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Baseball Pre-season started today and I am NOT that excited

You know how there are all these parents of little leaguers running around excited that Spring is in the air and the smells of baseball glove oil and sounds of ball smacking against bat will soon fill the air?  Yeah, I’m not one of those parents.  I approach this season with a healthy dose of melancholy every. single. year.  Ugggggghhhhhhh. Save me.

Weekend Recap: Tears and Baseball

We made it home.  Our family left on Wednesday afternoon to make the 10 hour trek to Atlanta, GA to bury Fatherwinter's cousin.  It was very sad.  I posted about her briefly here.  Seeing the family gathered for her homegoing was more than a little jarring.  She was so young, so earnest in her faith. Now, she is gone.

After the homegoing services, we were able to come back to our relative's home and spend some time in fellowship with them.  I was also able to see some old pictures of FatherWinter when he was younger.  It's always cute to see your spouse as a little person.

After dinner and fellowship, we hopped in the car and drove then ten hours back to our home.
We made it back in home to drop our luggage, change clothes, and then rush off to Superbug's 1st baseball game of the season.  Yep.  Just in time.

The game wasn't that bad.  The kids fought hard and valiantly.  Unfortunately, Superbug's team lost 5-4. They were disappointed as this is the first time scores are being kept. (New league).  The coach gave them all a "proud of you" speech and then we departed.

We came home, ate some thing, and then we all went to sleep....for hours.  It was about 12ish when we lay down.  It was about 630ish when we woke up lol.  And that has pretty much been our weekend.

Nothing spectacular, nothing amazing.  Just catching up on sleep and remembering loved ones.

We're coming up on a busy week, so I'm sure I'll be checking in again.  But until then, you guys have a great evening.


The Weekend Recap: The return of Spring

I suppose it is official.  Spring is here!  Never mind the calendar date for Spring was actually a few days ago, the weather here has not cooperated with the status quo much at all.  We had one day of 70+ degree temperatures, another of high 50s, then flurries in the morning followed with rain all day long. So, it took me a bit of time to get excited about the season's arrival.  This weekend has definitely helped.

Friday afternoon, I came home and instead of heading directly to the kitchen, I went upstairs and chatted with Superbug.  I wanted to just sit down and pick his brain about a how life is in his 8 year-old world.  We must have talked about 40 minutes.  He told me about how much he is looking forward to the spring and how he wanted to start taking daily walks, have me help him with some of his pitches and catches, and how he wanted to start helping me cook dinner in the kitchen.  Then we discussed what he'd like to see in his lunch box :)  My son loves to eat lol.  It was a great conversation and served as the perfect segue to eating dinner.