The End of Maternity Leave

Well, it's arrived.  After eight beautiful weeks with my son, it's time to return to the office.  I wish I could say that I was excited to return.  Truth be told, I'm going to miss sitting in the family room with him in my arms while I stare at his little chest rising.  I'm going to miss the time spent at home with just he and I..our time...our bonding.  Unfortunately, bills still need to be paid, so back to the office I go.

Friday Favorites: My Favorite Back-to-school Busy Night Meals

Hello everyone!

This week I got to see the familiar postings of little people returning to and starting their first day of school.  It is always such a joy to see parents posting and to see how proud they are of the same.  We've been in school two weeks now and are getting used to the school pace of classes, homework, practices, and rehearsals.  It was easy to forget just how busy our week can be as a family.  That's why I am sharing some of my favorite meals for busy nights.  I've collected these from various bloggers, pinners, and experiments across the board.  The ones listed are my go-to meals when we're running low on time, but need something filling for fuel.

I'm linking with Momfessionals for Friday Favorites to share the love!  Hope you like enjoy!

Oh my goodness!! I have a TEENAGER!!

It's official.  At 11:55 AM, I became the mother of a teenager.  Oh. my. goodness!  Has it really been 13 years?!  The time has flown and I am so thankful.  I have this amazingly kind and loving son who is so great.  He's respectful.  He's sweet.  He's considerate.  He's my son.  What a blessing he is.

Weekend Recap: Let the Season Begin!

What a fun and busy weekend.  This weekend was the start of soccer season and the first weekend of football.  The weather was beautiful and the family enjoyed spending time together--even though we had to separate for a bit.  Here's this weekend's recap!

Weekend Recap: Fantasy Football Potluck

This weekend was our annual Fantasy Football Draft and Potluck.  It was such a great time!