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My Big Fat Laid Back Weekend Recap

I have often enjoyed reading the blogs of moms and professional bloggers who share what that particular day looks like for them.  This weekend, because it was scheduled to be super cold and murky (alas, it really wasn't), I decided that I'd capture what our weekend looked like.  Again, it was pretty boring thanks to the colder temps outside, but I hope you enjoy the read.

I posted in our Valentine's recap that Bug has been dealing with a nasty case of the flu and has been under strict quarantine.  Prior to his getting sick, Mr. Bug decided to play catch inside the garage (a no-no) and accidentally broke a garage light and disengaged the garage door opener.  👀  He didn't tell us what happened and we found out when we couldn't enter the garage that evening.

You can see the bracket is totally disengaged from the ceiling.

Weekend recap: Fun Times and Public Announcements

Hello everyone and happy Monday! It is a beautifully brisk 32 degrees outside and I am SHIVERING. I’m a fan of snow, but not of cold temperatures (how’s that for an oxymoron J). Anyway, this weekend was all kinds of interesting as the genders went separate ways to do separate things and then came together again for fellowship. 

Friday evening, S. and Bug loaded up the car and headed to a Men’s Fellowship Lock-in at one of the neighboring churches in the community. I’m told there were over 200 men there and Bug told me later he had the BEST time. How awesome is it that my 12 year old son was excited and enjoyed talking about God and being/becoming a Godly man in Christ. While the men were away, the girls and I snuggled up watching Frozen and Ice Age because Baby A. wasn’t feeling so peppy. We watched the movies until it was bedtime and both girls snuggled in the bed with Mama until they couldn’t keep their eyes open. I then let them go to their beds. It was an awesome way to end the evening.

Saturday morning, everyone was up early. I gave the girls pastries with the intent of having a breakfast date out after my social media ministry meeting at the church. When we got there, our ministry leader had purchased hotcakes and juices for the entire ministry. That was so sweet of her. The girls enjoyed hashbrowns, juices, and pancakes while we discussed upcoming social media activities for the church. February will be a busy month!
Breakfast and brainstorming!  Got to love it!

Weekend Recap: #SnowDay FunDay

Christmas Recap 2018-Part I

What an absolutely beautiful Christmas season it has been. This holiday was just beautiful. There was so much love, so much fellowship, and so much genuine enjoyment and merriment. What a blessing it is and was to be with family. The Friday before Christmas, I grabbed the kids and we went to Walmart so that the kids could buy each other Christmas gifts.

The rules were simple. You have $20 to spend for a total of three gifts—one of each of your siblings. Guys, it was such a beautiful process watching the kids walk through the store putting serious thought into each other’s gift. I allowed Bug to go off by himself and then come back to me with his concealed in his cart. I took baby A. and Honeybee with me and the girls had so much fun selecting gifts.

Super excited to find this gift for her brother

Weekend Recap: Celebration!

Hi everyone! What an amazing weekend! It flew by, but I have no complaints about that. I’m hoping your weekend was awesome. This weekend was filled with some of my favorite things—food and fun! Saturday was my sister in love’s birthday celebration. Her husband, my brother in love, hosted a girls’ night out weekend for her. It was so sweet.

Thanksgiving Recap

Hello everyone! I am hoping you had an amazing Thanksgiving and that it was so very blessed in the Lord. This was the first year in about four that S. and I did not host Thanksgiving. Our sister in love did a fantastic job and we were so glad to be able to make a few dishes, come to her and my brother in love’s home, and just enjoy the day.

Skate Night with the Family

Hi everyone!  Last night was a pretty cool night for us.  I promise I'd already decided we weren't doing anything.  We don't celebrate Halloween and I wasn't too keen on going out, but Honeybee asked if she could be a "pretty purple princess" and S. mentioned at least showing face at the church's skate event and I acquiesced.  I'm so glad I did.

Weekend Recap: #ENDALZ: Memory Walk 2018

Hello everyone!  Here's hoping your weekend was wonderful!

It was an absolutely beautiful day for our family to walk to end Alzheimer’s. We woke up early, donned our purple, had a bit of breakfast in the chill of the morning and then headed out for a great time.

Weekend Recap: My Weekend Top 5

I'm sorry for the delay, everyone!  It was a great weekend, but I got a bit busy in trying to recap it.    Friday night into early Saturday morning, our church hosted a Women's Lock-in where we fellowshipped, talked, and worshiped until 5AM.  It was an absolutely amazing event.  I have to admit I was reminded that I am not as young as I used to be lol because I was EXHAUSTED come time for Honeybee's game.  I decided instead of sharing tons of words and recaps, I'd list my Weekend Top 5.

Weekend Recap: Fair Thee Well, Auntie

This weekend I was blessed to attend the home going of my great aunt M.  That great aunt may make her seem distance, but when you remember that it was my great grandmother who raised me, it makes sense that I would have a close relationship with her sister.  I'm so glad that I did.

Weekend Recap: Soccer Games and Homecoming Rain...

Hello everyone!  I am hoping you had an amazing weekend.  This one was a busy one for us, which I have to admit was a nice change of pace from the lazier days.  (I'm sorry, but I admit that I think I might actually like the more hectic pace (insert smile here)).

Marriage Musings...

Today my sister and her husband celebrate 17 years of marriage!  I was pleased when I saw their social media post this morning and couldn't wait to shower them with love and affection of my own.  I love their relationship.  Every time I see them, they genuinely love one another.  They look like they like one another.  They often fire jokes at each other and little inside jokes that make the other blush.  Looking outside in, they are a beautiful union.  I'm sure if you ask them, they will tell you that they love each other very much.  They will also tell you that they have walked through their own set of challenges as well just like any married couple will say the same.  Their love story got me thinking about marriages, mine in particular.

Google stock photo

Weekend Recap: Apple Butter & Pizza

The great thing about weekends is there is always the opportunity to try something new that you don’t have time to try during the work week. This weekend, I was able to try my hand at apple butter AND try a local favorite in the form of 28” inch pizza. It was the weekend of awesomeness.

I found this recipe via a Pinterest search for apple recipes. I tried it with a bag of Red Delicious apples I had at the house that wasn’t getting eaten quickly enough. Sure enough, I dropped it in the crock pot for the directed time, and then placed the apples in my Ninja blender to get that all the way smooth consistency since there were quite a few lumps left previous. 

Red Delicious apples.  Took a while to peel, core, and slice, but so worth it.

Summer Recap 2018

Happy Labor Day! What a much needed and well appreciated day off! Know what I did today? NOTHING!!! LOL! Honey, my tired is tired and that’s the truth LOL! With Labor Day comes the unofficial end to summer and I can officially say “It’s a wrap ladies and gentlemen!”

Tomorrow is the first day of school for the kids in our county. Lazy summer days are being replaced with books, papers, and homework. There are school activities and organizational hacks that need to be discovered. Summer is unofficially over. I decided that in addition to our regular Weekend Recap, I’d round out our Summer with a fun trip down memory lane. Hope you enjoy.

1.  End of Summer Bash/Baby A.'s Birthday Party.  It’s not every day you celebrate your first birthday. We decided to combine our annual End of Summer NFL Fantasy draft with baby A.’s birthday party. The kids had a ball with moon bounces. (Truth be told so did the adults). The adults enjoyed drafting their favorite players and building their amazing teams. We had food for days, friends for months, and fun memories for a lifetime. It was the perfect way to end summer.

The moon bounce was the hit of the neighborhood!

Depression is..

My aunt is dead.  There's no jokes.  No corny metaphors.  No #bloglife or click bait. This is real life.  This is happening.  Yesterday, I received a text from my mother (our preferred way to communicate) asking me to call her ASAP.  Shortly thereafter, I received a text from one of my aunts asking if I'd spoken to my mom.  I already knew something bad was about to be shared.  I called my mom and there wasn't a "hi Mom" greeting.  It was "what's wrong?".  She couldn't get the words out.  She couldn't wrap her tongue around what she was trying to tell me.  It finally tumbled out..."Aunt C [name removed from privacy] is dead.  She ended her own life.  She...committed..she took her life..she's dead".  And I hit the floor.

Weekend Recap: The Birthday Edition

Hi guys! What a fun and amazing weekend! I was blessed to turn 38 years old this Saturday. I don’t take that for granted. Several dear friends and family members didn’t make it to that age, so I thank God for allowing me the privilege of living. I hope not to disappoint Him as I continue to journey through life. Let’s talk about the weekend.

Friday. We were supposed to see The Tomb of Christ exhibit at the National Geographic Museum in Washington D.C., but traffic destroyed my attempt at getting the family there in time for our timed entry L. Bug and S. had already seen it, but I hadn’t had the opportunity. I was pretty bummed to miss it, but I didn’t let it ruin the weekend. We decided that we would go to the “Golden Triangle” in DC to watch the outdoor movie “Jumanji”. We stopped first at the local Wawa and loaded up on subs and quesadillas, mac and cheese, a strawberry smoothie for me, and peach iced tea. Then, we traipsed our way to the lawn, unloaded blankets and bean bags, set up food, and settled in for a great evening. It really was. The atmosphere was fun. The temperature was comfortable with a nice breeze blowing. The movie was funny and the kids enjoyed themselves. Amariah did get a bit fussy towards the end because she was tired, but a few rocks in my arms and she was out. We made it back to the house a bit after midnight and all promptly fell asleep.
The screen was huge

Friday Frazzle: Father's Day Gift Ideas


This post contains affiliate links.  For full disclosure, please click here.

Hi guys. I hope this has been a great week for you. In honor of Father’s Day this upcoming Sunday, today’s Frazzle is our top 5 favorite ideas for honoring Daddy on Father’s Day. I know. I know. Shouldn’t we have posted this last week? Maybe, but I promise if you haven’t locked on a gift, these will seriously work and show just how much you love Dad!  (Plus, if you hit Amazon, you can order today and get it in time).

May! May already?! (2018 Summer Bucket List)

Hi guys!  Oh my goodness, it's May!  That came WAY too quick.  I enjoy the month of May because it is the unofficial start of summer month.  The weather tends to stabilize and more outdoor activities are available.

I'm so looking forward to some fun Summer Activities.  I've already put together a mini Bucket list of some of the cool things I would like the family to accomplish this summer. With this being baby A.'s first summer, Honeybee being old enough to try some new things, and Bug being old enough to hang out in preteen territory (gasp!), I'm sure it's going to be great.   I'm super excited to check items off and to share the adventures on this blog.  Feel free to download our list for a few ideas or download the blank Summer List for your own family's adventure!

Printable Version of Our Summer Bucket List
Printable Version of A Blank Summer Bucket List

Weekend Recap: It's starting to feel like Spring

Hi everyone!  It was a pretty interesting weekend.  Friday evening (when let's face it, the weekend actually begins), I got off work and rushed home to take advantage of the beautiful weather!  I mean it was 80 degrees with a breeze!  No way I wasn't going to take advantage of that!  Once I got home and Bug finished his chores, I loaded up Bug, baby A., and Honeybee and took a walk around our neighborhood.  Bug met up with one of his friends from school and they took their skateboards and rode off to the park while I walked to catch up later.  I love that he's growing up so well and doesn't always need Mom's watchful eye.  While he and his friend rode their boards, we did a bit of this..

Honeybee LOVES the slides.

The Day We Me Met Our Honeybee: Our Placement Story


Four years ago today, S. and I walked into a room to sign a mountain of paperwork.  I kept glancing anxiously at the clock wondering how much longer it would take, wondering if she was there yet.  The woman across from us, our amazing social worker, felt my anxiousness and said, “She’s here.  She’s upstairs and after we finish, I’ll take you to her”.  Mountains of paperwork loomed, some asking the same questions as the sheets before it.  It was daunting and reminiscent of when we closed on our first home, but this task so much more important to us.  Task complete, a manila folder with all of the paperwork was handed to us and minutes later my husband and I were walking into a cheerily painted room where a man stood (his wife and son beside him) holding this beautiful, tiny little baby girl.  An amazing and pure blessing.

adoption placement
Meeting our Honeybee for the first time
She was handed to me.  My husband, recording on his tablet, and I started crying.  Huge tears and HUGE praises uttered from my lips.  I thanked God for that moment, for that place, for that time that was created and preordained before I was even a thought.  God is SO great.  I reclined slightly on the couch and stared into her beautiful dark eyes and she stared at mine.  She was quiet, so very tiny, and I was in awe.  I enjoyed that moment, basking in her, allowing her to bask in me.  I passed her to my husband, whose eyes betrayed the tears that were there.  This was a moment that he’d prayed about, that we’d prayed  about together.  It was beautiful and raw and open.