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Question time: What did you do differently for IVF #2

Hi everyone.  I hope everyone is doing well.  It's a beautiful brisk day here in my neck of the woods. Kids were off yesterday, but things are returning to normal today.  It's hard to believe tomorrow is February.  Wow, this year is flying by quickly.  I won't complain though.  I'm kind of ready for warmer weather and outings, though I won't lie and say one huge snowstorm wouldnt' be fun.

So, I was recently asked if S. and I did anything different during our second IVF that we think helped with success.  The answer is not really.  Most of the things were the same.  But to make sure I hadn't missed something, I sat and talked with S. He reminded me there were a few things different from last time.  Those things were so altered slightly and so miniscule, I'm not sure there was any impact at all.  But I'm glad to share and hope that it may provide a bit of encouragement to someone going through their journey.

1.  Let's talk mentality.  I'm not going to give some long drawn out missive about mind over matter. Whatev.  That works in a lot of cases, but for us, it wasn't 100%.  When we received Beta #1 for our first IVF, I was really disappointed.  I really thought it was going to work.  We followed everything to the letter.  I did everything the doctors said.  Shoot, I did just about everything everybody said and nothing.  This time, we knew what to expect and were more go with the flow.  I still wanted this to work and prayed about it.  However, I also enjoyed life instead of focusing so hard of becoming pregnant.  I still treated my body pregnant (i.e. took the prenatals, didn't drink), but I also enjoyed my California rolls and deli meat without worry.

2. The transfer.  Okay, I even blogged about it.  My second embryo transfer went so much better than my first.  Embryo transfer one was so stressful and hectic and in no small part because of the fluid in my bladder!  I kid you not!  I could not stay still.  I hopped around that room like a mad person.  I kept getting permission to void a little.  Even the laying down for five minutes after was more than difficult for me!  First, I drank 20-24 ounces and then had to wait about an additional hour for everything to be complete!  Oh my no!  The second time I drank 16 ounces and was able to breathe a bit when my name was called. I wasn't flustered.  I wasn't doing the duck walk.  I wasn't worried or nervous.  I almost felt like I had too little because I didn't have the urge to pee, but the doctor said I had the perfect amount in me.  I saw both embryos transfer and was able to lay there and talk to the embryos in my womb while I waited for my discharge papers. There was no rushing, no running to void.  I honestly believe that this had something to do with the success of this cycle.

3. The post snack stop.  Okay, I am sure this had NOTHING to do with anything, but everyone told me to make sure I stopped for my McDonald's fries on the way home from transfer.  I didn't the first time.  This time I though "what the heck" and grabbed a medium instead of a small because I was hungry lol.

4.   Pom juice and pineapples.  So, you know how you're supposed to down this daily and have one slice for every day after transfer.  Well, last time I followed it faithfully.  This time...not so much.  I had a small slice of pineapple core on day 1, 3, and maybe 5 and 9.  I drink pom juice about the same, but not massive amounts.  Last time I inhaled the stuff.  This time, I couldn't stand the taste of either, so I didn't bother.

So, that's it.  I didn't do anything super extra.  I made a few minor adjustments, but subconsciously.  I hope this is a help for someone.  Ultimately, it was just timing, God's timing.  It was the same when we had three matches for our adoption fall through before being matched with and ultimately adopting our beautiful baby girl.  It was in God's timing, not ours.

I hope that helps.  Be blessed.


After a bit of chaos, we're off

Hello everyone.  If you follow the Instagram feed you already know this story.  If not, I'll fill you in. We had a scare yesterday when we received a call telling us that the already arranged payment by S. and I would not be executed in one day because they can't release such a large payment in one day. Bull (sorry for the language).  We know they can do so.  We went through this during our daughter's adoption.

Our financial coordinator (officer) at the RE office told us if we didn't have the final payment in today, we would have to cancel the cycle and wouldn't be put back in until next year because that would be the next availability and when everything (body wise) would restart.  Sigh.  so of course I started to worry.  The post released earlier today (should have been last night, but I fell asleep) speaks to it. But S. told me not to worry and to continue as if everything was okay.  It would be.

I have to be honest.  I wasn't so sure, but I prayed and told God that I wasn't sure what would happen, but I would trust in His plan.  I meant it.  This morning, I woke up crack of dawn for my early morning appointment.

I left my house at 6:40 and that should have been more than enough time for my 7:15 appointment. But it was raining and in our area, people panic in precipitation.  So there were accidents.  Several accidents.  I didn't get to my appointment until just about 0840.  Yeah.  I was so exhausted when I got there.

Fortunately, when I walked in, S. was on the phone with the front clerk.  She, he, and the company coordinator responsible for the execution of our funds were on the phone trying to get everything executed.  They [the finance company} gave the excuse of daily spending limits, but that was proved false by the large payment made on yesterday.  Long story short, a compromised was reached that allow us to pay and break no rules.  We get to go forward in treatment!  Yay!

I went in for my bloodwork and my ultrasound.  The technician and doctor said everything was gorgeous (her words). She then told me my nurse, A. would call me this afternoon with the confirmation that everything was good and the sub nurse handed me this:

My injection far..

This afternoon, A. called and confirmed.  This Friday, barring any more issues, I take my first stims injections.  I am to take them between the hours of 6 and 10PM and must take them at the same time consistently from now on.  I'm thinking of 9:30.  Everyone is pretty settled and I will have time to do it without interruption (and if I need to re-psyche myself up).

So, that's all for the moment.  Things will be pretty quiet for a few days.  I'm going to continue to work out and try and prep my body for what it's about to undergo.  I feel like neither one of us (body nor I) are truly prepared.  BUT I'm so ready for the journey.


OMG!!! We received our protocol!!

Yesterday, I posted that I wasn't sure what our next step was in this process.  Today, our awesome nurse A. contacted me with our IVF/ICSI protocol.  Oh my goodness!  It's real!  This is really starting to happen!

Our IVF/ICSI protocol
I started my birth control pills on 6 September and it looks like they will be my companion until 25 Sept.  Things will really pick up on the 26th of September, but I still have a lot to keep me company until then.

According to the first page of the protocol (not pictured), I have a ton of appointments to make.  I have to schedule my mock embryo transfer, make sure all of our consents are signed, all our online modules and injection classes taken, and all medications are ordered.  Not to mention, the payment must be made and soon.

Oh my goodness!  This really is becoming real.  If all goes well, our egg retrieval will occur on 12 October.  God willing and in His grace, we'll have the egg transfer 5 days later on the 17th.  I told S. this afternoon when he came home and he tried to act very calm about it, but I can tell it's an exciting time for him as well.  S. asked tons of questions, looked at calendars, asked about due dates.  I hope this all works out well and that we finally have our BFP.

Do your research
Since receiving the protocol, I've done SO much research.  I've researched the retrieval and the transfer.  I've discovered the transfer can be very painful depending on the quantity of eggs retrieved. I have also learned that there are some tricks to the trade for some of these injections as well, especially that intramuscular trigger.

I'm looking forward to putting it all into practice and I promise to go into detail about it all soon.  But for now, I just want to bask in the glow of having a protocol!


Have a great evening!