Happy 11 months, Baby A.

Can you believe it?!  We're one month away from baby girl turning ONE!  That's huge!  Today I'm updating you on all things 11 month old baby A.

Happy 11 months, baby A!

Weekend Recap: The Birthday Edition

Hi guys! What a fun and amazing weekend! I was blessed to turn 38 years old this Saturday. I don’t take that for granted. Several dear friends and family members didn’t make it to that age, so I thank God for allowing me the privilege of living. I hope not to disappoint Him as I continue to journey through life. Let’s talk about the weekend.

Friday. We were supposed to see The Tomb of Christ exhibit at the National Geographic Museum in Washington D.C., but traffic destroyed my attempt at getting the family there in time for our timed entry L. Bug and S. had already seen it, but I hadn’t had the opportunity. I was pretty bummed to miss it, but I didn’t let it ruin the weekend. We decided that we would go to the “Golden Triangle” in DC to watch the outdoor movie “Jumanji”. We stopped first at the local Wawa and loaded up on subs and quesadillas, mac and cheese, a strawberry smoothie for me, and peach iced tea. Then, we traipsed our way to the lawn, unloaded blankets and bean bags, set up food, and settled in for a great evening. It really was. The atmosphere was fun. The temperature was comfortable with a nice breeze blowing. The movie was funny and the kids enjoyed themselves. Amariah did get a bit fussy towards the end because she was tired, but a few rocks in my arms and she was out. We made it back to the house a bit after midnight and all promptly fell asleep.
The screen was huge

38 while 38

Hello everyone! If you’ve followed me from my Snowfall and Snowflakes days, then you know that since 34, every year (except last) I have compiled a bucket list of things I would like to have accomplished by the next birthday. It’s been a bit of a motivator. Sometimes I get it done. Other times, not so much. This year, I’m excited to do it again and I’m super excited to see the progress as we get it done! So let’s go!

Can I Be Honest: Not Quite Measuring Up

Hi guys. I’m hoping you’re having an awesome week. It’s my birthday week and I should be all kinds of giddy, but I’m not. Not because of getting older. Shoot, I relish in that! I have dear friends and family members who didn’t make it past their 30s due to car accidents and illness. I bless God that 38 is around the corner, and I pray he allows 38 more and then some. No, my reasoning is different.

Can I be real honest with you guys? The fact is there are lots of days I feel really inept as a woman. I don't feel beautiful or polished at all. I feel like I felt in MS, HS, and even college. It sucks when you see the confidence of others and realize that you don't possess the same. Heck even the youngest around me are comfortable and confident in their skin—or sure as heck pulling off the acting job of the freaking century. I get so freaking embarrassed because I just don’t have that. Every once in a while, some fierce and beautifully confident part of me comes through and I feel powerful and amazing. Then, something happens to tear that feeling away and punish me for ever thinking of it in the first place. It bothers the heck out of me because I have two awesome little girls who look to me to know what confidence is.

A Zika Delay

So, I’ve been super excited for weeks ready for Aunt Flow to arrive so we can get this show on the road, as it were. I’ve been ready to take these little pills and go in for monitoring and getting myself where I need to be. Last night, my cycle began with first full flow started today. I was super excited. I even let out a “YAY!” when she arrived, which is saying something when I used to curl up in a ball and sob upon seeing her. It was going to be a great day! That was before the phone call and this morning’s conversation.

Weekend Recap: Music and Meals

Hi everyone!  It was a pretty cool weekend this past, but hot.  Oh my goodness!  Temperatures were 90-95 degrees with heat indices at 100-110.  It was hot!  Saturday morning, I took the kids to a parent-child music immersion trial class.  How absolutely wonderful this class was.  We sang, danced, and moved to music and words.  Honeybee twirled and came out of her initial  nervous shell.  It was very fun to watch her have so much fun.  The kids even had the chance to play the guitar afterwards.  I really enjoyed the class and thing the kids did as well.