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Happy birthday, Honeybee!!

This amazing, energetic, bundle of love and grace is turning 6 today! I can’t thank God enough for choosing Theo and I to be her parents. I love her so much and I can hardly wait to see the doors Christ opens for you! I love you so much, baby girl, my honeybee, my GiGi! Happy birthday, baby! 😘🎉🎁🎂

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Weekend Recap: Celebrations and Memories

It’s Monday! Happy Monday everyone. I hope your weekend was really fun and really wonderful. This weekend was filled with love and celebrations and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Weekend Recap: Celebration!

Hi everyone! What an amazing weekend! It flew by, but I have no complaints about that. I’m hoping your weekend was awesome. This weekend was filled with some of my favorite things—food and fun! Saturday was my sister in love’s birthday celebration. Her husband, my brother in love, hosted a girls’ night out weekend for her. It was so sweet.

Happy Birthday, Baby A.!!!

One year ago today, I was laying on the couch monitoring contractions wondering if today was going to be the day you decided to make your presence on your Earth.  Less than twelve hours later, you confirmed it was.

Weekend Recap: Birthday Behavior

Hello everyone!  I hope your week has been absolutely amazing!  Mine was rainy and cloudy and blah looking outside, but SO much fun and enjoyable for the family.  Sunday was S.'s birthday.  We decided that we would do a private date night on Saturday with just the two of us and then celebrate with the family on his actual birthday.


I had quite a few ideas of things we could do for S.'s birthday.  He's big on new experiences and I was all game for some small thrill events like hot air ballooning or indoor sky diving.  It turned out the weather was forecast to be too yucky for ballooning.  The nearest indoor skydiving facility was an hour and some change away and our childcare arrangements couldn't cope.  So, I was thinking...what do we do.

Fortunately for me, S. has had an interest in trying out the Escape Rooms that have been so popular in the area.  We looked on Groupon for any deals and sure enough there was a pretty good one for a couple wanting to do the adventure.  We purchased, called and made an appointment, and were booked for the same evening.

We arrived at the Escape Room and were very impressed.  The lobby by itself was awesome!  Because the attraction has such a shroud of secrecy, I won't share too much about it, but we were paired with two other couples to solve a buried treasure riddle.  Oh my goodness!  We had so much fun!  Unfortunately, we didn't figure out the last riddle in time though we were SOOOOOOO close!  UGH!  But it was still a great adventure.

Happy birthday!

Wishing my amazing, awesome, sexy, handsome, hard-working, good providing, God-loving, God worshipping, God-following, wrapped around his daughters' fingers, our son's buddy, my HUSBAND, my MAN...a VERY GREAT  BIRTHDAY!!!!

Love you, S.!

Friday Frazzle: Honeybee's Birthday Wish List

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When I was a child, I grew up excited that the two days special and unexpected things could and would occur were Christmas and birthdays. Those were the times where, despite budgets being extremely tight, we could hope for something magical to occur. It often did like the year my Mom moved heaven and heck for an alto saxophone to replace the used and beaten one I’d been carrying in the marching band. I’ve carried some of that on to my children. They know that birthdays and Christmas bring amazing family experiences.

So when our Honeybee came tiptoeing up to me last week and asking if she could have a few simple items, my heart melted for a couple of reasons. (1) This is the first time she has asked for anything specifically for any celebration and (2) Her list really is quite tame. She’s such a generous spirit. Of course, I couldn’t wait to share with you all.

1. A Pretty Birthday Cake. When queried further, the “pretty” means any pastel colored cake. Our Honeybee is a Minnie Mouse Bowtique and Paw Patrol fan. The local stores don’t have Paw Patrol, so I’m grabbing her this lovely for her day.
I can't wait to surprise our Honeybee with this cake!

Weekend Recap: April is here!

Hello everyone! Happy April! I am currently sitting here in this recliner with my back cursing me out in all kind of languages all completely my fault.  I've had a pretty busy weekend.  Saturday was my nephew's one year old birthday.  He is such a laid back and special little boy.  He just observes everything and then decides to crawl to what he wants.  On his birthday, he discovered the joys of sugar and had a ball with his birthday.

Happy Birthday, Honeybee!!

Happy Birthday to our perfect little lady.  It doesn't seem like two years.  So very blessed to have you in our life, little one.  God bless you!


Weekend Recap: National Adoption Day!

This weekend our family celebrated National Adoption Day with a wonderful ceremony honoring families in the county who had finalized their adoption this year.  I was very excited to be able to go.  We started off with a speaker in our city's courthouse and then took pictures with the judges and speakers.

Celebrating as a family
The kids had the opportunity to sit behind the bench.  Superbug thought it a good idea to appear super serious in the picture because "judges are serious".  I love this pic.  And btw, I didn't dress them alike on purpose :)

Afterwards, we took a trolley to a fellowship hall where we were greeted with cake and icecream.  On each of the tables were gingerbread homes that represented our new forever families.  Honeybee really enjoyed the cake and icecream.


Superbug and I worked on the gingerbread house and had a reporter from the local newspaper take our photo.  We didn't think anything of it until Ms. Care texted me this morning and told us that we were in the newspaper.

How awesome was that?!  We topped out National Adoption Day off with a potluck dinner at our church. It was a yummy food and wonderful fellowship.

It was a wonderful evening and I am so very thankful that we were able to spend the day together and celebrated so wonderfully. So thankful to be Mommy to my two special little people.

Have a great day.

Weekend Recap: More than just a cause

I really wasn’t expecting this weekend to be as fun and memorable as it was. Truly, I wasn’t. I knew we had a few plans, but the outcome went above anything I could have imagined. When I arrived home on Friday, FatherWinter informed me that we would be getting up early the next morning to attend a 3-on-3 basketball tournament. I was less than thrilled and didn’t really want to go, but he mentioned it was co-sponsored by our church’s HIV/AIDS Ministry and I was in.                                        

We arrived at the event to be ushered into a cafeteria where a video was presented about HIV/AIDS in the community, prevention, and stigma associated with the diseases. I’m familiar with epidemic. I’ve lost family members to it and have been faithfully testing every year since college. What I wasn’t familiar with were the recent statistics in my area. DC ranks #1 in the nation for HIV/AIDS cases. VA ranks #2 and MD is #3. That’s a very sobering statistic. The county the tournament took place had the unpleasant distinction of being #2 in the state for new cases. Not great at all. I watched Superbug attentively listen to all that was presented and knew we would be having a discussion later.

After the video was over, we went to the gym and began the tournament. Our church has four teams because we had so many participants! That was awesome, BUT we weren’t as great as some of the other teams. Three were knocked out early. The latter team was knocked out in the championship battle. So, we came in second place, but had a great time participating! 

Didn't quite make it this time...
Photo credit: National Geographic/
After the event, we took a journey to the National Geographic Museum to visit the Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology. FatherWinter and Superbug really enjoyed the exhibit as you faced interactive “walks” with movie and informational video clips on portable devices. Unfortunately, my device was malfunctioning and wouldn’t show any of the movie clips. It showed all of the informational clips though and I learned quite a bit including the origin of “thugs” and the history of the “Thugee” tribe made famous in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. My favorite part of the exhibit had to be the recreation of the Ark of the Covenant. I think I examined that most of all. When we’d completed our visit, we found temps dipping and stomachs rumbling. If you're in DC in the next couple of weeks, I highly recommend the visit.  It really was very educational but a lot of fun at the same time.

Yesterday was just the best day ever.  First, we got to hear Superbug sing. :)  Superbug hasn’t sung in the church choir since he was about four years old. He recently expressed an interest in doing so again and FatherWinter and I allowed it, after having a discussion about commitment and discipline. He did a great job and we were very proud of him. After he completed singing, the family went to the Family Fun event that Honeybee's adoption agency hosted.  We had such an enjoyable time.  

Honeybee, Superbug, and I enjoyed a hayride around a beautiful farm. FatherWinter couldn’t join because he is allergic to hay, but he was fine. While we were riding, he was parktaking of the yummy snacks and beverages in the greenhouse. The ride was a bit nippy but not uncomfortably so.  After it was over, we came to join FatherWinter and Honeybee found the cake to be her favorite thing there.  She spend the rest of her time trying to convince others to share their cake with her. :)

No cupcake is safe!!!! Lol 
Enjoying her own small piece

Superbug made a new friend and they spent the afternoon playing football until the sun’s rays began their descent. After farewells and pictures, the family loaded up and went to celebrate one more family event—an anniversary.

We spent time visiting with our brother and sister in law celebrating their 3rd wedding anniversary. While we didn't get to grab photos here, it was an enjoyable time and we were blessed to celebrate with them.

When we got home, we were so tired, everyone was out within 10 minutes of getting settled.  It was a wonderful weekend and we were very pleased to enjoy it as a family.  Next big event....we're going to try and hit Christmastown!!

Have a blessed evening!!

Honeybee is officially OUR Honeybee!!!

It’s official! Honeybee’s adoption is final!!! Oh my goodness! The joy that I feel. The love, the humility, the gratitude. GOD IS SO GREAT, SO AWESOME, SO WONDERFUL!

Much like everything else in our Honeybee’s journey to forever, even her finalization had a twist. I was sitting at work when I received an email from Ms. Care, Honeybee’s former social worker (I love typing that). She sent us a notification that the final adoption order had recently been signed BUT our lawyer only received an empty envelope from the court on Saturday. Ms. Care had hoped we’d received something, but we had not. So, we were in a crazy holding pattern of learning whether or not Honeybee’s adoption really was finalized because no one had seen the actual document. Still, I got a bit misty eyed in hope. That evening when I got home, FatherWinter and I discussed it, but decided not to tell anyone it was official until someone had official documentation. Fast forward to the next day when scanned copy of the order was sent to us via email, but even this wasn’t exactly official because it didn’t have the certified seal on the document that would allow the acquisition of new documents. And then, it happened…about two hours later Ms. Care wrote that the official copy had been received in the foster offices, that she could officially declare “Honeybee’s adoption as FINAL”. YAY!!!!

I was so excited. Still, because we didn’t have the document in our possession, so it wasn’t until the agency displayed their forever-family graphic announcing a new forever family had been joined that I finally let the feeling of excitement truly wash over me. It’s funny. Of all the words, scans, and assurances, it was THAT which made me teary eyed. I proceeded to contact FatherWinter and then my mother and send a small email to a couple of family members who have been praying for us since the very beginning. And after this email was sent, I released this simple post…

And I now do the same on this place, this blog space.  Our Honeybee is officially OUR Honeybee.  God be praised for His goodness and mercy. (Please be on the lookout for my follow on post as I write to Honeybee’s birth mother.  It is not lost on me at all that our celebration can still bring a place of pain to her and it should certainly never be taken for granted.)

Happy Birthday, Superbug!!!

Nine years ago today I was blessed to give birth to the most amazing, handsome, and special little boy that I have ever known.  What a perfect gift he was and what a perfect gift he is.  Happy birthday to my amazing, wonderful, kinds, sweet, loving, Superbug!  I love you very much!

Happy Birthday, Superbug!!!

Weekend Recap: Superbug Returns and Yummy Meals

Superbug is back!!
Superbug has returned!!  Woohoo!  It's been more than a little interesting having both Superbug and I away from home at the same time, but in different locations.  Technology is certainly a great tool as I was able to FaceTime with FatherWinter and Honeybee every night.  Superbug has a traditional cell phone and not a smart phone, so I was only able to call him nightly.  I loved hearing his voice, but certainly missed him.

He had a great time with his birth father as always and came back with all of his school supplies and a few new outfits.  That was certainly awesome!  I'm very thankful that Superbug has a great relationship with FatherPharoah.  They always make some pretty cool memories when they are together.  Plus it's a great boon that everyone gets along and genuinely enjoy each other's company.  I know that my family isn't the only one that operates well as a blended family, but I am told it's an exception and not a rule. (Honeybee's Guardian Ad Litem enlightened me).

Anywho, I picked him up the day after my arrival from the airport, got back through the summer traffic congestion, and quickly changed clothes to take the family to a rather nice restaurant to celebrate my in-laws 46th wedding anniversary.

I have to tell you that I really enjoyed this place.  They make all of their food from scratch using locally available produce and meats.  Everything is made in house including the bread and pastas.  I loved everything.  I had my crab cakes (I know.  I know, but I love crab cakes).  They were very delicious, but I think the ones in SC had them beat.  But that doesn't take away anything from them because the crab cakes were amazing here too.  Now, hands down the smashed potatoes I had at this local restaurant were SO good.  They tasted like my great-grandmothers.  They were real potatoes and were seasoned so well.  Loved them.

Superbug wolfed down his breaded chicken tenders (which he claimed were awesome with a big thumbs up).  FatherWinter had his ribs and devoured them.  It was a great meal and a wonderful time to spend with the in laws.

I hope I'm blessed to see 46 years in marriage.  It would be more than wonderful to do so.   We'll see what God has in store!

Welcome back to my Superbug!!!


Weekend Recap: Of Showers and Packing

It's been a weekend full of emotions.  Saturday found us enjoying a baby shower for one of FatherWinter's colleagues.  They are having a beautiful baby boy and celebrated the impending arrival in the cutest baby shower.  From word puzzles to wonderful guests to adorable was such a beautiful event.

There was a really cute game where guests were invited to create their own baby out of Play-Doh.  These were some of the awesome results.

After the announcement of winners, there was a guessing game of jellybeans in the bottle.  Guess who guessed the closest number?  Superbug!!  So he won the jellybeans!!

Afterwards, we loaded up on sweet candy gift bags and returned to the house to prepare for church the next day.  FatherWinter is currently training for an officer position in the church.  Part of his training required him to sit with his fellow brethren during Holy Communion service in a nice white suit.

Now you have to understand this is a pretty big deal for me because FatherWinter doesn't wear many suits.  It's not that he doesn't like them.  He actually loves them, but FatherWinter can usually be seen at church wearing his sweater vest and dress pants.

So of course, I had to take pictures of this great moment.

FatherWinter cleans up nice doesn't he.  We also took a couple of family pictures that I'm looking forward to sharing with you in the future.

After church service was over, Superbug and I took the joyous journey to visit his birth father. Superbug is extremely excited to spend part of his summer vacation with FatherPharoah and I'm glad that my family is a great blended one.  It was great seeing FatherPharaoh and I'm sure Superbug is going to have a great time while visiting.  The ironic thing is he wasn't and isn't the only one out of pocket for a week.

I will be traveling for business this week.  Yep.  This promises to be an interesting event to be sure.  I haven't been on a trip in a very long time.  I know one thing though...FatherWinter is sure to enjoy himself while we are gone!

That was our weekend in a nutshell!  Looking forward to talking with you soon!!!


Weekend Recap: Independence Day Edition

This weekend our great nation celebrated Independence Day.  Traditionally, the nation celebrates with cookouts, fireworks, friends and family.  This year was no different for a lot of families.  Our family, however, decided to take this weekend and spend it with just us.

Friday mid-afternoon, I took Honeybee and Superbug on a walk to the playground.  We played for a little while, allowing Honeybee to twirl on the merry-go-round and slide on the slides. Then, we decided it would be a pleasant day to visit my honorary parents.  We went over and enjoyed the beautiful landscaping that was done in their front and back yards. Honeybee sat with her Nana for a while smiling and giving hugs.  After a nice visit, we walked back to the house and settled in for the evening.

That night, we gathered around pizza, hot wings, and pasta to watch Teen Beach Movie 2.  It was great.  We all gathered around the TV, laughing at the antics of Tanner, and smiling at the self-assertiveness of Leah.  Honeybee managed to go down with a full belly and hugs for her stuffed belly at her regular bedtime.  The remainder of us sat up well past midnight laughing and enjoying each other's company.

Saturday morning, we slept in (which is a rarity for us), and woke for a reheating of pizza and accompaniments.  After doing morning cleaning, FatherWinter discussed whether or not we would attend the fireworks this year.  Superbug had told me the evening previous that he wasn't too thrilled about going this year.  He would rather stay with family and enjoy time with us.  So, we decided to stay in and watch the fireworks on television and just enjoy each other's company.

It definitely was not the most interesting holiday, but it was one of the more enjoyable.  Just Daddy, the kids, and I.  I won't complain about that at all.


Weekend Recap:The Shower Edition

This past weekend was the baby shower of our dear friends J & T. They are awaiting the birth of their third child, their first son. We were so thrilled to be able to share in their day. Because Honeybee had decided to fall asleep right before time to leave the event, and because we know how cranky a sleepy baby can be, FatherWinter stayed home with Superbug and Honeybee and I went to celebrate on our behalf.

It was such an enjoyable shower. Their colors were blow and white and Mommy and daughters looked adorable in their matching white dresses. Daddy also looked dashing in his coordinating outfit. The cake was done by the same cake artist who did Honeybee’s birthday cake. She did a fantastic job on a baby carriage. It was amazing! I’m trying to talk the cake artist into allowing me to promote her cakes via social media. She says she wants to, just hasn’t yet. We’ll see how that goes.

There was also the most delectable cupcakes I’ve had in a while and I am a cupcake fiend. One of the trustees from our church has a hidden secret with cupcakes and is an artist extraordinaire. They were so yummy that I bought one back for FatherWinter and Superbug to try. They were disappointed there weren’t more. They were really yummy. Homemade frosting, yummy vanilla. Yep, I love cupcakes.

Sunday was our Pastor’s 7th Pastoral Anniversary. It was a bittersweet event because the woman who spearheaded the event was no longer there. Our friend mentioned in the Small Stuff post drafted the program and to honor her, the program was left exactly as she completed it. There was one blank spot for a picture. It was beautiful and seemed to perfectly represent how we felt without her being there. As she was a member of the Hospitality and Greeter Ministry, the Welcome desk was adorned in beautiful fabric with her smiling face in a photo. It will remain until after her funeral. We think that is amazingly appropriate.

After service was over, we decided to go home and rest. The plan was to just relax and enjoy the evening. We allowed Superbug some time to run outside and play with his friends. He’d only been home a little while when there was a knock on the door. One of our neighbors popped in to see how we were doing and to mention that his TV dish was malfunctioning and would need to be replaced. Since the finals were on television that evening, we decided to open the door for him to watch the game at our home and also called a college friend of mine to join us.

It turned out very nice for an impromptu get together. I picked up pizza and wings. We had sodas and chips at the house. The game was a nail biter having me yell at the screen a few times and we enjoyed ourselves. When the game ended, our guests went back to their respective homes and FatherWinter and I knocked out.

Moment of honesty. I was so tired that before head hit pillow I was out. You have to love that 

It's a hectic week for our family (especially me).  Meetings, meetings, meetings, and last day of school!!! Can't wait to share!!!

Talk to you soon.


Weekend Recap: Milestone and Celebration Edition

Hello! We’ve been a bit out of pocket lately. There have been so many deeply personal and private things that have occurred that it didn’t seem proper to share them. That in itself is a bit odd considering this blog serves as a public place to share some of the private occurrence of our family, but I’m a firm believer that some things should remain to oneself until and unless it is beneficial to others. That time isn’t now, BUT it is time to share some of the weekend doings of our family.

Honeybee has decided to take her first steps—consistently. She actually took three very small steps on the 24th, but I didn’t count them on our blog because FatherWinter didn’t see them J. She was with Superbug and I while visiting my cousins and she decided to walk from a small ottoman to an adjacent chair. Three steps, but she made them and looked confused about our claps and excitement. Because I didn’t want FatherWinter to feel bad about missing this milestone, I didn’t say anything knowing she would do again soon. Unfortunately, Superbug didn’t get the memo and excitedly shared the news with him as soon as he got home.

Saturday evening, while we lounged in the family room, Honeybee decided that she wanted to leave Daddy’s seat and come over to me. So, she let go of the cocktail table and walked the distance from his seat to mine, and because she was just so pleased with herself, applauded her steps! Every day since then she has continued this play and, though she still prefers to be carried, this is a great boon for her.

Enjoying her mobility

Saturday afternoon, FatherWinter and I attended the wedding reception of one of his coworkers. It was a beautiful affair with 400 people in attendance. Yes, 400. Everything was so beautifully done and everyone practically oozed good will and love for the couple. We really enjoyed ourselves. Plus, the bride’s dress was GORGEOUS! I’m such a fan. I wish them all the best in the future and many, many years of love to come.

We didn’t leave until close to midnight and the party was still going strong even then. When FatherWinter and I got home, we immediately went to sleep. It was amazing how tired we both were. Guess we aren’t party animals any more J.

Yesterday, we woke in plenty of time for a hearty breakfast of pancakes and scrambled eggs. We were off to church and received a wonderful message about how God will take your little and make it plentiful. This wasn’t about finance. It was about faith. A little bit of faith with a big result. I needed that Word and was so happy and blessed receive it.

That’s about all that occurred in the Chateu ‘d us. We’ll bring you more soon. Have a great week and a wonderful day.

Weekend Wrap Up: The Mother's Day Edition

It is the close of another Mother's Day and I find myself filled with a myriad of emotions.  Today, I have experienced everything from joy, to sadness, to gratitude, to humility, to compassion.  It has truly been a day.

Two years ago yesterday, my family and I buried my great-grandmother.  In the previous post (Missing Mama), I told of how much I truly missed my great-grandmother and all that she means to me. I was still pretty down this morning when I woke up, but decided to put on a smiling face for my family since it is Mother's Day.  It turned out the smiles would be replaced with tears...of joy.

This morning, while I was changing my Honeybee, Superbug walks in with a beautiful bouquet of wildflowers.  "Happy Mother's Day, Mommy!".  I was touched by his sweetness and beamed at him in gratitude." Thank you, sweetness."  I was then interrupted with "Wait, Mommy.  We're not done yet!"

Behind him walks, FatherWinter with a 16 x 20 photo of my great-grandmother and I that he'd taken from my Bible and had drawn off. I was so touched. There were a couple of other gifts as well, but known that touched me as much as this. A picture of the woman I called "Mama" for entire childhood.  What a beautiful and amazing gift.

Saturday was equally special for me.  I took Honeybee to her first Mommy Daughter tea!  Our church was hosting it and politely invited all attendees to wear nice Spring dresses and hats.  It was wonderful! Honeybee obviously didn't know what was going on too much, but she enjoyed the yummy foods and all of the brightly colored dresses and hats.  I wish I could show her face to you.  She was the most adorable tea guest and the other guests loved her.

I will still a bit emotional thinking about Mama when the hostesses of the event stood before the attendees to honor the mothers of the year. I got so teary eyed as they honored the Adult Ministry Mothers of the Year and then again, as they honored the Young Adult Mothers of the Year.  I was very, very surprised that this year one of the recipients was me.

I was floored!  I can tell you that I felt so loved and so caught off guard, and very humbled.  I honestly thought (and think) there are so many more moms in our church who do so much more than I.  I even nominated one of them because she is just AWESOME.  But, the Young Adult Ministry chose me and I was just so very honored.  They had no idea how much that meant to me.

When I came home, I told FatherWinter about how thankful I was, but how I felt there were others that were so much more deserving than I.  FatherWinter mentioned a couple of things that he said made me an excellent mother and certainly worthy of honoring and I felt blessed all over again.

It was truly a wonderful event and I look forward to next year's.  I also look forward to the Father Son event the men are supposed to be hosting for Father's Day.

Tonight, as I sit here in front of this computer screen, I find myself thinking about Honeybee's birth mother.  I wonder if she is thinking of Honeybee.  I wonder if she is grieving her, if she regrets her decision.  I hope she knows that Honeybee is loved and is happy.  I  can't imagine her grief.  Is she wondering what our Mother's Day was like?  Is she wondering if I told Honeybee about her? I have.  Honeybee doesn't get it yet.  She doesn't understand it yet.  She will one day.

I tell her that she has a heart mommy and a tummy mommy.  I tell her that her tummy mommy loves her very much and that she wants the absolute best for her.  She wants her to be able to travel the world and to be able to grown up safe, secure, and happy.  I tell her that her tummy mommy loved her so much that she made an adoption plan just for her so that she could have everything that she needs.  Then I tell her that we are going to pray for her tummy mommy so that she isn't sad or lonely.  Honeybee doesn't get it right now, but she will one day. She will.

To Honeybee's birthmommy, thank you very much for your love and your sacrifice. Thank you for allowing Honeybee to be loved by FatherWinter, Superbug, and I.  Thank you for being selfless and for such an amazing gift.  There are no words to say how grateful we are and how much we ache for your grief and how much we love you.  Truly we do.

Thank you.


Disclaimer:  This post was not posted until 18 May and was backdated to the day it was written.  With all of the emotions of the week, it seemed better to wait and hold some thoughts to ourselves.  Please forgive the delay in sharing.

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Happy Birthday, Honeybee!!!

It's hard to believe, but one year ago today this beautiful baby girl was born.  We hadn't yet met each other. We didn't yet know one another existed.  How wonderful it is that God saw fit for our paths to cross.  We love you so much.  May you be blessed in all things great and wonderful!!!

We love you!!!!