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Weekend Recap: Meeting Elsa and Performing in Plays

Hey everyone!  Happy Monday!  I woke up this morning with a nasty little cold that I can thank baby J. for so generously sharing with me.  It's a beautiful 60 degrees outside and is supposed to climb to 71.  I, however, am inside shivering and wrapped in a coat and blanket.  -_- I hate being sick. Fortunately, the yuckies didn't make their debut this weekend which was great because it was an awesome weekend!

That was different...

There was actually a really cool moon graphic for the other "O", but I couldn't get it to show up :(
Hi guys!  Last night was Bug's Back to School night.  For as long as I can remember, Back to school night has been an opportunity for us to go and see what the students have been working on thus far, meet with his teachers, and get a lay of the land before engaging in parent teacher conferences if needed.  Even last year that appeared to be the case as we strolled six grade halls looking at work proudly displayed.  This year...not so much...

Weekend Recap: Of Soccer and Books!

Hi everyone!  Here's hoping you had a really enjoyable weekend.  We were fortunate to have another beautiful weekend here and we took advantage.

Last Day of School 2018: What the First Year of Middle School has Taught US...

Well guys, we made it! After adjusting to buses that come a full forty minutes earlier than elementary buses, after navigating multiple classes throughout the day and week, after adjusting to the rigors of middle school, Bug has completed his first year of middle school. I’m so proud of him. It’s been a year and I’ve seen him grow and branch out in it. He’s wiser than before, a bit taller, a little more comfortable in his skin, but still learning about who he is and what his decisions mean for his future. The 2017-18 school year has taught us a lot about ourselves, but it’s the nuggets below that speak
the most. 

Weekend Recap: Celebrations Galore!

Hi guys!  Hope you have a great weekend.  It was wonderful for us. First, Bug had his playoff game at 0900 on Saturday morning.  It was hot as the blazes, but they fought hard and won that came 14-5.  Bug didn't get a hit (he was walked though), but he made sure to contribute to those runs.

After a thirty minute wait, the team played their championship game.  It was so hard fought, but this time they didn't prevail.  The team lost 10-6, but had a great season and all of the parents are proud of them.


....And we're off!  Wish us luck as we prepare to join Bug's teammates in an epic battle royale for finals!  Tonight, Bug's team plays district rivals for a seat in the championship game on Saturday.  Whomever wins tonight has the chance at bragging rights come Saturday. Proud of the boys no matter how it goes.  Still...


The Last School Concert of 2018

Well, we did it!  It's over!  Bug just completed his last concert of the 2017-18 school year.  He just completed his last concert of sixth grade.  The kids sang a few songs from Hamilton and Mary Poppins.  They did an amazing job and were perfect little songbirds.  It was wonderful! 

Giving the welcome "rules"
As I was watching them, I couldn't help but feel gratitude.  When I was growing up, there wasn't a car in the household.  All plays, concerts, and special events were performed without anyone from my family being there.  I loved to perform with the marching band in high school and didn't mind the absences too much, but I absolutely hated it when I was younger.  I watched as kids' parents bought flowers and hugs while I just waited for someone to provide a ride home.  It wasn't my great grandmother's fault.  Such a thing just wasn't available to us at the time.

I remember thinking if I were ever to have children of my own, I would come to every event as well as I could.  I've made it to most of them.  On occasion I have gotten to one or two late because of schedule conflicts, but I always made it and always made sure my son saw my face.  Tonight, he was taken to the concert early since they had to rehearse prior.  I watched him search the crowd for my face and then saw the smile that covered his face when he saw me.  That it always an amazing moment for me.

Now, I am reminded that if it is God's will, Bug will be a 7th grader next year!  What a beautiful and amazing joy that will be!

At the end of the night, the concert was a great event.  Even though he missed a baseball game and a choir rehearsal for it, I wouldn't have traded it for anything.  I'm so proud of him and can't wait to see what next year will have in store for him!

Have a great evening!


Baseball Pre-season started today and I am NOT that excited

You know how there are all these parents of little leaguers running around excited that Spring is in the air and the smells of baseball glove oil and sounds of ball smacking against bat will soon fill the air?  Yeah, I’m not one of those parents.  I approach this season with a healthy dose of melancholy every. single. year.  Ugggggghhhhhhh. Save me.

The Young Graduate

Hello everyone.  It's been a busy couple of days in our household, but I am so very pleased to share with you that our son is officially a 6th grader!  Last night, our family watched as he and his fellow fifth graders crossed the stage with certificates in hand.  They have completed their academic requirements.  They have succeeded.  I am so proud.

I started this journey with just my son and I.  It's amazing to see where God bought us from. Congratulations to my heart string.

Vacation Recap: Embarkation and Port Departure- Part 2

Happy Father's Day!  It really was the perfect day for Embarkation.  FatherWinter made the suggestion for a cruise this year and it seemed perfect that we were leaving on a day meant to honor fathers. FatherWinter was in a great mood and decided to share it by encouraging Superbug to wake up :)

Daddy jumping on the bed to wake Superbug

After gifting FatherWinter with Father's Day cards and getting ready for the day, we were off to the Port to go cruising!

Superbug had several great memories of the trip.  One of his favorite was driving to the port and seeing the ship as we approached.  He talked about it quite some time after we were actually on board.

Approaching the ship

Approaching the ship

Once we arrived at the port and paid for parking, we went through the boarding process.  We were pleasantly surprised that, though there were already quite a number of people, the lines were moving quickly.  After having all of our documents processed properly and posing for our Sail and Sign Cards which served as currency on the ship, we were ready to go.

Superbug is ready to board the ship

Taking the escalator to the gangway

Preparing to board
Superbug was very excited to cross the gangway onto the ship.  Our sister and brother (in love) were already on board, so we went straightway to their cabin to say hello.  After a brief conversation and catch-up, FatherWinter and I took the kids to our cabin and placed our luggage, which had been bought to our room, inside.

The cabin was a very nice balcony cabin with an upper berth for Superbug and a pullout for Honeybee We stood outside on the balcony taking in the sights and then decided to grab a bit to eat!  (Our family loves food).  Despite their being so many of us (4 adults and 6 children), we were able to find a booth section rather quickly.  The men went to the buffet line for the moms so they could bring back plates for the kids.

The food was absolutely delicious and everyone was very satisfied with their meals.  Being done, we all went to the top deck to take in some of the sights of the port before leaving. It was such a pleasant time up there.

Taking in the sights from the  ship

Somewhere over there is our car

Cousin time
 We knew our time would be a bit brief there as the ship had to prep for the muster drill.  The drill is like a fire drill for a cruise ship.  It preps the passengers for what to do in the event of an emergency requiring passengers to access the lifeboats and/or prep for an abandon ship order.  The safety briefing that accompanied the drill was a bit long, but the information was important.  I didn't mind at all.

This was our second time on the Carnival Victory, but our first with children.  We were interested in hearing how things would be done with and for them in the event of an emergency.  All of that was explained including the actions that would occur should the children be in the youth clubs while the emergency was declared.  Children under the age of 12 were all given wristbands that coordinated with their muster station.  They wore those bracelets during the duration of the cruise.  Even my 9 month old nephew had one attached to his ankle.  It gave a good feeling knowing the kids were so carefully considered in the cruise.

After the muster drill was over, the family returned to our previous activity of viewing the port sites, but this time we were also excited to see us towed to sea.  FatherWinter and I had never departed from this port before.  It's funny the comparisons one makes in their minds.  I think I might have an aesthetic preference to Miami only because you are leaving by the highway and people are more inclined to wave.  (It kind of makes you feel super special).  However, the port workers were very kind to wave goodbye, as were some of the passengers on the cruise ship we were departing.

Pretty soon, we were out on open water and were ready to head for a day and evening of fun.  We went to a show and then decided to check out the kids club.  I'd already registered the children prior to boarding the ship, but SisterWinter (that's FatherWinter's sister) had not.  We took all the kids in and allowed the younger ones to play in the club to get acclimated before we would have to return later.

They loved it.  For the rest of the cruise, all I had to do was sing to Honeybee let's go pla--a-ay".  She would giggle and sing it back.  Then would anxiously go to the cabin door ready to leave.  The staff was awesome to her and called her "cutie pie" which is now a new word in her vocab.  The older children also enjoyed the club for the most part.  They enjoyed the activities and made some new friends.  After registering the kiddies, we walked around and caught a show, caught an early dinner, and enjoyed some of the endlessly fun activities. Superbug asked if he could hang with his cousin for a while in her cabin with Sister and BrotherWinter and we were glad to let him hang out with family.

That left us with Honeybee and entertaining her.  No problem.  We got her dressed for bed and posed for a few selfies.

Soon, it was time for Honeybee to call it an evening.  FatherWinter and I watched the NBA Finals in our bedroom until my tummy started growling again.  Superbug, who'd returned to our cabin by then, joined me for a jaunt upstairs where we searched for, found, and claimed cheese and pepperoni pizza.

Without a doubt, it was a great day.


Vacation Recap: Formal Night and Nassau, Bahamas-Part 4

No lengthy explanations needed here.  We enjoyed beautiful singing, lots of fun activities, a beautiful beach (Tiki Beach Hut), and tons of great beverages and food.  It was a great time!  There are plenty of other pictures, but I thought I'd keep some just for us :)  We hope you have enjoyed journeying with us.  We will talk to you soon!

Singing and dancing for love

Formal night fun


Vacation Recap: Road Trip to the Cruise Port! Part 1

We're back!  Oh my goodness, what a wonderful vacation we had!  I have to admit that I was more than a little nervous about taking the kids on their first cruise, but I needn't have been.  They loved it. FatherWinter and I are already discussing doing another one when Honeybee is just a bit older.  For this first one for the kids, it was really nice.

The Drive Down
FatherWinter and I decided that it made much more economical sense to drive down to FL for cruise embarkation than it did to fly.  Round trip flights for a family of four are not inexpensive.  Buying gas for the car and going down just seemed to be a much better option for us.

Our original plan was to leave at 5AM, but some challenges had us leave about 7AM instead.  The kids were pretty excited about a new adventure and were all for pre-trip photos before our departure prayer.

After we let, the kids were sleep pretty quick.  As was I.  FatherWinter took first drive and we slept for about four hours and then stopped for breakfast at the local Shoney's.  This is sort of a tradition for our family.  When we do long road trips South, we stop at Shoney's for a good breakfast buffet. This one didn't disappoint and after a quick meal, we were on the road again.

Several hours later, we arrived at our hotel and were so excited to just to stand up lol.  We grabbed a bit to eat and then met up with FatherWinter's sister and brother in law and their kids.  The older kids went to the pool and played all evening.  I went straight to bed with Honeybee.  We were exhausted!


Superbug's last day of school!!

I can’t believe it! Today is Superbug’s last day of school. He is officially a 5th grader! OH MY WORD! HE’S GOING TO 5TH GRADE!!!! Okay, sorry for the screaming, but you all have no idea!!! This came way too quick for me, but I’m so glad.

This year hasn’t been the easiest for our Superbug. He has had a bit of trouble staying focused. It’s very easy for him to get distracted and even easier for him to become unorganized. We are well aware of what that sounds like and have even had a couple of people hint at it. I prefer not to label and instead work toward a solution that works for everyone involved and doesn’t involve medication. That being said, Superbug has made marked process in getting tasks completed, but still has to work on organization.

I checked with ADDitude, an online magazine for children with ADD and have found some really great organizational ideas. Since I really want to bless Superbug with a Superhero room for his birthday, I’d like to incorporate some of them. So, that will be on my list of summer activities I’m sure.

Anyway, tonight, I am going to bake stuffed shells with ricotta cheese and sausage. The dinner salad from last night will be a side dish and I’m getting some yummy garlic bread on the way home. I’m also grabbing a very small cake (just enough for the family) that says “Congrats 5th Grader” just so he knows it’s all for him.

Love my Superbug. I really do.

Weekend Recap: Of Seminars and Family

Hi everyone!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend.  It's been great for us thus far.  Last night, Superbug and I had a Mommy-Son night.  Since last month sent us bowling, we opted for free movies!  Yep.  Thanks to discounts and movie packs, we were able to see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows.
Photo courtesy:
It was a pretty good movie.  But I have to say he enjoyed it more than I.  I give it a 3 out of 5.  But, we had a great time watching it together and that is all that truly counts :)  After the movie, Superbug asked for dinner at Burger King.  I have to laugh at this because of all the places we could possibly go, he wanted Whoppers.  Sigh, I'll get him in the habit of enjoying real food sooner or later lol.  In the mean time, Superbug has hinted that he wants to do laser quest next time.

When we arrived home after our Mommy-Son night festivities, we found we were home alone.  There was nothing wrong though.  FatherWinter had some family members who were coming in from out of town for one evening only.  He and Honeybee joined them with NanaWinter for dinner.  When we arrived, they hadn't quite made it home yet.  That just meant Superbug and I sat down and conversed about a few more interesting topics--school, life, our upcoming cruise (8 more days!!!), and vacations to see NanaNorth.  Soon, it was time for him to call it a night and I was left to my own devices.  (That's code word for sleep lol).

Today, Honeybee and I went o our church for a Women's Ministry seminar on Domestic Violence.  It was very informative and sad to hear the statistics.  The representatives from the local organization were wonderful though.  They are actively seeking volunteers and I think I may want to sign up.

After the seminar was over, our original plan was to go to the Food Truck festival about thirty minutes North, but it was so very hot that I didn't think it would be a good idea to walk around outside for three hours in 70+% humidity.  So we have been at home enjoying family.

I will catch up with you all in a few days.  Have a great evening.


The greatest Mommy Son night

Last night, my son and I had the best Mommy-Son date night ever.  We've been overdue for a while now.  That meant last night was more than important.  We first went to dinner at IHOP.  I took advantage of our local location's Kids Eat Free every night until 6 May.  Since it was the last night for the evening, I thought it a great opportunity to take advantage.

Superbug and I sat at the table, just he and I and enjoyed each other's company.  We talked about everything--school, life, the upcoming cruise, summer desires, and Christ.  We talked about things we'd like to see happen in the future.  We talked about things we wished we could change in the present.  It was the best conversation that I have had in a long time.  There were no interruptions, no sarcastic remarks, no feeling of being overwhelmed.  It was just my son and I.  It was beautiful.

While sitting there, we were observed by a first responder and his family.  He was sitting in uniform and would occasionally glance at us.  I was having such a good time with Superbug that I forgot about the family in the corner.  But, as we were preparing to leave, the first responder asked if I he could give me a sticker for Superbug.  I accepted and saw my son's eyes light up at the police badge. It was a great gift.  Superbug was very excited and made sure to show gratitude to the gentleman and his family.  Superbug wore that sticker all night long.

After our dinner, Superbug and I decided to visit the dollar tree to look around and because I needed Mothers' Day cards for the kids grandmothers.  We walked around, laughed at a couple of the displays the store put out, and then after paying, made our way to the next step in Mommy-Son night.

We drove to the bowling alley and played a game.  It was a great time and I even won.  Afterwards, we shared a huge laugh when I got on the wrong exit and drove the wrong direction for several miles before realizing and having to wait until a proper turnoff to get back on the right road.

All in all, it was a wonderful evening that I wouldn't trade for anything.  We had an amazing evening.

Hope your evenings are wonderful too.


Weekend Recap: A Night with the Stars

We had an awesome experience at church on Saturday evening.  Our music ministry decided to honor those who have shown faithful and committed service from past and present members.  They decided to do so with a formal black tie affair complete with red carpet and announcer.  It was a wonderful service.  It really was.  It was also outside the norm.

There was scripture and prayer, but there was also video tributes, gospel songs, spirit moving mime ministry.  It was just amazing.

Superbug and I

Honeybee and FatherWinter

Our family
I was even one of the presenters of the evening.  The award I presented honored four seasoned ladies in the music ministry for their grace, nobility, strength, and wisdom.  They had no idea.  There was a video montage and everything.  Again, it was just a great evening.

One of the really cool things about this evening was, in addition to being a great event to praise and worship God, it have me an opportunity to check off one of the items on my 35 while 35 list.  In the list, I wanted to be able to dress for a black tie affair.  I honestly didn't think I would have the chance to do so before I turned 36, but I was so thankful that God gave me the desires of my heart.

I'm hoping I can knock a few other things off my list and create another to knock off in July.  I hope everyone has a very great day and be blessed.


Weekend Recap: Tears and Baseball

We made it home.  Our family left on Wednesday afternoon to make the 10 hour trek to Atlanta, GA to bury Fatherwinter's cousin.  It was very sad.  I posted about her briefly here.  Seeing the family gathered for her homegoing was more than a little jarring.  She was so young, so earnest in her faith. Now, she is gone.

After the homegoing services, we were able to come back to our relative's home and spend some time in fellowship with them.  I was also able to see some old pictures of FatherWinter when he was younger.  It's always cute to see your spouse as a little person.

After dinner and fellowship, we hopped in the car and drove then ten hours back to our home.
We made it back in home to drop our luggage, change clothes, and then rush off to Superbug's 1st baseball game of the season.  Yep.  Just in time.

The game wasn't that bad.  The kids fought hard and valiantly.  Unfortunately, Superbug's team lost 5-4. They were disappointed as this is the first time scores are being kept. (New league).  The coach gave them all a "proud of you" speech and then we departed.

We came home, ate some thing, and then we all went to sleep....for hours.  It was about 12ish when we lay down.  It was about 630ish when we woke up lol.  And that has pretty much been our weekend.

Nothing spectacular, nothing amazing.  Just catching up on sleep and remembering loved ones.

We're coming up on a busy week, so I'm sure I'll be checking in again.  But until then, you guys have a great evening.


Vacation Butterflies

We are officially BOOKED for our family vacation! This year FatherWinter and I decided to introduce the children to a cruise! Oh my, we thought it was an amazingly awesome idea. So much so that we asked FatherWinter’s sister and brother in law and their kids if they wanted to come as well. They said yes! I have to admit I like traveling together with them. They are not afraid to step out of the comfort zone and try new things. They came with us last year to Florida and I really did enjoy their company. Plus, their children are neck and neck with Superbug and Honeybee. We knew there would be a lot for everyone to do—both separately and together. Not only will this be the kids first cruise, but also my sister and brother in law and their family. So, I’m really hoping for a great time.

Photo courtesy:
I’m really excited about that there are kids camps throughout the day that allow the adults to have some alone time while allowing the kids to play together in all sorts of fun activities. I also love that there are so many different food choices that everyone’s palate will be satisfied. It’s pretty safe to say that I am more than a little excited about this trip. BUT (and of course there are buts), I am admittedly nervous.

I really want the kids to enjoy themselves. I really want FatherWinter and I to enjoy ourselves. So, I’m scouting everything. I’m trying to research everything. We’re riding down in a huge RV that will allow everyone to get there at the same time. We’re proposing leaving late night so that the kids will be sleep most of the time. It should take about 12 hours to get to our destination. Then, we arrive on board, grab something to eat, and then have a little down time before heading to muster station training.

Then we’re off! I can’t wait to see Honeybee and Superbug’s faces as we pull off and wave to everyone. I can’t wait until they have their first realization that they are on a moving ship for a week! I am so extremely excited about this journey!

But, admittedly, I have a few butterflies. I am really searching through these blogs and forums on what to pack for Honeybee. She has eczema. Are there any special extras I should take with us because of the sea air. I want to create a cool “to do” kit for Superbug while on vacation. Maybe a “scavenger hunt” of things to look for on the trip. I want nice pictures and fun memories. What is Honeybee has a tantrum? What if the kids get motion sickness? What if they get homesick? Sigh.

Then I can’t forget Superbug. I really want him to be happy and enjoy his trip as well. Time to sit down with him and ask him what he is most looking forward to? Does he even understand what will be on the cruise? Eeek! Yep, we have about 70+ days to get it together lol….not to mention my weight lol.

Here’s looking forward to great fun and wonderful planning!

Talk to you soon!


Christmas funs

Hi everyone!  I apologize for falling off the map.  It's been pretty uneventful in our household though we did just celebrate an awesome Christmas.  There is always something so great and special about spending time with people you love and celebrating the true reason for the season of Christmas.  (We even bought a Happy Birthday, Jesus cake).

Christmas is an a great time for our family.  This year was the first one where we were able to celebrate with our Honeybee as a legal (official) member of the family.  No worries about pictures that my mother couldn't take because of confidentiality agreements.  No plans for social worker visits.  No.  This time we just enjoyed spending time with each other.

We started with Christmas Eve.  Every year FatherWinter's family has their annual Christmas Eve fellowship.  There's tons of food, gift exchanges, and fun memories.  This year, because NanaWinter is ill, we decided to host the event at our home.  Enter 24 people, massive amounts of food, special memories for NanaWinter, and a great time that didn't end until 3AM Christmas morning!

FatherWinter and I still had gifts to wrap, so we were up for another two hours wrapping and placing gifts.  It was a great time, but meant we were exhausted.  No one moved until 10AM Christmas morning.

I like to do Christmas brunch.  So I made our Baked French Toast Casserole, Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, and Cinnamon Rolls.  A really great meal but I felt a little twinge in my stomach that was a foreboding of things to come.

Fast forward to 3PM and we still hadn't opened gifts.  To his credit, Superbug was very patient.  He knew there had to be a good reason.  He was right.  A bit later Superbug's birth father, FatherPharoah came to visit.  For the record, I love his visits.  They are a testament that blended families do work.

FatherPharoah came and he and FatherWinter embraced.  We all chit chatted, caught up on life, and then began opening gifts so that FatherPharoah could be present for all the gift unwrapping.  I think that's an important time and Superbug was so pleased to have him there.  Then Superbug gave FatherPharoah a gift he'd purchased for him (thinking he would mail it to him).  As always, his timing was perfect  FatherPharoah loved the gift Superbug gave him.

After gifts were opened, we invited FatherPharaoh to go downstairs and have a yummy meal from the feast leftovers.  The fellas then played a few games and then it was time for FatherPharaoh to visit other family members.