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A Month of Gratitude

Hello everyone!  Happy November 1st.  This month is truly special.  There are a lot of wonderful things we are hoping and expecting to happen.  It's National Adoption Month.  It's "I'm Grateful" month.  It's the month we walk toward expanding our family via FET.  Wow...We have a lot going on.  So let's talk about it!

The Thankful Tree

I am so very excited to share with our “Thankful Tree” with you! You have no idea how many years I have wanted to do this and I never get around to it. I always feel sad and dejected about that when the Thanksgiving season is over. I was determined not to feel that way this year. So, even though we didn’t have a lot of time with it up, it’s the sense of accomplishment I’m most excited over.

So excited!