Friday Favorites: January Recap

Hello everyone!  Here we are at the last Friday of the month.  I decided to link up with Grace and Love, Momfessionals and a Little Bit of Everything gain to share my January recap with our visitors.

What's Up Wednesday?

Hi! Oh my goodness, I am SO excited. I mean it. I’ve wanted to link up with @Shaeaffer Told Me To and Mix and Match Mama for ever on What’s Up Wednesday…and something always seemed to come up. But here I am today and ready to rock! Prayers to the Mix and Match Mama family. I know all too well about best laid plans. God has you and your family, but we’ll be praying your strength and health still. So, let’s get started!

High School Orientation...already!!!

Last night, I walked with my husband and children into the doors of a high school that I'd been to plenty of times before--for concerts, for games.  This time, however, was VERY different.  This time, we were there for Bug's High School Orientation.

Weekend Recap: Family Chill

Hi everyone! I hope you've had a fun and productive weekend.  Ours was ridiculously chill.  Not that I have any complaints with that at all.  I'm all for quiet weekends and this one was just that.

Friday Faves!

Hi everyone! I hope you've had an awesome week.  Mine has been ridiculously productive in the office and very chaotic at home.  We call it "Frazzled" for a reason.  Today, I'm linking with Andrea from Momfessionals for my Friday Favorites.


Several years ago, I let someone who meant me no good convince me to stop doing something that I felt very much called to do. Today, I rectified that error in judgement and registered for my first classes towards my Masters of Science in Social Media Management. I have always found myself enjoying the promotion of friends and family’s businesses and dreams online. I am happiest when I am blogging and sharing for those same people. Causes near and dear to my heart get shared frequently as I seek increased Alzheimer’s funding and adoption awareness. There are so many myths and so much work that needs to be done. Not to mention the joy I get to share as a Christian when I share the Word of God and what He is doing in my life and the lives of my loved ones….even when it is hard.

So, all of that is written to say, I was recommended to take nine hours or three courses. I know better. My schedule barely lets me get things done now. I’ve agreed to take two courses for six hours. If all goes well, I will be done in 1.5 years. It’s going to be a challenging road I know, but I’m so willing to get it. I feel like God really wants me to get this degree and I feel like I’m going to use it for His kingdom and His glory. I’m excited about it.

Let’s get. #Motivation2020

Weekend Recap: First 5 of 2020!

Hello and Happy New Year! The break from posting was nice, but I have to admit that I really missed everyone. This past weekend was really an enjoyable one. I even broke my introvert mold and got out of the house (gasp!) Here’s what’s going on with us...