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National Stop Bullying Day

Today is National Stop Bullying Day.  I've written in the past of my absolute disdain for those who feel the need to bully.  I've written of the absolute heartbreak of having to have conversation with a younger Bug about why a child of 11 or 12 would feel no other recourse than to take their life.  Last year, I had to contact the school for a particular cruel social media bullying of my son who didn't even have access to social media.  The reason?  A little boy didn't like that Bug was friendly with a girl the boy had a crush on.  The silliest thing to his father and I?  Bug was only 11 and dating is absolutely not allowed nor to be encouraged at this age.  So the entire thing was unnecessary.  We were fortunate that it was addressed very quickly, but we'd heard several horror stories of when it was not.

I abhor bullying!

I abhor bullying. I really do. I can’t stand it. It’s getting so prevalent. Kids can’t go home to escape it because they see it on their social media at home. Don’t have access to social media at home? Their friends tell them and show them on their electronic devices. Then, because the kids don’t want to seem like weaklings they don’t say anything to anyone who can do something about it. And then something tragic happens.

That’s what happened in our county. A sixth grader, the same grade as my Superbug, was allegedly being bullied by an 8th grader. It had been going on for a while. I don’t know all of the details, but I do know that based on the information slowly trickling out, the little boy went into his parents’ bedroom, retrieved a weapon kept there, and committed suicide. I am absolutely floored. FLOORED.

I can’t imagine what the parents are going through. I can’t imagine coming into a room and finding the lifeless body of your child. I can’t imagine not being able to assist him, not knowing there was even an issue. The internal questions of how they missed, did they do enough…I can’t imagine.

Then, the parents of the bully. What do you say? What do you do? What is the impact of knowing the reason a child is dead is because your child thought it fun to bully someone else. What do you do?

Please pray for the family of the little boy and pray for children everywhere. They need to know that bullying is never okay and that they are never alone. I HATE A BULLY.