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Weekend Recap: #ENDALZ: Memory Walk 2018

Hello everyone!  Here's hoping your weekend was wonderful!

It was an absolutely beautiful day for our family to walk to end Alzheimer’s. We woke up early, donned our purple, had a bit of breakfast in the chill of the morning and then headed out for a great time.

The Longest Day

Hello everyone. Today is June 21, 2018, the longest day..summer’s begin…Alzheimer’s battle cry. Today’s nationwide, charities and indviduals are feverishly pounding pavement, pressing keys, taking pictures, and doing whatever they can to bring awareness to Alzheimer’s disease. If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you may have seen our annual Memory Walks, and my honoring my great grandmother who developed and lost her battle to the disease. That woman raised me from three weeks old. I hated watching her diminish. I hated watching her not know me. I hated the fear in her eyes when she realized what was happening…and when she didn’t.

All day long, I’ve been posting and tweeting. I created a donation box at my office. I have talked about it to my colleagues. I’m praying for a cure. I can’t wait until we get there!

Rocking the Alzheimer's bracelet my cousin made me to honor my great grandmom

Because she really is always in my heart

Alzheimer's statistics


Saturday, our family continued the tradition that we have observed for the past four years.  On Oct 17th, we walked to end Alzheimer's.  This cruel disease has marked itself in my family over and over and over again.  I've seen family members who raised me suddenly not remember my name.  I have seen them forget to eat, to walk, to talk.  I've watched them deteriorate and watched muscles atrophy.  Then, when I thought that my heart wouldn't take any more, I watched them smile, have an amazing moment of lucidity, and soon after return to Heaven to meet God there.

When my great-grandmother was diagnosed, I was convinced she wouldn't deteriorate rapidly.  This was a strong woman.  She was the backbone for everything and everyone.  There was no way this disease would claim her.  But this disease did what it does best--destroyed--and soon, she was internal to herself.  I started walking for a cure then.
The reason I walk...

Saturday morning, we all donned our purple and drove an hour away to stand in freezing temperatures and walk with others who shared our plight.  We were late arriving this year and I missed the annual trek to the table to collect the colored flowers to reflect the loss of my great-grandmother and the fight that my relatives are currently enduring.  I was heartbroken about that. This is a ritual we've done as a family over and over again, one that never gets old.  One that I hated I would miss out on.

We'd arrived just as the walk began.  FatherWinter, Superburg, and I hustled in line with the other walkers and began the pilgrimage that is our walk.  Three miles later, we crossed the pavilions steps signaling another successfully completed walk.  I was certain Mama was in Heaven aware that we were still walking every year just for her.  May it one day not be necessary to walk at all.

A sea of purple all supporting an awesome cause
The social media campaign for the walk asked why do I walk.  I walk for this moment.  I walk for my great-grandmother.  I walk for my great-aunts.  I walk for children and grandchildren.  I walk so that they won't have to.  I walk to show my son so that he knows the importance of this movement.  I walk because one day there will be a cure and I want to know that the steps I made contributed in some small way.

#ENDALZ is so much more than a social media hashtag.  It's my war cry.  It will be song well until the walk is over.  Let's find a cure.

Our Valentine's Day recap

Happy Monday!  I hope you weekend has been a great one for all of you.  It turned out to be a wonderful for our family.  True to post, Saturday morning I woke up early, went downstairs, and began cooking breakfast.  The french toast casserole was already pre-prepped, so I simply placed it in the oven.  The fruit salad took no time at all and the scrambled eggs and bacon were a wonderful staple.

Superbug had been most excited about this breakfast and when he came downstairs, he literally screamed with joy  Shortly behind him came my mother in law (who'd spend the night) and FatherWinter.  Everyone sat down and raved over how good everything was. Can I silently admit that made me feel better than any gift or trinket they could have purchased?  I love when my family enjoys things that I've worked hard to do for them.
French Toast Casserole
Anywho, the family enjoyed the meal and their place settings which featured golden mats with heart shaped boxes of chocolate on top of them.  After breakfast was over, I was just about to clear the table and clean the kitchen when NanaWinter announced that she would do it instead and that she would be watching Honeybee so that I could attend the Women Ministry Breakfast Fellowship at our church.  This particular meeting was slated for the Young Adult women (one of the ministries within our church) and NanaWinter wanted to be sure I was able to attend without being distracted.  I LOVE HER!

Honeybee's Valentine Balloon
I initially balked because I know how much she enjoys these meetings as well.  I told her I could easily stay home with Honeybee or even bundle her up and head with the guys to FatherWinter's church league basketball game.  NanaWinter wouldn't hear of it of course.  She made valid points that it was really much more frigid than she or I felt comfortable taking the baby out in.  She also made the point that the message for the breakfast would probably be more geared toward my generation than hers.  So, I decided to go.

FatherWinter and Superbug went to FatherWinter's game and I went to our fellowship meeting.  It really was an enjoyable time.  The guest speaker spoke on "When your flesh says YES and your spirit says NO".  She was a great speaker and very open about her own experiences.  I was glad to have had the opportunity to hear her.

When I returned home, NanaWinter and I conversed about the event and laughed discussing our favorite Valentine's memories. We then switched the conversation to how much older the guys are getting.  We were talking about aches and pains and as we were talking, FatherWinter and Superbug walked in.  It turns out despite a hard fight, the team lost.  After giving us a brief synopsis of the game, NanaWinter and I shared a smile because the entire story spoke of "we're old".

After the boys arrived, NanaWinter left and I was about to start prepwork on our annual Valentine's Day dinner when FatherWinter announced that he and Superbug were going to make it instead.  I have to admit...I was a bit worried.  My Winter men don't typically find themselves in the kitchen.  However. I was pleased just for their thinking of me.

So, while I busied myself with upstairs work, the boys left the house for "supplies".  A bit later, they returned and bid me go to the man cave and wait for them.  Superbug bounded into the room with a beautiful bouquet of tulips, followed by FatherWinter carrying a beautiful bouquet of roses.

Both of my guys wished me a Happy Valentine's Day and then bought in the meal they'd "prepared".

There is something wonderful about soul food that seems right whenever it appears!  We settled down as a family and watched a movie.  Everything was going great and wonderful..until our power went out.  Yep! Power went off.

The wind in our neighborhood was terrible on Saturday.  We had burn restrictions and wind warnings.  The wind chills were below zero.  It was very COLD!  So, the wind picked up and somewhere, for some reason, we lost power.  Not just us, but our entire street. Yep.  Fortunately for us, it was at the end of our movie and we had the emergency kits ready.

After walking through a very dark house, confirming it was secure, and making sure everyone had extra blankets on their beds, FatherWinter and I settled in to bed where he lamented not being able to share the last surprise for me--a bubble bath.  Awww.  I told him the sentiment and thought was more than enough for me.  But rainchecks are always in order ;)

All in all, it was a wonderful Valentine's Day and I'm so very glad that we were able to share it as a family. We did take a few pictures of Honeybee on this day that we'll hopefully be able to share in the future.  She really enjoyed her Valentine's Day.  FatherWinter as well.

Have a great evening