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Our 8th Wedding Anniversary

Here we are.  Year 8 of our marriage and it seems like yesterday we were just preparing to say I do.  Man, this year has been something.  It hasn't all been peaches and cream, either.  The fact that I'm writing this blog post in quarantine with my husband during the greatest pandemic of our history is a perfect accompaniment to our marriage.  It's been full of surprises.  Still, we have been richly blessed these past 8 years.

On our 7th Anniversary...

It's hard to believe that we have been married for 7 years.  I thank God for you as my husband.  I thank Him for every mountain we've climbed, for every valley we've walked, for every prayer we have prayed, and for every new joy we have experienced.  I thank you for being my husband and for every step we have taken together.

A Letter to my Husband on our Sixth Year Anniversary


Hello my heart,

What an amazing thing it was to wake up this morning and know that we are celebrating six years of marriage together.  I don't take that lightly as our marriage has truly been a journey.  We have walked together through so very much.  There have been these soaring high mountain experiences that took my very breath away.  There have been crushing valleys that left me sitting in parked cars praying for wisdom and direction.  There have been moments of pure passion as I see you walk into the room after a long day, crisp shirt and dress slacks looking ever so handsome.  Moments of absolutely beauty as I watch you play and giggle with our children.  I am so thankful to God for you.  I am thankful that you pray for our family and our children more than you pray for yourself.  I am thankful that you love God so very much and that there is never hesitation in prayer, especially if I call and say that I need you to do so.  I love you, your drive, your tenacity.  While I never pretend to understand every choice, every decision, every moment, I do trust that you make them with the best interest of our family in mind.  I trust that you love us, that you love me.  And I love you too.

It's been a year, my love.  We loved your mother, my mother in love together.  We made sure to address her needs as well as we possibly could.  You did so much more, being there every step of the way.  You are an amazing son.  When she went home to be with Jesus, it was your strength that aided the family.   This year we welcomed a new daughter into the family.  You were wonderful during labor.  You were there, by my side, encouraging me, pushing me, letting me know it would be okay.  When she was born, delivered, and placed in your arms, you looked at her and my heart melted all over again.  You are such an amazing father.

With you I have learned patience.  I have learned grace.  I have learned partnership and teamwork.  I have learned self reflection.  I have learned the importance of me time and the importance of quality time.

Today, I am thankful for six years and pray that God blesses our union and the ministry that is our marriage with many, many more years to come.  And if He chooses not to do that or if our journey goes astray, I will always love you and will always be thankful for you, my husband.

I love you.

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It's my anniversary

Hello everyone.  Today is my fifth wedding anniversary.  Wow.  That five years came quick and yet it feels like I've been married for so much longer.  There have been a host of good times in my marriage, and more than a few rocky, painful, and uncomfortable moments as well.  If I'm being honest, and I definitely try and keep it open and transparent with you all, there were times that I didn't know if my husband and I would see number five.

Happy Anniversary!!!

Today marks the day I stood before God and loved ones and pledged my life in marriage to S. It’s been an interesting four years. Great moments. Horrible moments. Moments filled with undeniable love. Moments filled with harsh pain. But we have prevailed and travailed together. I’m so glad he is my husband, so glad to be his wife, and so glad I get to spend my tonight with him.  But acknowledging our wedding anniversary would not be complete if we didn't acknowledge the other anniversary too. The other one. The sad one.

Four years ago today, S. and I began the first night of trying to conceive. We just knew it would be an easy thing. We wanted a huge family. S. has a huge family, an extremely fertile full family. Bets were already being made as to how long it would take us to conceive. Most of the family expected a pregnancy announcement a few weeks after the honeymoon. A year later, they were still waiting.

In hindsight, we really should have went to the doctor sooner. We should have pushed the issue harder. I asked our Ob/Gyn and the first time she simply said we were trying too hard. When I went back months later and begged for help, she ran tests and found the Hashimoto’s and the hormone shifts. Those were perfectly treatable she said. And so we did. And nothing happened. In the meantime, we began our journey to adoption which has always been a plan of ours. Still, nothing happened biologically. We then received disappointments when prospective matches didn’t work out. When we were about to lose hope, there was our beautiful baby ready for a forever family.  And though the journey to forever wasn’t quick or easy, she was ours. She was covered in love and has been to this very day. Still, we wanted to try and conceive biologically for additional siblings for the family and our love of children.

The IUI was a long shot. We knew it. By now, we’ve learned that S.’s swimmers aren’t that plentiful and, if not abnormal, are sluggish at best. But we tried anyway. The #TWW was excruciating. The hope that something would work…The #BFN we received wasn’t unexpected. But it still hurt all the same.

Tonight, I sit looking at my husband with the deepest amount of love and affection.  I'm so glad he is who he is and that our lives are so interconnected.  We just watched the video of the night he proposed to me.  It was my first time seeing it.  And it was beautiful.  The entire memory was beautiful.  I'm looking forward to continuing to #ttc, but in the event it doesn't happen.  In the event God has something different planned for us, I won't regret a thing.

Happy Anniversary, S.


An Anniversary Post: Four Years Later

Four years ago today, I stood before God and loved ones and promised to love FatherWinter with all that was in me.  I promised that I would honor him and love him.  I promised I would be an encouragement, a motivator, a lover, a confidant, and a friend.  I had no idea that those words would be tested every single day.

Four years and forever to go...

In writing this blog post, I searched others.  I wanted to see if any of the posts would be like mine, unfiltered, unadulterated, just real.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that several were.

In the four years that FatherWinter and I have been married one to another, we've experienced some really great and amazing highs and some pretty awful and devastating lows.  There have been times when I have been so filled with love, joy, and affection I couldn't stand it.  Then, there have been times when I haven't been sure I wanted to walk the path anymore.  Times when I doubted if the effort was worth the tears.

There have been times when my very faith has been tested, times when I have spent more times talking to God than to my own spouse (not that there is anything wrong with that).  That's just what it is.  BUT, and I emphasis that BUT, we are still here--together.  My husband has been my sounding board.  He's been honest and direct and no nonsense.  He's been playful and silly and annoying.  He's been strong and caring and sincere.  He has been the absolute best and the absolute worst.  He has been mine and I have been his.

Marriage is a commitment.  It really is.  I remember seeing family members who had been married for decades, a century and beyond.  I remember seeing in their elder years how close they were, how affectionate, how sweet and loving.  I remember thinking in passing it would be nice to have that it I ever got married.  As I got older, I remember some of those same family members telling me that their place of serenity wasn't achieved overnight.  They even shared stories of gross inconsideration that I would gasp at in disbelief.  They laughed about it in latter days, but in their youth; those inconsiderate moments were no laughing matter.

I imagine all marriages have experienced that in some way or another.  Mine is certainly no different. I can certainly say I'm blessed to be married to FatherWinter and I love him very much.  So what has four years of marriage taught me?

I am stronger than I was four years ago.  I know that I am capable of handling a lot.  I know that I have the ability to contribute, to motivate, to produce, to succeed.  I know that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  I know the attributes of a Godly woman and a Godly wife and I strive to achieve them everyday.  That being said, I still have a ways to go before I'm satisfied with the process and truthfully pray that satisfaction never comes.

I still get butterflies.  Call it what you will, but when my husband walks into the room with a sleeveless T-shirt and jeans, my heart flips.  When I see him playing with our children and rolling on the floor with his nieces and nephews, my heart melts.  He's still handsome to me.  I still like his smile.  I still want his arms around me. I still get butterflies.

I am more than a wife and mom.  I have learned in the four years that I have been married, and the nine (almost ten) that I have been a mother that sometimes I need me time.  I mean I really need it.  If I don't get it, I get cranky and frustrated and burned out and not fun to be around.  I'm getting close to that mark right now and am secretly planning an early evening escape one day soon so I can just spend some alone time with me, myself, and I.  FatherWinter has told me on numerous occasions that I need to take care of myself and I plan to do that.  It's a great thing when you have a spouse who recognizes that.

Everything isn't for everybody.  I have learned in my four years I can't vent to everyone.  I used to call on mom when FatherWinter would 'wreck my nerves'.  I had to stop.  When the nerve wrecking ended and FatherWinter and I were all hugs, kisses, and compromises, mom would still remember. While she has never been mean or nasty to him, I realized the possibility existed that her opinion of FatherWinter could change based on a miscommunication or simple disagreement.  That would be unfair.  So, I have learned to keep a lot to myself.  If I do need a human outlet, I go to the same trusted happily married friend who can let me vent, but hold me accountable for my part in whatever it is I'm venting about.  And she has been phenomenal.

Finally, the fun stuff....

My favorite moment as a wife.  It's pretty obscure, but I think my favorite moment as a wife was when we were on our way to our first anniversary trip.  We were at Miami International Airport preparing to go through security before leaving for our anniversary cruise.  There were a lot of people in the security queue and the TSA agent was separating people and placing them in lines to attempt to make the queues process faster.  FatherWinter and I were walking through the long line to get to the queue buildup when the guard allowed me to pass, and then very quickly, tried to send FatherWinter to a different line.  FatherWinter stated "no" and continued to move forward behind me. The agent looked ready to get nasty, but FatherWinter said. "that's my wife!"  in a soft even tone I hadn't heard before that brooked no argument.  In that tone, I heard "the woman in front of me is my wife and I will protect her.  I'm behind her because I have her back.  I'm protesting being separated from her because I love her and if I am separated from her, I won't be able to protect her as I desire.  So, I will not be separated from her."  Of course he didn't say all of that, but it's what I felt and it was one of the few times I've ever felt his protection so palpable.  It was a favorite moment.

What I hope our next wedded year will bring.  Pregnancy.  Unity.  Love.  Smiles.  And lots of date nights.

4th Wedding Anniversary Tradition Gifts.  Fruit/Flowers.  This should be easy lol.

Happy Anniversary, FatherWinter.  I love you very much.


Paradise at Paradisus

Hello everyone!

We're back.  FatherWinter and I just had an amazingly awesome trip in the beautiful Dominican Republic.  We spent 8 days and 7 nights celebrating our 3 year wedding anniversary and the great things that God has done for us on this journey.  The setting was the beautiful Paradisus Palma Real. Hands down, it was an amazing trip!

View from the lobby stairs

We arrived on a Saturday morning and, after receiving our bracelets, were immediately directed to the one of the restaurants to enjoy the buffet while they prepared our room.
Our all access pass for the week

Happy Anniversary!

It's our anniversary!!!
How blessed we are to see this day.
There is such an amazing journey in it.  Such love.  Such raw and earnest emotion.
Our every day hasn't been perfect.  That's what makes us genuine.
We've had to climb mountains.  We did it together.
We've had to walk in the lowest valleys.  You held me in your arms while we sobbed in unison.
We've had to learn how to speak...and how to listen.  
We've had to open our hearts ...and embrace our minds.
But the beauty in our journey remains
Our path has three distinct imprints--Yours, Mine, and Our Father in Heaven
We have sojourned together and together we always will.
I bless God for you now and always.
I love you!!
Happy Anniversary and may we be blessed with many, many more.

Early in our marriage, someone close to me told me that marriage isn't work and that the people who say it is go into marriage with unrealistic expectations.  I was taken aback because I certainly felt (feel) like marriage was work, not draining or unsatisfying, but work nonetheless.  In the course of time from that conversation to this day, I can assure you marriage IS work.

My husband and I have been married three years today.  Sometimes it feels like quite a few more and that's not a bad thing.  It's amazing to think that three years ago we were just beginning our journey into marriage.  We both came in with expectations of what marriage was going to be.  We'd had countless conversations and even attended premarital counseling.  Well before there was a ring or anything of a ring, we were attending Marriage Ministry classes.  So, we (well I) went in with the expectation that we, who both love God so much, would naturally fall into a perfect rhythm.  Not so much lol.

In our marriage, we have worked together  to embrace two different individuals with different experiences into one flesh.  We two individuals each possessed something so real and so important to God's plan that He allowed us to marry and work together to fulfill His purpose through us.  That's pretty deep.  In some things, it seems quite easy.  In others, it take a little more finesse. But we have continued to love one another and move together with God's guidance in our marriage.

We've faced infertility, two failed adoption matches, a court battle to keep and ultimately adopt our daughter, and the uniqueness of a blended family.  Still, every day I find another reason to love my husband even when our life experiences seem surrounded in darkness.  It is because of that love and God's grace and mercy, that we've been blessed with some really amazing memories and journeys.  

We purchased our first home.  We've managed to put smiles on the faces of my in laws with acts of kindness, love, and appreciation.  We've taken amazing trips.  We have seen the blessing of our son as he grows into his purpose and takes on the adventures of life.  We've been blessed with our daughter when there were times I felt like Hannah in our fertility journey.  We have survived medical scares and times of frustration.  We've had each other's back in ways that would take too long to write about. We've also been imperfect with one another.  We've been weak with one another.  We've been emotional with one another.  But we have remained in love with one another.  We've continued to pray for one another.  We continue to pray for one another.  We love one another as God has loved us.

Three years ago, I walked down a carpeted aisle holding my father's hand staring at this man of God who was ready to vow to me and in front of God to love me with all of him.  I saw this man, my husband to be, and was ready to vow to love him and support him with all of me until God called me home.  I meant that thang (as my girlfriend likes to say).  [And] I always will.

Love you, sweetness.


I walked down the aisle to Chrisette Michele's Golden on our wedding day.  I have loved this song from the first moment I heard it and thought it more than appropriate for us.  These are the lyrics.

Take me back in the day when loving was pure
Love ain't going away, love is always secure
Life's not always perfect but love's always forever
Let's let true love connect lets try lasting together

I'm so ready to love, I'm so ready to promise my all
I'm so ready to give 'til the day that my life is no more
I'll be everything that this woman can possibly be
Cause I'm ready to be like the olden days when commitment was golden

Be the man of my dreams and get down on one knee, love
Say you'll be all I need and then ask me to marry you, my love
Lets take two golden bands and lets walk down the isle, love
I'll say I do and you'll say I do, make a golden commitment, oh

I'm so ready to love, I'm so ready to promise my all
and I'm so ready to give 'til the day that my life is no more
I'll be everything that this woman could possibly be, yes I will
Cause I'm ready to be like the olden days when commitment was golden


Weekend Recap: Choir Anniversaries

We had an awesome weekend!!!  Really, I could not have asked for anything better.  Saturday, our church's choir celebrated our young adult and youth choirs' anniversary concert.  We had such a wonderful time.  It felt so great to be standing in the loft singing praises to God for all that He has done and is doing in our ministry this year.  Considering how things have been so potentially stressful lately with the TPR and my prayer frustrations, this was such a wonderful and needed event.  Truly, the conversation I had with God AFTER this event was sorely needed and appreciated.

We were blessed with several special guests who came and shared their love of God through ministry. It was fun fellowshipping with them and also with ourselves.  It's always good to sit down and celebrate with people who love and support you and what you're doing.  Which brings me to my FatherWinter (LOVE HIM!)

Because I had to be at the church for a rehearsal well before the rest of the family arrived, FatherWinter and I drove separate vehicles.  I'd already packed my choir attire and was out the door before I realized that I'd left my brown flats which were part of the required uniform.  In a panic, I contacted FatherWinter and asked if he would bring my brown shoes when he came to support us at the concert.  My husband, who was coming with the family anyway,  arrived after fighting horrible traffic about five minutes before the start of the concert with a garbage bag FULL of brown shoes from my closet because he didn't know which ones I'd want.  Can I tell you I love that man?  He's so awesome.

The choir event went so amazingly well.  What made it so awesome was the choirs were made up completely of young people who love the Lord.  We were singing praises to God and we all know who He is and why we praise.  That's something to sing about for sure!

What made the evening even more special was the fact that my family was right there to celebrate with me.  It was heartwarming to see FatherWinter, Superbug, and Honeybee singing and clapping along with us.  After the concert was over, Superbug told me that he was very proud of us and gave me the biggest hug.  Isn't that the coolest thing and role reversal ? :)  FatherWinter added icing on the cake with a kiss and a suggestion that we get dinner out instead of my cooking something for the evening. Lol, I thought that was an awesome idea.

Upon coming home, we were all exhausted.  Literally, I just wanted to hit the bed immediately.  We decided to spend some time talking and catching up about the day's events though.  I caught this awesome pic of Honeybee in the process.  She just wanted to show off her bow lol.  

After sharing the day's events, we all got ready for bed knowing we had to get up early this morning for early Worship service.  Alas, we left the house late this morning.  I made it to the choir stand in time to sing, which is always a great thing, but I hate getting anywhere late.

It all worked out though and the church message was so on time!  When we got home, I found myself again being so tired.  FatherWinter was had the children in their rooms to rest or play and he made sure I got to catch up on rest.  He has been AWESOME!  When I woke up a bit later, I made sure Miss Honeybee was fed and changed, and bought her downstairs to join her father and brother.  

We queued up the DVR and the family watched March Madness games today.  We were rooting for University of Virginia as we are have a family friend connection to one of the players on the team...

Unfortunately, their tourney ended today so we watched a few other games, caught up on some of our shows missed during the week, had dinner, and called it an evening.

It may not have been the most eventful weekend event.  But I have to say, I wouldn't have changed it for anything.  Now to get ready for Ms. Care's monthly visit.  :)

Have a great evening.