Happy Birthday, Baby A.!!!

One year ago today, I was laying on the couch monitoring contractions wondering if today was going to be the day you decided to make your presence on your Earth.  Less than twelve hours later, you confirmed it was.

Mental Heath/R&R Break

Hi guys! Thanks for checking in. We’re stepping away from the keyboard for some R&R. We may interrupt it here or there, but for the most part…SILENCE!

 Don’t worry! We’ll be back soon with all sorts of interesting shares including (but not limited to) back to school, FET plans, and life in general. In the meantime, we hope you all have a blessed day. 

Talk to you soon!


Weekend Recap: Prep mode

Hi guys! You already know it’s August. For me that’s the month of preparation because school is right around the corner. This year, it’s going to be a hectic trek because S. and I are actually away for some of our usual prep month. That makes things a bit more difficult, but we are a family that rises to the occasion during challenges. So, what’s on the prep agenda this month?

Depression is..

My aunt is dead.  There's no jokes.  No corny metaphors.  No #bloglife or click bait. This is real life.  This is happening.  Yesterday, I received a text from my mother (our preferred way to communicate) asking me to call her ASAP.  Shortly thereafter, I received a text from one of my aunts asking if I'd spoken to my mom.  I already knew something bad was about to be shared.  I called my mom and there wasn't a "hi Mom" greeting.  It was "what's wrong?".  She couldn't get the words out.  She couldn't wrap her tongue around what she was trying to tell me.  It finally tumbled out..."Aunt C [name removed from privacy] is dead.  She ended her own life.  She...committed..she took her life..she's dead".  And I hit the floor.

Weekend Recap: Jesus! The Stage Play

Hi everyone! Here’s hoping your weekend was amazing. I absolutely enjoyed ours and can’t wait to share with you! This Saturday, S. and I traveled to the Sight & Sound Theater in Lancaster, PA to see the live stage play “JESUS”. Guys, it was beyond amazing and I am not just saying that. I am still trying to figure out why I bothered to put on makeup because I cried it off by the time everything was said and done. It was SO well done and like no play I’d seen before. This is NOT your regular live play production, I PROMISE you that!

Slipping off the Summer Slump

Hello everyone!  It's hard to believe that school starts in a month!  While several of our family and friends will be starting in just a couple of weeks, Bug won't start until after the Labor Day holiday.  Still, that's plenty of time for the "summer slump" to be reversed.  Here are a few of our favorite de-slumping methods.

Baby A's Birthday Month!!

Oh my goodness! It’s so amazing to see that Baby A. is turning 1 this month! I’m not being at all cliché when I say “time flew”! I was all excited to have a huge birthday party like I’ve done for Bug and Honeybee. Alas, S. locked on an escape that takes he and I far away on baby girl’s birthday!!! I think he thought we would have the party earlier than her actual day and we couldn’t because of a conflict. Since the lock on was a surprise he’d been cultivating for a while complete with a non-refundable clause, we can’t change it. Yes, I cried, especially since we only have big parties for milestone birthdays.  So she won’t see another big one until five. Fortunately, we’re able to kill two birds with one magnificent stone since we host an annual end of summer bash at our home.
It usually focuses on and culminates in a fantasy football draft, but this year I’m going to make the baby’s birthday the focal and the draft will be the feature for the guys.

I’m going with a pretty cool theme and doing a lot of the same things I’ve done before with the party, but making sure a lot of other things get accomplished as well. I’m hoping everyone will have a good time and that we get some pretty cool pictures too. 

I am really looking forward to celebrating her birthday with you guys and celebrating the return of school for Bug too!