Unintentionally Natural: Our Crazy Fast, Super Intense Birth Story...

So, in hindsight, I probably could have left for the hospital earlier or maybe could have paid attention to the irregularly paced Braxton Hicks, but all of my other kids were born between 11-12 hours.  Surely this one would be the same.

Missed Signs?
I should have known something was up.   Saturday was...annoying.  It was hot and the baby had dropped fairly low.  I honestly wasn't too excited about going to Bug's game, but I hadn't missed one yet and I wasn't about to start that day.  It was hot and sticky and humid even inside the gym, but I was there.  Bug had a good game, delivering a crucial steal and garnering some self-confidence in the process.  I was so proud of him.  His sister A. had been clingy all day...super clingy and whiny.  I remember saying "The baby must be coming soon because you are acting a mess".  Truthfully, I didn't really believe that.  I was certain I would go about the 5th or 6th as that was typically how my pregnancies worked out.  Boy was I wrong.

Bug and his team won their game and were now headed to the playoffs scheduled for the next Saturday.  We spent another twenty minutes or so with S. giving Bug some after game coaching instruction and then headed for something to eat.

Congratulations, team!
When we got home, A. was still pretty clingy and crying so S. decided to put her to bed early.  We sat down and watched a movie as a family and then everyone started calling it a night.  S. and Bug left to help my FIL with the family business and I settled down in the bed not concerned because I knew they would be back in a few hours.

Is that a Contraction?
For some reason I couldn't get comfortable.  I felt pretty tiny menstrual like cramps, but they weren't intense or in any pattern.  I'd been having them off and on for the week and decided I'd pull out the Full Time app just to start monitoring.  I started at 1:40 a.m., shortly before S. and Bug had returned from working.  I remember telling S. that the baby would probably be born today, but to try and get some sleep because the contractions weren't really steady and I'd just labor a bit before going to the hospital.  After all, we always have plenty of time.

My contractions were recording three and four minute frequency, but not consistently.  Sometimes there would be a 3 minute contraction.  Then the next would be seven minutes.  About 3:30PM, I noticed I had to breathe through them, but again I could still walk and talk through them and wasn't vocalizing. S. asked if I was okay and I told him I was fine.  I tossed and turned in the bed for another few minutes and thought, you know what I need to get up.   I got up to head to the shower and noticed that S. got up too.  He told me later that he got up because he realized that he wasn't going to get any sleep with my laboring, so he figured he would go ahead and pack.  That's what he was doing when I went into the bathroom.  It was in there that something suddenly shifted. I looked in the toilet and noticed the bloody show in the bowl.  CRAP!  I knew that, for me, bloody show means it is time to call the doctor.  I grabbed a very quick shower and did just that.  By now, it was getting difficult to talk through the contractions.

Despite intending to dial my doctor's cell as directed, I dialed her main line and was connected to her on-call physician.  The on-call physician was the one who delivered baby A. two years ago.  In the increasing pain, it didn't register that I wasn't speaking to my Obstetrician.  I was in so much pain by now that I was answering all of his but was calling him ma'am.  He asked how far along were the contractions, how far in the pregnancy I was, which pregnancy this was, and then noted that I had to stop talking several times because of the contractions and told me to come on into Labor and Delivery to be checked.  Guys, I still didn't realize how limited I was on time.

I hung up the phone and managed to dress while vocalizing through painful contractions.  In my mind, I was thinking of how painful these contractions were compared to my last delivery.  By this time, S. had come out of the bathroom (he'd showered as well).  I don't know if he heard me yell "hurry up" through the door, but I am pretty sure I yelled it.  It seemed like it took him forever to get down the stairs with me, but in reality it was only a minute as he was letting our son know that we were headed to the hospital.

Downstairs, S. asked if we were taking the sedan or the SUV.  I told him to take the SUV because the sedan seemed too low on the ground.  That turned out to be great advice because we hit EVERY pothole and I was NOT happy at all.  Not even out the neighborhood, it suddenly dawned on S. that we'd left the bluetooth wireless speaker and we'd originally planned on playing worship music while I was laboring.  S. turned the car around to get it (about 30 seconds) while I thought that we wouldn't need it and we needed to hurry.  I was in trying to keep my mind relaxed mode, but deep in my core I was panicked.  I knew something was off with the timeline of these contractions.

We reached the emergency room and as the nurse walked out the car with the wheelchair, I had a particularly hard contraction.  I swore to myself that in that moment I felt the baby come down some with it.  Then I got very nauseous and shaky.  Guys, I ONLY get nauseous and shaky in transition. In my mind's eye, I knew I was in trouble.

You're Complete.
The nurse who wheeled me to Labor and Delivery completely bypassed Triage.  She told the admitting desk that I'd had three hard contractions in the time it had taken her to wheel me from the car to the Labor and Delivery area.  She also told them I was in a lot of pain and said something that didn't compute at first because of the pain I was in.  She said, "I'm not sure there's time".

In the laboring room, another nurse checked me and first said I was at an 8 (WHAT!?!), but then said that she was mistaken and I was 6 cm dilated.  I asked for a bag because I was so nauseous and couldn't stop vomiting. (This was a bad sign and I knew it).   I also immediately asked for the epidural, but in this hospital you must complete a bag of intravenous fluids and have blood drawn before it can be administered.  This is no small bag.  The nurses attempted to hook me up to an IV.  I don't remember this part, but S. told me the first nurse that tried was relatively new and tried three times to get the needle in.  Apparently, I asked for the other nurse to do it because I hurt so much and she was able to get it on the first try.  Again, I don't remember that at all.

I do remember that once the bag (IV) was started I turned to S. who had his head resting against mine trying to will me his strength. Poor baby.  I put him through paces for a while there.  He was holding my hand and rubbing my arm, but I didn't want to be touched and snapped for him not to touch me, only to immediately ask where he was going and why wasn't he touching me.  I remember telling him that I didn't think I would be able to get the epidural and suddenly the pain cranked to a level where I couldn't stop screaming, shaking, and hurting.  I'd never experienced pain like that and I felt like I need to poop BADLY.

The nurse checked me again and said, "Oh, Honey. Yeah, you're complete".  I'd only been in the room twelve minutes and I'd gone from 6 to 10 cm.  I asked weakly if that meant I wouldn't be able to have the epidural and when she confirmed, I broke down in tears.  I knew there was no way I could do this naturally.

Baby comes Quick
By now, I'm screaming bloody murder with no shame in my game.  I tried negotiating with the nurses for something, anything to take away the pain.  No can do they all said.  That's the abbreviated version.  It would be a risk to the baby.  They all laughed when I said I was willing to take the risk and sign off on it.  They didn't realize I was serious.  S. said I actually argued with them about it but I don't remember that at all.

The nurses tried to calm me including one who told me that I had to focus.  Bump a focus.  It's supposed to feel better when you push, she said.  It absolutely did not.  The pain was tortorous and I remember asking God in my head what did I do for Him to allow such pain.  It was getting quite intense and the urge to bear down was overwhelming.  In my pain delirium, I didn't realize my water hadn't burst.  I followed what my body said and bore down heavily.  Suddenly my amniotic sac burst EVERYWHERE.  I heard a nurse say there was "thick mec" and I asked if I heard her say that meconium was in the rupture.  She looked at me and nodded.  Well, crap.  As much pain as I was in, that added some clarity to me.  I knew I needed to get baby out. S. informed me that the head was out, actually he said that the baby was out, but I knew what he meant.

The doctor was in front of me and I heard him give the instruction to push, but I was already there.  One fierce and crazy yell accompanied by one final giant push, and out came my baby!

Now understand, I was so exhausted and in such shock that while I knew baby was out, I didn't really care whether it was a boy or girl.  I just assumed it was a girl and wanted a moment to rest.  Then one of the nurses said "let her husband turn the baby".  S. did so and we saw a penis.  Our baby was a BOY!  The nurses rushed him to the isolet and checked him over.  I was so worried he would have to be moved to the NICU, but thank God, he was fine!

The Aftermath
We arrived at the hospital at 6AM and were upstairs in L&D by 6:20AM.  Our son was born at 7:25AM.  He was a healthy 6 pounds, 12 ounces, and 21 inches long.  He is the smallest baby I've ever birthed and by far the quickest delivery I have ever experienced.

Despite the craziness of the morning, I did not tear nor require any stitches.  He was given to Dad (if I remember correctly) while the doctor helped me expel the placenta.  I was super exhausted and can't remember too much after that. I do remember the doctor was congratulating me on a very great delivery and gave me Fentanyl via IV, which worked immediately.  (Thank You, Father for medical drugs).

This birth was seriously the most intense that I have ever had, but I am truly thankful that the baby is here and is healthy. Throughout this pregnancy, I often played with the idea of maybe wanting to try natural just for the experience.  I always turned back around and convinced myself that I would rather do it with drugs.  I guess God had other plans.

Everyone, I am pleased to introduce you all to my Jeremiah.  I shall refer to him as J on the site.

Thank you guys for thoughts and prayers.


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