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Happy 4th of July

I sincerely hope your day is blessed with friends, family, and love.  I also hope it contains prayers for those who do not know freedom and are waiting with great expectation of God to deliver just that to them.

We're shutting down for the day to spend time as a family. We will see you all again soon, God's will.

Have an amazing day!


A Valentine's Day Recap

Hello everyone!  I hope you had a phenomenal Valentine's Day.  Our family had to skip a few of the traditions this year because Bug was diagnosed with flu on Wednesday  Because I was running around getting meds and making sure he was suitably quarantined from the littles, I didn't get a chance to grab the ingredients for our traditional French Toast Casserole.  I was disappointed that I wasn't able to wake the kids up with it on Valentine's Day morning, but I realized that it's supposed to be super cold and wintry this week.  That casserole with hot chocolate will be perfect...and if I don't do it this weekend, we're leaning toward a sleepover with the little cousins.  They would LOVE this casserole the next morning.  So, don't worry, it will make it's debut.

Christmas Recap 2018-Part I

What an absolutely beautiful Christmas season it has been. This holiday was just beautiful. There was so much love, so much fellowship, and so much genuine enjoyment and merriment. What a blessing it is and was to be with family. The Friday before Christmas, I grabbed the kids and we went to Walmart so that the kids could buy each other Christmas gifts.

The rules were simple. You have $20 to spend for a total of three gifts—one of each of your siblings. Guys, it was such a beautiful process watching the kids walk through the store putting serious thought into each other’s gift. I allowed Bug to go off by himself and then come back to me with his concealed in his cart. I took baby A. and Honeybee with me and the girls had so much fun selecting gifts.

Super excited to find this gift for her brother

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to every father and father figure.  May this day be awesome for all of you.  I am wishing a very Happy Father's Day to my father, my honorary father, and my uncle for the love and care these men have shown me in raising me so well over the course of my life.  I honor my father in love for loving me as his daughter and praying a covering over my family.  I finally honor my husband for being the best father he can possibly be and loving our children with all of himself.  I hope this day is amazing for everyone.  You all deserve it.

Friday Frazzle: Father's Day Gift Ideas


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Hi guys. I hope this has been a great week for you. In honor of Father’s Day this upcoming Sunday, today’s Frazzle is our top 5 favorite ideas for honoring Daddy on Father’s Day. I know. I know. Shouldn’t we have posted this last week? Maybe, but I promise if you haven’t locked on a gift, these will seriously work and show just how much you love Dad!  (Plus, if you hit Amazon, you can order today and get it in time).

Easter Recap 2018- Part 2

Hello everyone. Thanks for stopping by and reading our Easter 2018 Recap.  We had a beautiful celebration as a family.  I pray you and your family enjoyed the same.  I shared here our interesting start to the Easter holiday with Bug's injury to his arm and our Good Friday service experience.  Hopefully, you'll follow along with our Easter Eve and Resurrection Sunday services.  There are a couple of links on this page.  They are not affiliate, just links to where you can find some really cool stuff.

Friday Frazzle: Faith Inspired Easter Basket Ideas for your Baby

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We are rapidly approaching Easter. I’m so excited. You all already know how much this holiday means to me. It’s more than a holiday. It’s a relationship, a celebration of Jesus. We know that He is the reason for the season and are more than grateful that He loved us so much that He died and rose again for us. It’s a joy my family shares.

Still, I am also aware that children like an opportunity to share in some of the holiday activities they see their peers participating in. My children are no different. I decided, when Bug was still very young and it was just the two of us that I would create Easter Baskets that speak to faith and allow him the childhood memories of Easter baskets just like my family did with me. They were a great hit.  I now do the the same with my Honeybee and am looking forward to being able to include baby A. in her first Easter.

Easter Recap 2017

Hello everyone! I hope you all had an amazing Easter holiday. I really enjoyed just spending time with the family and celebration the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. On Saturday morning, I woke early to help fill and hide Easter eggs for the church-sponsored hunt. There were so many eggs! We stuffed quite a few, ran out of filling for some, but still had a great time. S. took our eldest with him early that AM to help one of our members move and they were finished early enough to come out, help, and enjoy.

Eggs for days

Happy Resurrection Sunday

                            THE SAVIOR LIVES!!

As they entered the tomb, they saw a young man dressed in a white robe sitting on the right side, and they were alarmed.  6 “Don’t be alarmed,” he said. “You are looking for Jesus the Nazarene, who was crucified. He has risen! He is not here. See the place where they laid him. 7 But go, tell his disciples and Peter, ‘He is going ahead of you into Galilee. There you will see him, just as he told you.’ ”
                                                                                                                     Mark 16:5-7

Happy Valentine's Day

Hi everyone.  Just a quick message to wish you and yours a very Happy Valentine's Day.  Here's hoping you feel beautiful and amazingly special on this day and ALL days this year.  Love all of you!


Happy Mother's Day

Tomorrow is Mothers' Day.  I am blessed to be one of those who hopefully will receive little tokens of appreciation for motherhood from my son and daughter.  My son is still more than a little amazed that I have managed to keep all of his little Mother's Day gifts for the past nine years.  I promise I will keep them for as long as I have breath.

I recognize that this time is hard for so many people.  There are a lot of women who wish to become mothers.  Women who have tried desperately year after year to conceive a child.  And year after year, those same women fight feelings of failure, pain, and disappointment when there is no second line on the test cartridge.  I know the feeling well.

I pray that tomorrow is a beautiful day for you.  Not because it is Mothers' Day, but because you have made it to another day.  I pray comfort and peace, a balm for your soul.  I pray those who know your story and your journey will wrap you in love and friendship, not pity.  I pray that those who are dealing with secondary infertility don't hear the "at least you have a child" comments that disregard their pain.  I pray those who have faced loss of a child don't hear the "better place" and "for the best" comments that well wishers often utter unintentionally causing pain.  I pray for those who are contemplating giving up, who wish to just stop trying all together.  I pray comfort.  I pray peace. I pray healing.  I pray for all of you.


Valentine's Day (non-TTC post)

Happy belated Valentine's Day.  I hope you enjoyed it with your loved ones.  It was a very busy one for S. and I.  Our Pastor asked the Marriage Ministry to sponsor a Valentine's event for the church. Since the facilitators of the group have been ill, it fell to the members to pull most of it together.  It was a lot of work, but I so enjoyed working side by side with my husband.

I don't know if you follow our IG page, but things have been a bit stressful lately.  Both of S.'s parents have been ill, communication has been strained, responsibilities have been growing, and we've both been leaning into our faith more.  It's been a necessary thing because even when we can't find the words to say to each other, we can always find word to say to God (or at the very least utterances) and He always sends us what we need when we need it.

So, S. and I have been working this event with other members for about three months now.  We were getting a bit worried because initially it looked like the turnout would be low, but right before the event, ticket sales evened out and we had a really nice sized crowd.  Combine that with our Pastor's special guest couple and everything came together amazingly well.

With all the running around, S. and I agreed that we would not do any exchanges this year.  So, I made sure the children receiver their Valentine's Day chocolate and balloon.  The baby girl loved her balloon.  Our son has a wicked sweet tooth just like his mother, so he was more than a little excited about his box of chocolates.

It was fortunate for us that it was President's Day today.  The entire family needed the time to recuperate.  Plus, the snow that fell down on the ground made staying in bed more than a little tempting today.

Our son has tomorrow off and I'm scheduled to go in for two meetings.  I'm hoping the weather will cooperate enough for me to go in later.  

Overall, it has been a pleasant weekend for us and I pray the same for you and your family.  On the #TTC front, I will be visiting my Gynecologist in March and also my Primary Care Physician.  It's time to see if we can do anything to boost my conceiving naturally chances.  Otherwise, we have to see if our tax return can be stretched towards other #ttc related things.

Have a great night everyone.  Talk to you soon!


The Easter Edition 2015

Yep, we are more than a little late for this post.  Things have been a bit hectic and we'll explain in a follow-on post.  In the mean time, please enjoy our Easter Edition of So Frequently Frazzled.