but she hasn’t really been sleeping as peacefully as summer months either.  Occasionally, the itching keeps her up until 10 and awakens her at 2. Maybe the new additions will help.

Overall, the visit may not have gone as great as I would have liked it to have gone, but I have no complaints.  Honeybee is a happy, babbling, energetic, and loving baby girl who is so loved, it is ridiculous!  I am still looking forward to exposing her to some great new experiences whether she remembers them or not.  With a less itchy belly and finer motor skills, the experience can only enhanced!  Stay tuned to see what’s coming next!


Of Gratitude & Grief

Yay! Honeybee just celebrated her first Thanksgiving!  It was great!  Thirty people graced our home for tables upon tables of food and desserts, beverages, conversation, and fellowship.  Everyone wanted to hold her, smile with her, dance with her.  It was amazing.  She missed two naps just playing and meeting everyone.  Plus, she one of her bottom teeth started peeking through.  It was a great holiday.  Because of what happened with her recent allergy flare up, we were very careful with what we allowed her to eat. We kept her to the things we'd tried before.  Sweet potatoes, collard greens, and dressing are still her favorites.  Anything sweet (sweet potato casserole) is also a friend.  She still managed to have one flare up the first night of everyone visiting, but it was minor and only cause an hour's slip in nap time. 

As I watched her interact with the family, I was struck with how happy and grateful I was that she was here.  Here was a child who was loved so much it made my heart swell.  She went from arm to arm and smiles and played the entire time.  

And in the clamor and din that was making our festivities memorable, I suddenly felt an intense way of grief.  It was palpable.  It was there for only an instant, but I recognized it immediately.

 It was the grief of loss.  In that moment, I thought of my grandmother, my great-grandmother, and all of my relatives who’d gone to Glory, who had not had the opportunity to hold Honeybee.  I thought of the mothers who recently lost their sons and would not be able to sit around a table and enjoy hearing their voices again.  I thought about Honeybee’s birth mother.  I wondered if she was thinking about her, if her heart still aches for her, if her arms felt the same emptiness.  I felt such gratitude for this woman and such grief for her loss.  I can’t imagine what it is like for her, but I fear the possibility of knowing.  After loving Honeybee for so many months, we are rapidly approaching the date that will decide her fate as our child.  I have cast my cares on the Lord and have allowed Him to sustain me (Psalm 55:2).  I know that His will shall be done regardless of my desire.  Nevertheless, I chose to recognize that grief and store it within me, so that I didn’t forget the mother who was aching for her baby.  I never will.

Afterwards, the family disintegrated into a loving bunch of story tellers, memory revealers, and culinary geniuses.  Honeybee and Suberbug enjoyed every moment of it.  Best of all, the house was full of children from womb to 16 to play with and 17-70 to converse with.  It was a really great time with the family and we were pleased everyone enjoyed themselves.

We hope your Thanksgiving was equally as, if not more, blessed!