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Hi everyone!  I just wanted to share that this blog is a personal collection of thoughts and opinions authored solely by me (unless otherwise noted) for the purpose of sharing my interests and general aspects of my life.  It's kind of my safe space and I'm letting you guys rest in it a while.  In this space, I share my thoughts on marriage, relationships, parenting, infertility, and whatever else happens to cross my mind at the moment.  This blog is not to be confused with professional advice.  I'm just me sharing my walk and inviting you on the journey.  Enjoy!

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In plain speak, that means if you click a link in a post or elsewhere on the site and then make a purchase from that link, I receive a small commission.  I don't see what you purchase and nothing you purchase is affected at all by the process. (No business cards from this site or anything silly like that). I promise to let you know if a post has affiliate links or if I'm just sharing for the sake of sharing.  

Every once in a while, you may see me review a product or service in a post. I currently receive no compensation for any of those reviews. They are just my opinions on an item. If I ever do receive compensation, I promise to make sure you are aware and I promise to give you my honest opinion. All paid and/or sponsored content and advertising space and posts will be clearly identified. Thank you!

I promise not to sell, rent, lend, etc. your personal information to third parties or their companies.  I should note that the site does collect cookies and anonymous information about certain traffic patterns in an effort to tailor ads and service reports that are of interest to you.

This site is a collection of personal and private thoughts.  It also contains some information that may be sensitive in nature.  If you happen to know us in "the real world", please be considerate and do not share more than we share on this blog.  Thanks very much.