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Unintentionally Natural: Our Crazy Fast, Super Intense Birth Story...

So, in hindsight, I probably could have left for the hospital earlier or maybe could have paid attention to the irregularly paced Braxton Hicks, but all of my other kids were born between 11-12 hours.  Surely this one would be the same.

A birth story!!

I've always loved birth stories.  I didn't really write one for my first born. I regretted it. This one, however, is different because we all journeyed together.  We fought for this one.  Medications, hormones, tears, blood, faith.  This one was a battle against infertility.  This one has a following.  So, here we go...

All week long, the people at work were taking their bets about when I'd go.  My due date was 26 Aug and no one, including the Program Manager, believed I would work up to my due date and I was determined to prove them wrong.  I almost achieved it. :)

Contractions woke me at about 2:30 Friday morning.  I'd been sleeping downstairs on the couch because it'd been the most comfortable for my back.  When they started, I wasn't too worried.  I'd had them off and on for the past week and usually they would stay for two hours and then go away.  I figured these would be the same way.  I didn't even bother to wake S., but I noticed these were a bit different though.  A dull ache that didn't seem to go away.

I had my final doctor's appointment scheduled for 9:30 that morning, so I figured I would just go to the doctor's office and let them check me.  My contractions started getting more intense at 5:46 AM and  I began pacing floors and timing them with my app. I went to the bathroom, wiped and there was bloody show (which I'd never had with my first pregnancy).  Contractions started coming every 4 minutes and lasting about 2 minutes in duration.  Silly me, I should have gone then, but I figured they would stop soon and I could still just go to the doctor appointment and kill two birds with one stone.