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38 while 38

Hello everyone! If you’ve followed me from my Snowfall and Snowflakes days, then you know that since 34, every year (except last) I have compiled a bucket list of things I would like to have accomplished by the next birthday. It’s been a bit of a motivator. Sometimes I get it done. Other times, not so much. This year, I’m excited to do it again and I’m super excited to see the progress as we get it done! So let’s go!

40 Springtime Activities for the Family

Hi everyone! Despite the crazy windstorm of this past weekend, Spring is rapidly approaching.  I'm looking forward to it as winter blues are a real thing for me.  The warmer days, more sunlight, and active activities are all things I'm looking forward to.

Last Spring, I was carrying Baby A. so I wasn’t exactly in the mood to run around and get stuff accomplished. This time, I’m so ready.  I'm compiling bucket lists, searching local visitor convention pages, and dusting off my walking shoes.  This is going to be great.  If you're equally excited about Spring and are looking for some fun Spring activities, I've compiled a list of 40 that are sure to please.  Happy hunting!

36 while 36: A New Opportunity

I have to be honest. I’m not quite pleased with how I did with my 35 while 35 bucket list. Yes, there were some pretty nice accomplishments like exploring a new city and attending a black tie affair. However, I didn’t get half of the stuff I should have and I felt my list was slightly superficial. It just didn’t make an impact. No, I didn’t make an impact. So, I’m going to try it again. I’m hoping that I can knock some things out this year that open me to a lot of new experiences, and help me to grow as an individual. (Some of these beautiful suggestions came from a variety of bucket lists around the world including  Like last year's list, I'll add links and dates where applicable.  I also invite you to return to last year's list.  I'd like to see if I can complete some of those items, too.

1. Establish a strong social media presence for YGI and OF&S

2. Establish a stronger physical presence at my son’s school events for the upcoming school year

3. Do one thing every two weeks that will take me out of my comfort zone but open me to new experiences and opportunities

4. Volunteer for the Alzheimer’s Association

5. Awake NLT 6:30A M-F and NLT 8:00A on Saturdays and Sundays

6. Complete 2 30-day challenges

7. Attend the 2017 Honda Battle of the Bands

8. Try a new dish

9. Have a monthly date night with my husband (Almost)

10. Attend a poetry slam

11. Achieve my ideal weight (126-130 pounds)

12. Attend a spa day

13. Watch every movie on the IMDb Top 250 Movie List

14. Do 36 random acts of kindness

15. Get a professional massage

16. Hike at Government Island

17. Write letters to 5 people who have positively influenced me

18. Host a dinner party

19. Learn to swim

20. Attend an Ugly Christmas party

21. Visit a new city

22. See a play

23. Host a Game Night

24. Attend a Sip n’ Paint or Dine n’ Paint event

25. Have dinner with FatherWinter at Potomac Winery

26. Buy something for a stranger off their wish list/registry

27. Attend a jazz festival

28. Attend a Mother Daughter weekend with just my mother and I

29. Go to an orchard and pick fruit

30. Make preserves

31. Regularly get my hair done

32. Take the kids to an amusement park or the state fair

33. Take a self-defense class

34. Have a professional family photo shoot done

35. Landscape

36. Bake my own bread

Vacation Recap: Embarkation and Port Departure- Part 2

Happy Father's Day!  It really was the perfect day for Embarkation.  FatherWinter made the suggestion for a cruise this year and it seemed perfect that we were leaving on a day meant to honor fathers. FatherWinter was in a great mood and decided to share it by encouraging Superbug to wake up :)

Daddy jumping on the bed to wake Superbug

After gifting FatherWinter with Father's Day cards and getting ready for the day, we were off to the Port to go cruising!

Superbug had several great memories of the trip.  One of his favorite was driving to the port and seeing the ship as we approached.  He talked about it quite some time after we were actually on board.

Approaching the ship

Approaching the ship

Once we arrived at the port and paid for parking, we went through the boarding process.  We were pleasantly surprised that, though there were already quite a number of people, the lines were moving quickly.  After having all of our documents processed properly and posing for our Sail and Sign Cards which served as currency on the ship, we were ready to go.

Superbug is ready to board the ship

Taking the escalator to the gangway

Preparing to board
Superbug was very excited to cross the gangway onto the ship.  Our sister and brother (in love) were already on board, so we went straightway to their cabin to say hello.  After a brief conversation and catch-up, FatherWinter and I took the kids to our cabin and placed our luggage, which had been bought to our room, inside.

The cabin was a very nice balcony cabin with an upper berth for Superbug and a pullout for Honeybee We stood outside on the balcony taking in the sights and then decided to grab a bit to eat!  (Our family loves food).  Despite their being so many of us (4 adults and 6 children), we were able to find a booth section rather quickly.  The men went to the buffet line for the moms so they could bring back plates for the kids.

The food was absolutely delicious and everyone was very satisfied with their meals.  Being done, we all went to the top deck to take in some of the sights of the port before leaving. It was such a pleasant time up there.

Taking in the sights from the  ship

Somewhere over there is our car

Cousin time
 We knew our time would be a bit brief there as the ship had to prep for the muster drill.  The drill is like a fire drill for a cruise ship.  It preps the passengers for what to do in the event of an emergency requiring passengers to access the lifeboats and/or prep for an abandon ship order.  The safety briefing that accompanied the drill was a bit long, but the information was important.  I didn't mind at all.

This was our second time on the Carnival Victory, but our first with children.  We were interested in hearing how things would be done with and for them in the event of an emergency.  All of that was explained including the actions that would occur should the children be in the youth clubs while the emergency was declared.  Children under the age of 12 were all given wristbands that coordinated with their muster station.  They wore those bracelets during the duration of the cruise.  Even my 9 month old nephew had one attached to his ankle.  It gave a good feeling knowing the kids were so carefully considered in the cruise.

After the muster drill was over, the family returned to our previous activity of viewing the port sites, but this time we were also excited to see us towed to sea.  FatherWinter and I had never departed from this port before.  It's funny the comparisons one makes in their minds.  I think I might have an aesthetic preference to Miami only because you are leaving by the highway and people are more inclined to wave.  (It kind of makes you feel super special).  However, the port workers were very kind to wave goodbye, as were some of the passengers on the cruise ship we were departing.

Pretty soon, we were out on open water and were ready to head for a day and evening of fun.  We went to a show and then decided to check out the kids club.  I'd already registered the children prior to boarding the ship, but SisterWinter (that's FatherWinter's sister) had not.  We took all the kids in and allowed the younger ones to play in the club to get acclimated before we would have to return later.

They loved it.  For the rest of the cruise, all I had to do was sing to Honeybee let's go pla--a-ay".  She would giggle and sing it back.  Then would anxiously go to the cabin door ready to leave.  The staff was awesome to her and called her "cutie pie" which is now a new word in her vocab.  The older children also enjoyed the club for the most part.  They enjoyed the activities and made some new friends.  After registering the kiddies, we walked around and caught a show, caught an early dinner, and enjoyed some of the endlessly fun activities. Superbug asked if he could hang with his cousin for a while in her cabin with Sister and BrotherWinter and we were glad to let him hang out with family.

That left us with Honeybee and entertaining her.  No problem.  We got her dressed for bed and posed for a few selfies.

Soon, it was time for Honeybee to call it an evening.  FatherWinter and I watched the NBA Finals in our bedroom until my tummy started growling again.  Superbug, who'd returned to our cabin by then, joined me for a jaunt upstairs where we searched for, found, and claimed cheese and pepperoni pizza.

Without a doubt, it was a great day.


Vacation Recap: Freeport, Bahamas-Part 3

Welcome to Freeport

When we woke the next morning, we were greeted by the the inlet of Freeport.  Because we wanted to give the kids a chance to experience the cruise and didn't want to overdo it with activities, we decided not to do excursions this time.  We decided to go out an explore the harbor on our own.

There were plenty of shops and eateries available.  We walked the main drag and enjoyed looking at all that was available to see.


Vacation Recap: Formal Night and Nassau, Bahamas-Part 4

No lengthy explanations needed here.  We enjoyed beautiful singing, lots of fun activities, a beautiful beach (Tiki Beach Hut), and tons of great beverages and food.  It was a great time!  There are plenty of other pictures, but I thought I'd keep some just for us :)  We hope you have enjoyed journeying with us.  We will talk to you soon!

Singing and dancing for love

Formal night fun


Vacation Recap: Road Trip to the Cruise Port! Part 1

We're back!  Oh my goodness, what a wonderful vacation we had!  I have to admit that I was more than a little nervous about taking the kids on their first cruise, but I needn't have been.  They loved it. FatherWinter and I are already discussing doing another one when Honeybee is just a bit older.  For this first one for the kids, it was really nice.

The Drive Down
FatherWinter and I decided that it made much more economical sense to drive down to FL for cruise embarkation than it did to fly.  Round trip flights for a family of four are not inexpensive.  Buying gas for the car and going down just seemed to be a much better option for us.

Our original plan was to leave at 5AM, but some challenges had us leave about 7AM instead.  The kids were pretty excited about a new adventure and were all for pre-trip photos before our departure prayer.

After we let, the kids were sleep pretty quick.  As was I.  FatherWinter took first drive and we slept for about four hours and then stopped for breakfast at the local Shoney's.  This is sort of a tradition for our family.  When we do long road trips South, we stop at Shoney's for a good breakfast buffet. This one didn't disappoint and after a quick meal, we were on the road again.

Several hours later, we arrived at our hotel and were so excited to just to stand up lol.  We grabbed a bit to eat and then met up with FatherWinter's sister and brother in law and their kids.  The older kids went to the pool and played all evening.  I went straight to bed with Honeybee.  We were exhausted!


Weekend Recap: Rainy days and Summer bucket lists

This weekend was a complete rain out.  I didn't mind.  It gave the household a chance to catch up on much needed rest.  I didn't move on Saturday until 10AM.  I can't remember the last time that happened.

Since Superbug's baseball games were cancelled yet again, we had some time on our hands.  That's when I thought about the upcoming summer season.  I thought it was the perfect time to create a summer bucket list.  The one I followed for the Fall was so fun and we accomplished most of it.  I thought it would be equally as fun to create and follow a summer one.  So, after much thought, here is what I came up with.

I'm looking forward to seeing how many of these we cross off by end of summer.  I'm also looking forward to adding a few experiences that aren't listed.  The weather is supposed to break and this weekend is the unofficial start to the summer season.  Let's see what we can knock out!

Talk to you soon!


Recap: It's Fall, Ya'll

Wow!  I haven't written in a bit.  Truthfully, it's been a bit busy around here.  Nothing we can't handle, but busy nonetheless.  We missed this weekend's recap and with this crazy schedule, I decided to just take some time and share it today for my very own #ThrowbackThursday.

This past Monday, Superbug, Honeybee, and I decided to spend the day checking off items on our Fall Bucket List.  Since it was a beautiful Fall day and everyone was free, we decided to continue our Fall Festival tradition at a new locale.  It's our local pumpkin patch.

1.  Visit the pumpkin patch.

It was a wonderful time.   Annually, Superbug and I head to a pumpkin patch about 90 minutes away from us.  This year, I decided to try out a pumpkin patch about 30 minutes away.  It's a bit smaller, but the fun was still an enjoyable experience.

Since it was a new location, we peeked at the map and decided to head over to the big kid tractors for Superbug to ride.  He had a bit of a struggle riding up the hill, but it was worth it to see him ride around the track and flash that huge grin.

Afterwards, we decided to mosey over to the "Egg" trip.  The kids had a pseudo paintball field with soft "eggs".  Superbug's eyes lit up and he begged me to let him try it.  After ensuring it was safe (all participants wore safety goggles) and got the prep speech, I let him in.  Yep.  Thrilled.

Ready to roll...
After Superbug enjoyed the field, he and I decided it was time to let Honeybee get out and enjoy the farm as well.  There was a mini corn maze just for little ones.  I took Honeybee out of her stroller and she couldn't wait to try it out with big brother's backing.

Off to explore..
Don't let the picture fool you.  The corn maze was very small and the perfect height for She enjoyed it for a while and then was ready for something a little different.  That's when we decided it was time to go to the pumpkin patch.  There was a really cute tractor with hay bales as seats.  We hopped on board and enjoyed a nice ride to the land of pumpkins.

After we finished our pumpkin perusal, we went back to the main portion of the farm for some time in the "Fun Barn" complete with swings and lots of hay.  We spent a few minutes playing in the hay and then it was time to make one more pumpkin catch pass for a favorite Fall tradition...KETTLE KORN!!!!  

I bought a medium sized bag as FatherWinter isn't a huge fan of the treat (gasp!  I know!!).  By the time we got home, I was talking myself out of turning around for another bag.  It was a yummy time!
By the time the day was over, we were exhausted.  But I was so very, very happy to check the boxes off the checklist.

Checklist items Slain today:
1.  Visit the pumpkin patch
2.  Go through a corn maze
3.  Go on a hayride

It's Fall!!!!

So, I'd originally planned on posting this yesterday because it was officially my favorite time of the year...FALL!!!! was 80+ degrees here with humidity.  It certainly didn't seem like fall to me. Oh but when I stepped outside my doors this morning?  Brrrrr!!!!  I needed a jacket and actually turned on the heat this morning in my car lol!  Yep, that did it lol!  Yay!!!!!!!!!!  It's Fall!!

Photo Taken in Arkansas City, KS by stelon
I love Fall.  No, seriously!  I really love the fall.  The leaves change colors on the trees; there are fall festivals and family traditions that I like to share with the family.  Shoot, last year this time, I was already planning things that I'd like to do.  This year Honeybee will actually be able to enjoy some of these activities with us.  I'm so excited to share my love of the Fall with her and hopefully, she'll grow up loving the Fall too.  I know my Superbug already does.  His favorite has to be going to the pumpkin patch and picking up a bag of kettle corn on the way back. Thinking about the fun Superbug and I usually have made me wonder about what other fun things we could get into this season.

Fall Bucket List from
Check the paragraph for her direct link!
I decided to Google "Fall Activities" and I came across this really cool Fall Bucket List from Simply I actually came across it Googling "Fall Activities".  I liked it so much that I left a comment on her page and asked if I could share it on my little personal blog (and all four of my family followers lol).  She was gracious enough to say yes and even allowed me to share the photo of the bucket list provided I give a link back to her.  Of course!!!  So, I'm sharing this list below and am super excited to try most of the things on the list!  I'm also planning on adding some things of our own and trying to complete them all by season's end.  It'll be a lot of fun to try!

I am not too sure if we'll get to do the jump in the leaves.  We don't have a large tree with leaves but I'm betting I can find some friends who will love having Superbug rake leaves before we jump in!

I'm so excited.  It's FALL!!!!