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Birthday Recap: 40 is Fabulous

Hi everyone!

I am still smiling and am so humbled by the outpouring of love and support I received on my birthday yesterday.  Truthfully, with COVID still running rampant, I was fine with take out dinner and a movie on Netflix.  I wasn't expecting anything big and I was perfectly fine with it.  The day had already started so beautifully.

Black woman holds "Happy" and "B-Day" balloons
A fabulous 40th birthday...even in COVID-19

40 while 40: My 40th Birthday Bucket List

Hey guys!  It's my 40th birthday! 😍 I'm sharing my 40th birthday bucket list!  Every year I write down a few things that I would like to tackle during my birthday year.  This year I'm sharing 40 ideas with you.  If you'd like to check out how I did on my previous ones, feel free to look below!

Happy birthday to me!!!


Happy birthday, Mommy!

It's my Mommy's birthday.  No shade, but I honestly think my mom has all the other moms beat when it comes to whose the best (lol).  I hope you will help me celebrate her special day!  Happy birthday, Mommy!!!

Birthday Recap: Life is Fine at 39

Hi Guys!  I recently celebrated my 39th birthday and I enjoyed myself so much.  I know that ideally I'm supposed to post tons of photos, but I didn't take a single one really.  I just wanted a day to be in the moment and that's exactly what I received.  I told my husband and the children that since the heat index was to be 115 degrees that day (OH MY GOSH!), I was perfectly happy with someone picking up Bonefish Grill after church and bringing it to me to eat home.  Of course, the kids and S. wouldn't let that fly.