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Letter of the Week "M"

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Hi Guys!  Look, I have to tell you that I have been absolutely enjoying the home school experience with my preschooler.  To be clear, I am not homeschooling her in the traditional sense of the word.  We have a former preschool teacher, who just happens to be family, who comes in and goes forward with lessons, ideas, activities, and experiences that we have cultivated together.

This week, the letter is "M" and as it turned out, I was able to participate in a LOT of the fun activities.  On Wednesday, Honeybee and I started our day with a healthy breakfast and delved into our "M" day activities.

We started by doing pages in our Big Fun Kindergartner Activity Book.  We traced the "M" letters and searched for the hidden "M" in the pictures.  After that was completed, I wanted to boost her confidence a bit, so I took a piece of cardstock and duplicated the write your letters page.  She traced each line and continued from their to write the letters on her own.  She was so very proud of herself.

There's An App for That..

Wow, things have been pretty busy around here.  We’re adjusting to a new normal that includes scheduling, feedings, one-on-one time with the kiddos, and life.  There have been some successes and some misses as well (like my almost forgetting to purchase the chorus shirt for little S.’s chorus uniform and my forgetting to schedule my postpartum visit), but we keep pushing through and we make it work.  One of the things that has been a great help is the inclusion of apps in our lives.  Let me start with the ones for our middle schooler.

Happy Birthday, Honeybee!!

Happy Birthday to our perfect little lady.  It doesn't seem like two years.  So very blessed to have you in our life, little one.  God bless you!