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I love our community

I've said it more than once.  Our #TTC community is amazing!  I've had more support in my virtual family than I could have ever imagined.  But this latest episode?  Oh my am I overwhelmed.

There was no way S. and I could afford another $4K in meds.  I told S. that I was going to contact the #TTC community on IG for assistance.  My honey was skeptical.  I told him it couldn't hurt to try and we'd be no worse off than when we first started.

So, I put out the call for Menopur, Cetrotide, and Gonal-F pens.  Several ladies contacted me.  We were able to connect and discuss what was needed.  Some ladies just contacted to let me know they were sharing my request with others.  Two ladies in particular became saving angels.

In the past four days, I have received all of the items requested plus some beautiful notes of encouragement and #TTC goodies.  I've also shared some laughs and encouraging words behind the DM screen.  I tell you I am humbled.

This community really is amazing.  I don't have enough thank yous in me because there are simply not enough to show the gratitude I have for you all.  This journey is hard.  It's especially hard because S. and I are in this solo.  With the exception of one girlfriend who has successfully walked through this journey herself and one #TTC supporter who successfully delivered her own healthy bundles, no one knows we are having these issues.  Even the supporters don't hear from me often.  It gets frustrating.

Every day I log on to my phone or computer and I see messages of encouragement from #TTCsisters worldwide to each other.  I see you all mourn when a baby receives angel wings.  I see you celebrate when a baby is born.  I see excitement when a #BFP is announced.  I see fierce Mama Bear protectiveness when someone comes insensitively to another sister or brother (I see you all out there and love you too!) walking this journey.  I also see the shared devastation  and support when a #BFN is shared.

If our entire world could embrace the support and love that is found in this community, it would be a powerful thing.  I thank you for that.

I plan to edit this post to include pictures of the meds received and the gifts attached.  I think it is important to see that there are still wonderful people in this world.  S. and I still needed to make some additional purchases, but no where near $4K and that is a HUGE blessing.

Thank you very much and may God Himself cover you with His love and blessings.  My husband and I thank you.


The #TTC community rocks!

Can I say thank you?!  I mean it.  Thank you so very much for all of the young ladies and gentlemen who have logged onto our page and perused our blog, to all the people who clicked on an Instagram post, to everyone who has thought about or prayed for us.  We really appreciate it!

When we first started this journey, it was understandably overwhelming.  I felt like S. and I were all alone.  It's amazing how many people around you are also walking the same or similar journeys and you would never know it.  Instead, you find yourself shedding tears by yourself in a car in the parking lot (sigh old memory).

Since connecting with our #ttcsisters, #ttcafter35, and #secondaryinfertility communities as well as those who know that #infertilitysucks, we've found camaraderie and like-mindedness.  Thank you so much for everything.

I just thought I'd get that out of the way as we prepare to move forward in our journey.

We've ordered our fertility medications.  They should be here this weekend.  They cost a pretty penny, but I'm thankful that even in the sacrifice of getting those funds together, there are still members of the infertility community who are rooting from us in the sidelines.  I'm thankful for that.  We appreciate that.

Thanks so much, everyone.  Have a great and wonderful evening.

We will be back soon!