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IVF Prep: Mock Embryo Transfer and Injection Class

Hi everyone!

Apologies for being a bit quiet.  I actually have a few drafts in the platform.  I just forgot to hit the publish button.  So, let's bring you up to speed.

Today was my mock embryo transfer!  I woke up this morning calm and collected.  I went about my normal business, got the little people situated, and made it to the clinic with ten minutes to spare.  I'd taken my extra strength Tylenol as a precaution, drank my 32 ounces of water (oh my did I have to go!), and walked up to the door.  It wasn't until I walked in the actual doors that I go nervous.

The procedure itself wasn't bad at all.  It was more of my own anticipation that drove my nervousness.  When I arrived at the front desk, I was asked to give a urine sample for a pregnancy test.  I also confirmed some information for the front desk and received a copy of the IVF contract that S. and I will need to sign and return before Monday.
Waiting for the name to be called
After I'd given my sample, I was asked to have a seat and wait to be called.  While I was waiting, a lovely couple came from the back beaming surrounded by one of the doctors and nurses.  The woman was teary eyed.  All were smiling and speaking loud enough to be heard.  The doctor called it a "bittersweet moment", but wished them "many more congratulations".  Then, the woman asked if they could return with the baby after it was born so everyone could see him or her (though there is a child-free office policy).  Everyone beamed 'absolutely' and the woman glanced at me, smiled through her teary eyes, and they walked out the door after saying their goodbyes and thank yous again.  I realized the couple had just "graduated" from the clinic with their healthy pregnancy and I couldn't help but smile and beam as well.  The front desk looked over at me and I at them and we all just beamed.  It was an awesome moment and I was glad I got to experience it.

Shortly after that, I was called into the back and met the nurse who asked that I undress from waist down and sit on the table.  The room was quiet and dark and I have to admit my anxiety increased a bit.  After a quick wait, there was a knock on the door and in walked the doctor who would be doing my mock transfer and her assistant.  They introduced themselves and took me step by step through the process.

I've told you all that my uterus is tilted and I've read horror stories about transfers.  This one was no issue.  The doctor noted that, in addition to its tilt, it also sits at a pretty unique angle.  (This would be where my husband says I'm special lol).  It wasn't a problem.  She just made a note in the system so that she or whomever would be doing my actual transfer will know the best angle to insert the catheter.

I felt a slight uncomfortable scratchy sensation from where she cleaned my cervix and then a slight cramp from the insertion of the catheter.  It wasn't unmanageable and wasn't prolonged.  There were screens that allowed me to see what the doctor was seeing and I saw fluid released into the uterus and the clarity of it was amazing.  Before pulling out, she also checked my ovaries for follicles.  I currently have 10 on my right side and 9 on my left.  She said the numbers looked great and would hopefully duplicate themselves come retrieval time.

Then it was over.  It wasn't even a full fifteen minutes.  Yay!  I was allowed to dress and use one of the supplied pads for the fluid and possible staining of the cervical swab soap, and then went to the wait room to be called for my injection class.

When I returned to the waiting room, there were quite a few people.  I don't know why we don't like to look at each other in infertility clinics.  We are all in this together.  When my name and the names of two other ladies were called to begin our class, I introduced myself to the other ladies.  We may never see each other again, but just so we know we aren't alone is helpful I think.

I was right.  After that icebreaker while awaiting our nurse, we all discovered we were there for our first IVF cycle.  All of us had tried IUIs, all were unsuccessful.  Our nurse instructor came in and we spent the next hour going over ALL the meds.  The class was great, informative, and interactive.  There are videos available online to assist if I get confused about what I'm supposed to do.  [And]  ALL of my meds, including the trigger, are subcutaneous so no evil intramuscular butt shot...YAYYYY!!!!!

Next week, I am supposed to go in and start Pre-IVF bloodwork.  Unless otherwise directed, I will start the Stimulation Phase on 30 Sep 2016.  Then, it's a very daily check in and shots and movement until retrieval, transfer, and beta!  I really pray this works!!

Pray for us, guys!


What am I supposed to be doing now?

So, I’ve been taking the birth control pills since CD 2 per direction of the fertility center nurse. I had a headache on the first two days I took them that reminded me of why I didn’t continue them in my youth despite horrible menstrual cramps. Today, I feel better and I’m just anxious for the what’s next.

I haven’t heard from my nurses, so I called and left a voice message. I think I need to re-update some blood work as it expires at the end of the month, but the numbers are still the same according to the baseline blood work and ultrasound I did on CD 1. I know I’m probably driving them crazy, but I’m ready. I really am ready.

My gf, who has used this facility and gone through this process before with successful results, mentioned the next step will probably be the mock embryo transfer (done between cycle days 5-12) and then signing up for IVF injection class. Sounds right according to the paperwork, but I haven’t heard anything yet.

I still have time. I know. I’m pretty sure the staff said we won’t retrieve and transfer until October. But that will be here soon enough. Oh my goodness, I’m ready to proceed!


CD2: Gearing up

Hello everyone.  Apologies for being absent on the blog.  It's been a busy couple of days here.  Our family hosts an annual End of Summer cookout.  This year, we had well over 40 people show up for food, fun, and massive moon bounces. I've been going nonstop for the past three days and I am more than a bit tired.  But it was more than worth it.

Today is cycle day 2.  It's been a long time since I was excited to see Aunt Flo and even longer since I was excited about starting birth control pills.  Come to think of it, I don't think I was ever excited to start birth control pills.  Tomorrow, I have my first blood work and ultrasound appointment in preparation for IVF.

I'm not nervous.  I went through this with our IUI, but knowing that tomorrow I will get blood work to verify if my body is ready for IVF is different.  I've been reading blogs and following other IVF/ICSI couple social media sites to see what I can expect.  Hopefully,  I'll get the calendar that lets me know what  our protocol will be and how soon S. and I can start the main part of our journey.

Yep.  I'm excited.  I am ready to go.  I just hope this journey goes smoothly.


Excited about Cramps?!

Yep!  You read that right.  I never thought I'd be writing that lol.  But this infertility journey has me doing all kinds of things.  Usually cramps for me mean Aunt Flo is headed to town.  Usually I do an internal pout and hope beyond hope that she isn't.  This time, I'm thrilled.

This time, it means we are rapidly approaching the next phase of our journey.  This time, we do things a little bit different.  In a few days, I start...birth control...

So, it may not have come as a surprise to you, but it certainly was to me to find out the first step in this IVF process was going on birth control.  Fortunately we have an awesome nurse and a great RE and her staff to explain things for us.  According to them and their site, I take birth control pills because it will decrease the chances of creating cysts that could interfere with the cycle start.  It also allows our RE to control the timing of the cycle.  That's actually a good thing for me because I have been known to have a few cysts just hanging out around my ovaries from time to time.  I don't want anything to stop us from moving forward.

Oh! Another benefit is the medication is to put my follicles on one accord.  Everybody will be on the same stage ready to be retrieved on a date our doctor and we choose.  No overachievers here lol.  I need everyone to cooperate.

I called my nurse today when I started cramping and told her I was a bit nervous that I would start early.  I wanted to know what to do.  She was great and calmed my fears.  I would just call her when I started and come in for my CD3 blood work and ultrasound.  (Ugh...anyone remember how much I dislike the trans-vaginal ultrasound when on my period).  I wait for a call from her confirming the results are what they want to see and then I start the pills that evening.

Then, there is a HOST of other stuff to get taken care of, but I'm ready.  I'm so very ready!  Keep us in your prayers everyone.

Have a great day!