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Spring Break Staycation

Our kids start Spring Break next week and are super excited to be home and resting for a while. Originally, there was discussion in the house of letting the older children visit my mother in New Jersey for a fun and activity-filled adventure there. Then, COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus) started making the headlines. At first it was a trickle here, a person there. Then, this week, two persons tested positive within a twenty-mile radius of us and outside the elder and immune-suppressed at-risk groups typically reported. The schools here have started ramping up plans for distance learning, but so far, the plan is to return after break is over. Add to that the close proximity of a rather populated outbreak just one state over and we decided better safe than sorry. So, our children will be enjoying a Spring Break staycation. But here’s the question. Just what do you do with a 13 and 6-year-old who are home from school all week long?

Welcome, March!

Hi Everyone! Yay, it’s March! I’m really looking forward to this month because we are ever so close to Spring. I need warmer temps and pretty flowers, though with the weather we’ve been having lately we might not know the difference. So, what’s going on in the month of March? Sooooo much!

Happy April!

Weekend Recap: Beautiful Weather, Family Time, and the Sickness Persists

Hello everyone!  I hope you had a fantastic weekend.  The weather was just amazing for us this past weekend and after the cold temps that picked at us while visiting the zoo, I was here for it!  Unfortunately, while the weather was beautiful, we were still plagued by persistent sickness. Baby A. has had a fever that keeps returning.  We know from her appointment that it is a virus that must run its course, but...ugh.  Still, there were plenty of highlights and we were able to have some cool family memories together.

Parenting Hacks for Surviving a Trip to the Zoo

Kids never forget anything!  A few weeks ago, I mentioned to the older littles that I would be willing to take them to the zoo on the first full weekend of Spring.  I hadn't taken the kids for a number of years and knew this would be the year that I wanted to do so.  Sure enough, the kids were super excited the Friday before.  They were more than excited and more than ready to go.

Baseball Pre-season started today and I am NOT that excited

You know how there are all these parents of little leaguers running around excited that Spring is in the air and the smells of baseball glove oil and sounds of ball smacking against bat will soon fill the air?  Yeah, I’m not one of those parents.  I approach this season with a healthy dose of melancholy every. single. year.  Ugggggghhhhhhh. Save me.

40 Springtime Activities for the Family

Hi everyone! Despite the crazy windstorm of this past weekend, Spring is rapidly approaching.  I'm looking forward to it as winter blues are a real thing for me.  The warmer days, more sunlight, and active activities are all things I'm looking forward to.

Last Spring, I was carrying Baby A. so I wasn’t exactly in the mood to run around and get stuff accomplished. This time, I’m so ready.  I'm compiling bucket lists, searching local visitor convention pages, and dusting off my walking shoes.  This is going to be great.  If you're equally excited about Spring and are looking for some fun Spring activities, I've compiled a list of 40 that are sure to please.  Happy hunting!

35 while 35: Mother Daughter Tea

Hello everyone!  Today's Weekend Recap features an item from my 35 while 35 bucket list.  This weekend, Honeybee and I were able to attend our church's 2nd Annual Big Hats and Pearls Mother's Day Potluck/Tea.  It was such an amazing day.

Honeybee and I enjoyed donning our cute hats and accessories just to spend some time together!  We were able to have some very yummy food and play some cool games including one where Honeybee won!  Yay!!!

The food was all potlucked by the beautiful women in attendance.  It was such a wonderful evening.  I really enjoyed myself and I think our Honeybee did too!

One of the coolest things about the event was it was on my 35 while 35 list.  Slowly but surely it is getting whittled down, but there is a lot more that I need to do!

Have a great evening everyone and we will be checking in with you soon!


The Weekend Recap: The return of Spring

I suppose it is official.  Spring is here!  Never mind the calendar date for Spring was actually a few days ago, the weather here has not cooperated with the status quo much at all.  We had one day of 70+ degree temperatures, another of high 50s, then flurries in the morning followed with rain all day long. So, it took me a bit of time to get excited about the season's arrival.  This weekend has definitely helped.

Friday afternoon, I came home and instead of heading directly to the kitchen, I went upstairs and chatted with Superbug.  I wanted to just sit down and pick his brain about a how life is in his 8 year-old world.  We must have talked about 40 minutes.  He told me about how much he is looking forward to the spring and how he wanted to start taking daily walks, have me help him with some of his pitches and catches, and how he wanted to start helping me cook dinner in the kitchen.  Then we discussed what he'd like to see in his lunch box :)  My son loves to eat lol.  It was a great conversation and served as the perfect segue to eating dinner.