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Friday Favorites: Birthday Cookies Extraordinaire!

Hi everyone!  I hope you are all having an amazing week.  I'm linking with A Little Bit of Everything and Momfessionals for a Friday Favorites share.

This week has been beyond busy.  I turned in final exams for two classes only to start three more.  I've been paper outlining, video shooting, and so much more.  Not to mention going into the office 😰 for a meeting and then going to a doctor's appointment to check on the progress of Baby Bean.  Somewhere along the way, I realized that July is really moving fast and I needed to lock on some birthday plans for Baby J's 1st birthday, Baby A's 3rd birthday, and Bug's 14th.  Even in COVID, this will be interesting.  Fortunately for me, I got turned on to a fantastic cookie artist early in the pandemic, and was able to reach out to her for some awesome designs.  I also reached out to one of my favorite confectioner for 40th birthday plans for myself.  It's beginning to look like presents around here.

Hello July!


Can you believe it?! We’re halfway through the calendar year. The year has been something. We’ve had civil unrest. We’ve had COVID-19. We’ve had quarantines. We’ve had deaths. We’ve hard discussions. It’s been a journey! 

Happy birthday, Honeybee!!

This amazing, energetic, bundle of love and grace is turning 6 today! I can’t thank God enough for choosing Theo and I to be her parents. I love her so much and I can hardly wait to see the doors Christ opens for you! I love you so much, baby girl, my honeybee, my GiGi! Happy birthday, baby! πŸ˜˜πŸŽ‰πŸŽπŸŽ‚

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Happy Birthday, S.

Good morning, everyone!  Today is my friend, my partner, my ace boon coon, my get on my nerves but I love him anyway, my challenger, my motivator, my friend, my lover, my children's father, my soul tie, my man of husband's birthday!

Weekend Recap: 38 Can't Wait

Hi everyone!  This weekend was pretty great, if I do say so myself.  It was a weekend full of celebration and I definitely can't wait to share.

Weekend Recap: Celebrations and Memories

It’s Monday! Happy Monday everyone. I hope your weekend was really fun and really wonderful. This weekend was filled with love and celebrations and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Happy birthday, Mommy!

It's my Mommy's birthday.  No shade, but I honestly think my mom has all the other moms beat when it comes to whose the best (lol).  I hope you will help me celebrate her special day!  Happy birthday, Mommy!!!

Oh my goodness!! I have a TEENAGER!!

It's official.  At 11:55 AM, I became the mother of a teenager.  Oh. my. goodness!  Has it really been 13 years?!  The time has flown and I am so thankful.  I have this amazingly kind and loving son who is so great.  He's respectful.  He's sweet.  He's considerate.  He's my son.  What a blessing he is.

Birthday Recap: Life is Fine at 39

Hi Guys!  I recently celebrated my 39th birthday and I enjoyed myself so much.  I know that ideally I'm supposed to post tons of photos, but I didn't take a single one really.  I just wanted a day to be in the moment and that's exactly what I received.  I told my husband and the children that since the heat index was to be 115 degrees that day (OH MY GOSH!), I was perfectly happy with someone picking up Bonefish Grill after church and bringing it to me to eat home.  Of course, the kids and S. wouldn't let that fly.

Weekend Recap: The Sleepover Edition

Guys!  My tired is tired!  What an awesome weekend, but man what an exhausting one ☺!  S. and I were still up in the air about just how we would celebrate Honeybee turning 5 years old.  It's a milestone and begs a nice celebration, but with our huge family we just can't go anywhere.  Tuesday or so, S. suggested a visit to Chuck E. Cheese and a sleepover with the little cousins.  Now, full disclaimer, I am not a fan of Chuck E. Cheese.  No knock on them, but I think of them as little germ factories lol.  That being said, the one in our area recently underwent a renovation (per the flyer outside) and was ready for our large family.

Dance floor

Happy birthday, Honeybee!

Life would not be as amazing if you were not a part of it! Love you!!

Happy birthday, S!

Today we're wishing my husband, my friend, my love, my fussing partner, my confidant, my iron sharpening iron, a very Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday, Bug!!

Time waits for no man.  Truer words were never spoken.  Today, my first born turns 12 years old.  I'm so proud of him and the young man that he has become.  He is kind, respectful, sweet, and sincere.  He's an excellent big brother, a fantastic son, a lover of Christ with all his heart and soul.  He has a genuine compassionate nature and I am excited to see what God is going to do in his life.  I pray He allows me to live to see it.

Twelve years ago, I greeted this amazing little person and today, I get to celebrate him all over again.  Join me in celebrating my Bug.  As is our custom, we will have a family dinner at the place o his choosing, followed by cake, ice cream, and gifts when we get home.

I'll make sure to give a bit of recap on that later, but for now...happy birthday to my BUG!!!!

Baby A.'s Birthday Party Recap (plus End of Summer Bash!)

So, I’m not sure what I was thinking when I agreed to go with my husband on a couples’ vacation, only to return and host an annual party that would feature our daughter’s first birthday party exactly two days later.

                                                                          via GIPHY

Lesson learned. I don't think I'll try that again. Fortunately, everything seemed to fall into place exactly as it should have...despite being a bit crazy.  Now, let's discuss the party!

Baby A's Birthday Month!!

Oh my goodness! It’s so amazing to see that Baby A. is turning 1 this month! I’m not being at all clichΓ© when I say “time flew”! I was all excited to have a huge birthday party like I’ve done for Bug and Honeybee. Alas, S. locked on an escape that takes he and I far away on baby girl’s birthday!!! I think he thought we would have the party earlier than her actual day and we couldn’t because of a conflict. Since the lock on was a surprise he’d been cultivating for a while complete with a non-refundable clause, we can’t change it. Yes, I cried, especially since we only have big parties for milestone birthdays.  So she won’t see another big one until five. Fortunately, we’re able to kill two birds with one magnificent stone since we host an annual end of summer bash at our home.
It usually focuses on and culminates in a fantasy football draft, but this year I’m going to make the baby’s birthday the focal and the draft will be the feature for the guys.

I’m going with a pretty cool theme and doing a lot of the same things I’ve done before with the party, but making sure a lot of other things get accomplished as well. I’m hoping everyone will have a good time and that we get some pretty cool pictures too. 

I am really looking forward to celebrating her birthday with you guys and celebrating the return of school for Bug too!


Weekend Recap: The Birthday Edition

Hi guys! What a fun and amazing weekend! I was blessed to turn 38 years old this Saturday. I don’t take that for granted. Several dear friends and family members didn’t make it to that age, so I thank God for allowing me the privilege of living. I hope not to disappoint Him as I continue to journey through life. Let’s talk about the weekend.

Friday. We were supposed to see The Tomb of Christ exhibit at the National Geographic Museum in Washington D.C., but traffic destroyed my attempt at getting the family there in time for our timed entry L. Bug and S. had already seen it, but I hadn’t had the opportunity. I was pretty bummed to miss it, but I didn’t let it ruin the weekend. We decided that we would go to the “Golden Triangle” in DC to watch the outdoor movie “Jumanji”. We stopped first at the local Wawa and loaded up on subs and quesadillas, mac and cheese, a strawberry smoothie for me, and peach iced tea. Then, we traipsed our way to the lawn, unloaded blankets and bean bags, set up food, and settled in for a great evening. It really was. The atmosphere was fun. The temperature was comfortable with a nice breeze blowing. The movie was funny and the kids enjoyed themselves. Amariah did get a bit fussy towards the end because she was tired, but a few rocks in my arms and she was out. We made it back to the house a bit after midnight and all promptly fell asleep.
The screen was huge

Weekend Recap: Birthday Behavior

Hello everyone!  I hope your week has been absolutely amazing!  Mine was rainy and cloudy and blah looking outside, but SO much fun and enjoyable for the family.  Sunday was S.'s birthday.  We decided that we would do a private date night on Saturday with just the two of us and then celebrate with the family on his actual birthday.


I had quite a few ideas of things we could do for S.'s birthday.  He's big on new experiences and I was all game for some small thrill events like hot air ballooning or indoor sky diving.  It turned out the weather was forecast to be too yucky for ballooning.  The nearest indoor skydiving facility was an hour and some change away and our childcare arrangements couldn't cope.  So, I was thinking...what do we do.

Fortunately for me, S. has had an interest in trying out the Escape Rooms that have been so popular in the area.  We looked on Groupon for any deals and sure enough there was a pretty good one for a couple wanting to do the adventure.  We purchased, called and made an appointment, and were booked for the same evening.

We arrived at the Escape Room and were very impressed.  The lobby by itself was awesome!  Because the attraction has such a shroud of secrecy, I won't share too much about it, but we were paired with two other couples to solve a buried treasure riddle.  Oh my goodness!  We had so much fun!  Unfortunately, we didn't figure out the last riddle in time though we were SOOOOOOO close!  UGH!  But it was still a great adventure.

Happy birthday!

Wishing my amazing, awesome, sexy, handsome, hard-working, good providing, God-loving, God worshipping, God-following, wrapped around his daughters' fingers, our son's buddy, my HUSBAND, my MAN...a VERY GREAT  BIRTHDAY!!!!

Love you, S.!

Friday Frazzle: Honeybee's Birthday Wish List

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When I was a child, I grew up excited that the two days special and unexpected things could and would occur were Christmas and birthdays. Those were the times where, despite budgets being extremely tight, we could hope for something magical to occur. It often did like the year my Mom moved heaven and heck for an alto saxophone to replace the used and beaten one I’d been carrying in the marching band. I’ve carried some of that on to my children. They know that birthdays and Christmas bring amazing family experiences.

So when our Honeybee came tiptoeing up to me last week and asking if she could have a few simple items, my heart melted for a couple of reasons. (1) This is the first time she has asked for anything specifically for any celebration and (2) Her list really is quite tame. She’s such a generous spirit. Of course, I couldn’t wait to share with you all.

1. A Pretty Birthday Cake. When queried further, the “pretty” means any pastel colored cake. Our Honeybee is a Minnie Mouse Bowtique and Paw Patrol fan. The local stores don’t have Paw Patrol, so I’m grabbing her this lovely for her day.
I can't wait to surprise our Honeybee with this cake!

Birthday celebrations

Hello everyone.

I suppose I should have written quite some time ago, but I'm noticing less readers and more fatigue. It's kind of evening out.  But that's okay.  We're getting close!  This past weekend was my birthday! Woohoo!  It was nice to celebrate another year of life, but I have to tell you last week was a doozy.

We're currently prepping for a major meeting at my job.  It's a pretty big deal with some pretty big VIPs coming in.  As such, we are having meetings for the meetings.  Last week, I was in more meetings than I was out of.  Combine that with a massive heat wave with oppressive humidity and I was more than a little irritated.  Heat makes me not too happy these days.

When I was finally finished with the work of the day, all I wanted to do was go home and take a shower or a cold bath.  I'd just picked up our daughter when I received a text from S. asking me to meet him for a date night.  Because traffic was already so yucky, we ended up meeting at the gym S. attends and dropping our little one for a date night.

We went out to dinner and enjoyed a yummy meal of seafood, salad, garlic cheddar biscuits, and appetizers.  It was nice just getting out and spending some time with each other talking about the events of the week, upcoming childcare plans, etc.  After a lovely dinner, we went up the street to catch a movie.  Both S. and I are superhero fans, so catching up with the new Spider-man movie made sense.

I liked the movie though it was a bit long.  I think these days the movies tend to run longer just to add fluff.  The movie itself was pretty good.  I just could have done without some of the longer sequences.  Movie over, S. and I finally hopped in the car to pick up our daughter.  When we got to the house, it was after midnight and we were surprised to see our mother in love there!  She was supposed to have already left to visit her sister.  My father in love was running behind, so she was waiting for him.  About five minutes after we pulled up, so did he.  He and my husband loaded the car.  He came in and suddenly disappeared.

Three minutes later, he walked into the kitchen with a huge birthday cake!  How thoughtful!  The family sang happy birthday and then my in loves left to start their trip.  I went upstairs to the bedroom and found a gorgeous bouquet of deep purple roses, a cute new purse, a card that housed tickets to a play I've been secretly hoping to see, and a love note.  Awww!  I wasn't expecting that at all.  I felt very special!

I was also very tired.  S. and I called it an evening and I slept ALL DAY on Saturday!  Sunday, we woke early for early service, praise and worship, and Sunday School.  Then, I took our son (who'd returned from a summer visit to his paternal family's home) to meet my mother for a week with her.

When I got home, I was super exhausted but managed to make it in time to celebrate a dear gf and the arrival of her baby girl.  It was a nice time and nice event and I made sure to catch a nap afterwards!

Overall, it was a wonderful birthday and I wouldn't change it for anything.

How about you?  How was your weekend?