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Weekend Recap: The Fight Edition

It was supposed to be the weekend of legends!  Sports all weekend long.  NBA Playoffs with defending champs San Antonio Spurs vs. the Los Angeles Clippers.  And the fight of the century with Floyd "Money" Mayweather and Manny "Pack-man" Pacquiao.  I was so hyped.  My entire family was hyped.  We had no idea where we were going to watch the fight, but rest assured we knew we would be watching it.  It had been discussed off and on for weeks.  I am a Mayweather fan, but likewise am a fan of Pacquiao for his open love of Christ and the amount of aid he returns to his community. I was hoping to see an underdog victory in some way form or fashion. 

Unfortunately, our weekend started a little differently than planned.  Friday morning, our Honeybee woke up with a really high fever.  I ended up locking on a sick visit appointment for about 9:40 and rushed out of the house once Superbug was safely on the bus.  The doctor's office determined pretty quickly that our Honeybee had an ear infection...again.  This is the third or fourth time she has had one and the office mentioned the possibility of an ear nose and throat specialist in the future.  For now, they gave her a shot of antibiotics and scheduled her for a follow-up appointment and shot the next day.  Honeybee was not a happy camper and was quite cranky. 

Because of the fever and because she definitely needed Mommy's TLC, I couldn't take her to the daycare.  Usually, I would just come home and telecommute.  This time that wasn't an option.  You see, Friday was scheduled to be my last day at the office.  I will be starting a new position with a new company in a few days and Friday was the day I was to check out at the outgoing location.  This left me with only one option.  I had to complete the check out procedures with Honeybee at the office.

Fortunately, the office was very great about it.  I was able to complete all of my checkout proceedings within 2 hours. My colleagues assisted by keeping Honeybee entertained.  It actually worked out well because the team hadn't seen her in a very long time.  Even though she was under the weather, it was still a great opportunity for them to see how big she has gotten.  After I checked out, I was able to get Honeybee to sleep, which she sorely needed.  When FatherWinter and Superbug arrived later that afternoon, Honeybee was still resting but woke up later feeling quite a bit better.

I was holding her and recounting the shots and Honeybee's new medicine regiment when FatherWinter switched subjects and mentioned the upcoming fight.  We'd still not decided where we would watch the event.  He suggested that we should host a fight party since we hadn't heard anyone who would be doing the same.  I thought it was a great idea since I didn't want to take Honeybee out while she was ill and liked the idea of being able to put her down comfortably in her crib where she could rest well.  We discussed a few of the specifics and decided to go for it.

Honeybee felt well enough to "inspect" the chips in the pantry
Saturday morning, the text went out to several friends and family to invite them over.  It was nothing major.  Pizza and wings from Pizza Hut, tons of chips and dip, and a few beverages.  About twenty people came over and we had a really good time.  I have to admit I was really hoping that Mayweather would be on the receiving end of at least one major knockdown. It didn't happen though. For most of us, it happened as we expected.  Mayweather won the fight.  Pacquiao had a couple of nice hits, but didn't deliver the blows we thought he could have.  All in all, it wasn't the fight we were hoping for, but I did enjoy having friends and family over.

However, I still must admit that the fight was overhyped in a major way.  I saw all of the cleverly placed marketing strategies.  I saw the over the top ones with the Burger King mascot and Justin Beiber walking in with Mayweather.  I saw the Geico placement with the selfie taken right before the fight.  I saw all of the marketing money, but didn't see the "epic" fight that I'd hoped for.  The fight did indeed seem pretty one sided most of the match.  I'd hoped to see more blow for blow. I wanted to see a competition and have something to truly discuss with my husband.  We did more discussing of the final seconds in the Spurs game than we did with the fight.  (BTW congrats, Clippers). Okay,I'm off the soap box.

Today, the family went to church and heard a wonderful message.  Our Pastor preached on being the victor and not the victim. There was a rousing sermon, a powerful musical worship experience, and then fellowship with family and friends after.  After church was over and after running errands, FatherWinter and I decided to watch a movie our church hosted earlier this week.  We were unable to attend, so we pulled God's Not Dead up on Amazon and watched it there.  What an awesome movie it was.

If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it.  I was a bit skeptical that I would enjoy it, but I have to say that it was well worth the time.

Well, that's our weekend in a nutshell.  I hope your weekend was just as enjoyable. 

Take care and be blessed.


Of sickness and apologies (aka Worst mommy ever)

It wasn’t his fault—not really.  He’d only been trying to do what FatherWinter and I teach him. He was only trying to be a bit independent and handle those tasks that he was old enough to do.  It ended in a big mess, a frustrated sigh, and a lot of milk. 

Yesterday, while sitting at work, I suddenly got hit with a wave of nausea and fatigue.  It came out of nowhere and I simply was not prepared.  I felt hot and cold at the same time and I suddenly did not want to be bothered.  Like really didn't want to be bothered...

When one of my dear colleagues presented me with a ridiculously difficult task in a ridiculously short timeline, I was uncharacteristically gruff.  I didn’t mean to be, but I was and I wasn’t happy about it.  I worked the document still feeling awful until I realized that I didn’t have a choice.  I had to leave.  The family had a church leadership conference to attend that started at 7:30.  Here it was 5:30 and I’d not yet picked up Honeybee from the daycare nor prepped dinner for the meal.  So, I left, picked up my daughter, and went home.  When I walked through the door with a sleeping Honeybee, my Superbug greeted me with his cheery “Hi Mommy!”  I responded with a polite “Hi, sweetie”.  He knew something was wrong because it lacked energy and exuberance.  I told him that I wasn’t feeling very well and that I was going to go upstairs for a while.  I laid Honeybee in her crib and I went to the bedroom. 

FatherWinter was already there with blinds drawn, lights off, and in bed resting before we had to leave.  I decided I’d lie down for just a few moments, but as soon as I lay down FatherWinter asked me to turn the heat off downstairs.  I was immediately frustrated.  I wasn’t feeling well.  All I wanted to do was to rest, but I sighed loudly, went downstairs, turned off the heat, and began to cook dinner.
In the course of cooking, my stomach started rolling.  It was all I could do to keep myself focus and NOT go running back to the bed.  I managed to make a hamburger stroganoff and plate it for FatherWinter and Superbug.  I then went upstairs, washed, and got Honeybee.  The guys had finished their meals and we left for church—late.

Because I was still feeling so yucky, I was not talking.  I wasn’t chipper.  I wasn’t too happy about being outside in cold weather and certainly not happy about attending the church lecture series late.  However, when we walked in, it was awesome.  The speaker was amazing.  He was articulate, engaging, kept our attention, and stepped on our toes with good WORD.  He was a great teacher and I enjoyed listening to the lesson until Honeybee got antsy.  By now it was approaching her bedtime and she wanted nothing to do with sitting still and listening to someone talk, so I excused myself and went to our fellowship hall where I fed Miss Honeybee her baby food and a follow-up bottle.  When she was done, so to was the service L.

As I walked back into the sanctuary past the exiting crowds, the wave of nausea hit me again and instantly my mood soured.  I was ready to go, go like right now; but it wasn’t to be.  Yesterday was my father in law’s birthday.  He turned 67 years young.  He has truly had a blessed life and I was happy that he was able to see it.  However, I STILL wanted to go home.  FatherWinter, however, had other plans.  He arranged for the entire family including all available siblings in laws to go to IHOP.  It was now 9:30 p.m.  Work would need to be attended the next day.  SuperBug had school.  I still hadn’t eaten because the thought of doing so didn’t appeal to me and now, now at almost 10 husband wanted to go to eat pancakes?!

NOT Happy. 

BUT I remember a conversation my husband and I had many months ago where we discussed sacrifice.  There is no guarantee that any of us will see another day, let alone another birthday.  Why not take advantage of the opportunity to spend time with someone to express how much you love them?  So, not feeling well at all, I and our family trudged to the local IHOP where we met up with sister in law and a couple of brother in laws. For two hours, I stayed quiet while they laughed and discussed football, basketball, Kobe, Lynch, Superbowl, and finally (when I could barely keep Honeybee from fretting), we left.  My in laws were very happy to have been loved and celebrated.  I was pleased to have been able to do so.  But make no mistake about it.  I still wasn’t feeling that well.
So, when we got home, I went inside, changed Honeybee into sleeping attire, brushed my teeth, and went to bed.  Head. Pillow. Out.  I barely remember FatherWinter giving me his goodbye kiss this AM.  When the light streamed through the blinds, I knew something was wrong.  Light streams through blinds way too late for that to be the first thing I notice when I awake.  I looked at the clock and saw 7:40!  I was supposed to have been up at 6AM!  I immediately grabbed my phone and was so angry at myself to see that I had forgotten to set the alarm on my phone.

I was also sorely disappointed to find that the nausea and lump of ugh in my belly feeling had not gone away.  I rushed into the bathroom, got ready, and rushed downstairs.  Immediately I was happy for two things (1) Honeybee would be at home with NanaWinter today so I could make up a bit of time getting to work since I didn’t have to drop her off and (2) SuperBug was up and functioning.  When I went downstairs, he gave his cheerful greeting and asked for cereal.  I reached up, grabbed the yellow box, and deposited it beside him.  I then realized that even though Honeybee would be with NanaWinter, she still needed to be fed and changed for her morning.  So, I left SuperBug downstairs and slowly climbed the steps and went to Honeybee’s nursery.  I still felt too sick to do pretty outfits this morning, so I put her in her purple sleeper and bought her downstairs to feed.  And stopped mid-step.

The kitchen was chaos.  I don’t know how I missed it last night, but there was a pan that had cooked the stroganoff still in the sink.  There was burned food on the stove that, again, I’d missed the evening before.  While Honeybee was waiting for her food to warm, I started scrubbing stovetops, pots, and plates left in the sink the evening before.  The timer dinged to let me know Honeybee’s food was ready.  I grabbed it and her and bought them to the family area so that she could eat.  As I did so, I was again hit with a massively sick feeling such that I was on the verge of vomiting.  I closed my eyes and realized things were taking a turn.

I was sitting at the table, sick as all get out, the craziness of the day surrounding me, Honeybee vocalizing she wants more to eat and I hear “Mommy, I don’t think I want all of this”.  I knew he wouldn’t want all of the cereal he’d poured.  It was way too much and I told him to just toss the leftovers.  That’s when it occurred.  As Superbug tried to move the overloaded bowl, he dropped Cheerios and milk everywhere.  It was on the newly cleaned stovetop, the floors, his clothes.  He was a mess.

I heard him say “I am sooo sorry” and I felt the sincerity of it.  I didn’t yell.  But I was terse.  I told him I would get it.  I told him to go upstairs and clean.  And I watched his little lip quiver and his eyes well up as he left the room.

Worst. Mommy. Ever. Sighhhhh…..

While Superbug was upstairs, I cleaned the mess, finished packing his lunch, and waited for him to come downstairs.  When he did, I asked him to come beside me.  I then knelt in front of him to get eye level and explained that Mommy was not upset at him.  I explained that I was frustrated because I was not feeling well and that I seemed to be a bit overwhelmed.  I told him that it was not his fault and he had done nothing wrong.  I told him that I loved that he wanted to be a big boy and help out and that I appreciated him and his thoughtfulness very much.  I told him that I loved him to the moon and stars and back and that I always would.  And then, I told him that I was very, very, very sorry that I’d hurt his feelings and caused him to think that I was upset with him.  I reached out and gave him the biggest hug that I could possibly manage.  And he returned the same.

Later, after I was on the road driving to the office, still feeling poorly, I found myself extremely sad.  I’d hurt my little one’s feelings and I didn’t mean to at all.  All day long that feeling stayed with me.  It was the feeling that I’d hurt someone, not just anyone, but my firstborn, my heartstring.  I was ashamed and knew that even in sickness my being short with him was not a fair response.
When the work day ended, I rushed home, but wasn’t greeted with my usual “hi Mommy” and I was worried.  It was okay.  He was upstairs and hadn’t heard me arrive.  As soon as he knew I was home, there were hugs and kisses and stories about the day.  When I reminded him again that I was very sorry about being so short with him that morning, he simply shrugged it off. 

“It’s okay, Mommy.  You weren’t feeling well and you apologized.  So, it’s okay. Thanks for saying sorry though”

I love that kid.  Seriously, I love my son.  I’m so glad he is who he is and his heart is as big as it is.  I pray he never changes.

So, here we are tonight preparing to hear another night of the leadership series.  While I’m still not feeling the best (more tired than anything), I’m hoping tonight will be less stressful.  I have one stop to make (Valentine’s Day cards for class), but other than that; it should be a pretty good night.

Talk to you soon, family.


Evening Thoughts

I have been sitting in front of this computer for no less than 20 minutes trying to put my thoughts onto the computer screen.  There is so much I want to say and so much caution that I feel before sharing any of it.

Earlier today, I sat down with my daughter in my arms and held her as she smiled and gave me kisses.  I was about to put her down for a nap when we passed by FatherWinter on the stairwell.  She reached for him, practically leaped from my arms, and went to her father excitedly.  I watched the moment with a  smile on my face and chose to delay her nap for a few minutes.  I knew she and FatherWinter needed this time and I'd already basked in mine.

Though FatherWinter has not shared his thoughts with me, I know that the thought has crossed his mind and heart quite a few times this weekend that this could be the last weekend we get to hold our Honeybee.  It's a heart-wrenching and frustrating place to be to be certain.  Loving your child with so much of you and knowing that the possibility of having to love her from afar may be made is gut-turning.  There is no other way to describe it.  

And this thought stays with you, pushed back in the deep and dark recesses of  your mind, hiding.  You have faith.  You know that all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.  BUT, you also recognize that it is the will of God that must be fulfilled and just because you desire something doesn't necessarily mean it lines up with what God wills and desires for your life.  That being said, I speak those things that are not as if they were. 

I sincerely believe that Honeybee's best interest lies with out family.  The ones she calls Daddy and Mama (she finally says it to me :) .  This afternoon, Honeybee awoke with a fever.  I suspect it's a combination of the new tooth she is trying to cut and a cold she is fighting.  When I touched her, I knew right away that she needed care, concern, and medication.  I immediately took care of her, lowering her temperature, cuddling, loving.  This is my daughter.  This is what I do.  She is currently resting well within her nursery.  

I don't know what is going to happen, but I do know I love my Honeybee and I am so glad that I have had the opportunity to be her mother.  I am so looking forward to being her mother for a long, long, long, long time. 

We have a diagnosis..RSV

This week has been something hectic in our household!  After fighting the respiratory infections of A cold by any other name, I sprayed everything down with Lysol.  I changed sheets.  I sanitized everything.  I thought I had a Clorox and Lysol approved home, then Monday morning struck.  I woke up and noticed that Honeybee looked a little flushed.  It didn't look like an eczema flare and I noticed that Honeybee wasn't her bright and chipper self.  I took her downstairs, gave her the morning bath,and once we returned to the nursery, I decided to play my hunch.  I took a rectal temperature and found it read 101.  Oh no!!!  My poor Honeybee!  Her only other symptom was a nasal discharge, but I called the pediatrician's office anyway.

The charge nurse told me to give her the proper fever reducing medication, monitor her fluid intake and outake, make sure she stayed hydrated, and if the fever wasn't gone completely (not recurring) by Wednesday to bring Honeybee in.  So, I called the daycare and let them know we wouldn't be in.  I called worked and made arrangements to telecommute (so thankful for a job and boss who is understanding).  I made sure Honeybee had he breakfast, which thankfully she ate with gusto, and laid her down after.  She slept for 5 hours.  I woke her to check her fever, change her diaper, and make sure she was okay.  Aside from the every present nasty nose, she seemed fine. I gave her a good sized lunch and she immediately went back to sleep.  Again, she slept for 5 hours.  I was certain she would throw off her bed time schedule.  She didn't.  She slept all night long.  We repeated this action for the next day with no fever and on Wednesday, she was fine.  So, she went to the daycare.  The only complaint they had was the runny nose, but even it had turned clear. No fever.  No crankiness.  Smiling and happy.  On Wednesday night, my mother in law came over to watch Honeybee on Thursday and Friday as is our current custom.

While I was at work on Thursday, I received a call from her.  She informed me that Honeybee had a cough that sounded very bad and she thought she needed to go to the doctor.  In the background I heard Honeybee and agreed the cough sounded awful.  I contacted the doctor only to find no opening until the next morning.  I agreed to take it and, after going home to Honeybee was sad to see how uncomfortable she was.

As a matter of fact, she didn't sleep very well at all that evening.  You could tell she was very, very tired, but she couldn't sleep because the cough was so bad.  The all natural cough syrup we were using wasn't working and a next shocking symptom was the vomiting.  She kept throwing up everything she was eating on account of the cough.  So not only was the cold miserable, but she was hungry as well.  It was an awful night for her.

Photo credit:
The next morning, we all but rushed out the house into the doctor's office.  The first thing the nurse did when we arrived was check Honeybee's fever.  The temporal reading showed 100.  My poor Honey
bee!  The nurse wanted to confirm that was actually her temp and next took a rectal temperature.  It was 101.2!  The nurse immediately took the other vitals from our daughter and then performed nasal swabs for flu and RSV. Ten minutes later, our daughter had a positive test for RSV.  Her ear infections still remained.  The medicine had not repaired them.

My heart dropped.  My poor, poor baby.  I know enough about RSV to know that it is a nasty virus and highly contagious.  I also know that it can be particularly nasty for preemies like our Honeybee.  Deeper still was the knowledge that Honeybee very well could have caught her virus from the evil nastiness from me while I was fighting my cold.  The ear infections explained why it was so hard for her to lie down in addition to the cough.  The fluid in her ears must have been so painful.

I was SO sorry for her and immediately wished I could take it from her.  The doctor came in and did an additional examination.  Afterwards, Honeybee received a breathing treatment in the office and a nebulizer came home with us.  I was teary eyed as I watched her receive the treatment, but glad to see all the mucus finally starting to run out ( and there was tons of it).  The coughing stopped and Honeybee's breathing sounded a lot better.  The pictures she struck while connected to that machine reminded me of her brother when he was fighting breathing problems as an infant.  I hated seeing it again.

When we got Honeybee home, she slept for a very long time.  Tonight, she is resting after fighting sleep for several hours.  She's been much better today--full of smiles and spunk.  She has had two breathing treatments.  She's still taking the meds for her ear infection and had to take Motrin earlier for her fever that has returned.  Hopefully, she will feel much better in the morning, but I'll definitely be giving her extra  love until she does.


A cold by any other name...and thank you is never enough

So, I went for a visit to my primary care physician two days ago.  I love him and his office.  They believe in a health and wellness approach.  I walked in with two crimson eyes that looked as if I'd been crying all day.  Turns out the conjunctivitis was bacterial and could be treated; the cold was an upper respiratory infection.  I sounded like a combination between Barry White and Mike Tyson.  It wasn't pretty especially with the nasty cough.   After the examination, I left the office with four prescriptions.  The first one, the trusty z pack, made me feel right as rain within 24 hours.  Seriously, EVERYTHING cleared up with just a hint of the cough.  That needed additional meds that I am still treating the cough with.

I have to say neither ailment was fun at all.  I am thankful for technology as I was able to work from home in the early and latter stages of being sick.  In the middle, I was just no good to anyone really and really appreciated those moments where I could lay my head down and rest.  Truth be told, the week has truly been something.  It wasn't all that bad.  There were some periods that I would not like to repeat, but overall, I was fine.  The reason was, in no small part, because of FatherWinter.

It just so happened that my illness started right before some planned days off that FatherWinter had.  I almost expected him to cancel his leave and return to work since I was certainly contagious for a while.  He didn’t.  He stayed off work and was simply there.  He wasn’t underfoot.  He wasn’t hovering.  There wasn’t a constant “do you need anything”.  He was simply there.  Our daughter needed to be changed.  He was up and there.  I needed to go into the home office and attempt to process documents.  FatherWinter picked up our daughter and kept her entertained.  He played with her, loved her, and created new memories with her.  He became that ever present, wonderful, and steadfast knight in shining armor.  I so appreciated that.

When I finally received medication, it did a number on my stomach.  The nausea was there, real, and palpable.  It was FatherWinter who noted that I wasn’t eating, didn’t feel to enthusiastic about cooking, and decided to quietly go into the kitchen and prepare dinner for the family.  In times of calmer stomach and less pain, he sat beside me and talked.  We had conversations that were sorely needed, spent time together in a way we hadn't in what felt like ages.  We spent time allowing our thoughts and words and our time to be a soothing balm one for another.

My husband became my Superman…just by being there.  It was so appreciated.  There’s something really awesome seeing your spouse walk in the room and your heart does flip flops not from sickness, but from pure love. i can't remember when it's flip flopped this much.   I hope it stays this way lol.

The Word of God says in Romans 8:28 that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose.  FatherWinter and I definitely needed this time, a time where I couldn’t really talk (hoarse voice) and he had plenty of time to be heard.  We sat down, conversed, enjoyed each other’s company, healed some misunderstandings, and reaffirmed our love and commitment to each other.  It’s always a great thing when you are in a place and position to love and be loved.

I’m extremely grateful to God for the allowance of an “inconvenience” which turned out to be just a great affirmation of the wonderful and loving heart that FatherWinter has always displayed.  It’s what made me fall for him in the first place. 

All love and health…


Man (er...Woman) Down...part duex

Man, I sound like oohwee on top of uh-uh.  I am sick!  No, sick is the polite way of saying what I am.  I am SICCCCCCKKKKKK.  Lol.  It's a good thing that I am really interested in science and the human body because mine has been doing all sorts of interesting things.

First, the conjunctivitis still remains.  Every time I close my eyes for the evening, I wake up with the oh so yucky yellow and green crust that keeps the eyes closed.  (insert shiver of disgust here).  During the day, I'm fine.  It's just the bright pink shade that looks like I busted a blood vessel.    Oh, but in the morning, I look like someone's science experiment.  Not to mention the horrible cough and voice that sounds like someone flattened me.  

Thank You, Father, for a boss who allows me to work from home.  I look and sound awful.  And I feel that way too.

This morning, I woke up and my head was stopped up too!  Ugh.  I'm so thankful for today's doctor appointment.  I'm hoping for medication.  This thing is UGLY. Lol.

But I am alive and I am not complaining.

Man (er...woman ) Down...

Can you believe it?!  Both Honeybee and I are down with colds.  How ridiculous is this?!  While I've been hyper-vigilant on keeping the germs out, I suppose I failed in making sure I kept the germs out of me.  Two days ago, I woke up with a  slight pink tint to my eye.  Despite being warned a few weeks ago that conjunctivitis was making the rounds at Honeybee's daycare, I wasn't concerned.  I'd sprayed down, wiped down, and cleaned everything I could possibly treat.  I figured I'd just slept a little hard, a little long.  The tickle in my throat I attributed to the previous night's choir rehearsal where we were holding notes just a little too long.  Nothing to worry about.

I went to work, got things done, noticed that I was a little less peppy than usual, but hey the weekend was approaching.  Nothing to keep me down.  Imagine my surprise yesterday morning when I attempted to open my right eye and found I could not.  Immediately I groaned inside.  I'm a former Certified Nurse's Assistant; my mom is a nurse; my sister in laws are all nurses; I was originally in school to become a nurse.  Yep, I knew that this would not be good.  I rushed to the bathroom mirror and saw the yellow crust that immediately identified conjunctivitis.  DANG IT!!!!  Washing my hands, I then gathered the tiny white linen cloths used to remove makeup and removed the crust.    I opened my eye and saw it was a bright pink...yep, no doubt about it...conjunctivitis.  UGHHHHHHHH!!!!!  Now, let's just add to that feeling with a massive headache and a throat that feels like Hades.  Daggone it!
I went to FatherWinter and informed him that I needed to make a trip to the ophthalmologist.  Turns out, I have viral conjunctivitis.  There's nothing I can take.  I just have to let the virus run its course.  In the meantime, I feel like blah!

I did manage to keep a promise to Superbug and let him go out last night with the family last night.  I made sure to stay covered and mouth and nose areas covered so as not to spread my germs.  It was a very short trip and when I returned, the men went downstairs to watch a Christmas movie.  I went straight to bed and slept from 8:30 PM to 9 AM.  Honeybee wasn't feeling well either with her runny nose and crankiness.  Before I laid down, I gave her her antibiotic for her ear infections and let her rest.  She slept for 13+ hours.

She woke this morning and I gave her her breakfast of rice cereal and applesauce with a bottle of formula. She played until 1:00 pm and then gave me the sign she needed to go back to sleep.  She is presently napping.

I still have the headache of Hades, but the throat feels better.  My conjunctivitis is still there per the nice pink eye and crust that arrives when I awake.  So, looks like it will be a work from home day tomorrow.

The boys are currently at church and I hate that I am missing an awesome Word, but I am sure the congregants would be more than appreciative that I stayed home.

I do plan on reminding the daycare to spray down a little more.  UGH, I hate being sick.