We Signed Honeybee Up for Soccer!

Hi everyone.  If you've followed the blog for a while, then you know that our family is a family of sports lovers especially on S.'s end.  We enjoy watching, playing in, and commenting on sports of all kinds.  We also enjoy allowing our children to experience those things as well.  Since we never push, we have been quietly observing our Honeybee running around playing soccer against herself, chastising herself in misses, celebrating scores.  Tonight, she was running around enough that S. asked her if she liked soccer.  She affirmed that she did and continued playing. 

Proper Spouse Communications and Loving when You Don’t Even Feel Like Liking

Oooh, ya’ll! God just handed me all kinds of chastisement for a conversation I just finished having with S. It wasn’t a nice conversation filled with roses and love. Nope, this was a frenzied, whispered conversation with high octaves and impatient sighs. It was step outside the building. It was lower the volume and look around cube walls to make sure you are alone. It. Was. Bad. AND It was stupid. Seriously, it was the stupidest thing that I could have ever been concerned enough to argue about when I honestly didn’t even care. I could have stopped the conversation at any moment, but I’m a debater…and I’m stubborn…and I like people to see my point even if it isn’t always right. Ugh.

The subject of this one doesn’t even matter. At its core, the issue becomes communication. It was the result of a lack of communication that S. and I tend to display to one another unintentionally. I’m being candid because you all know I try and keep it completely earnest with you. The fact of the matter is listening more and talking less would have prevented me from sounding like a disgruntled nut on the phone. Seriously, guys. There is plenty of room for blame, but this one leans heavily on me. 

Human Trafficking is REAL (A scary moment for a friend of mine)...

Guys, I have scrolled through FB countless times and have recently seen stories of human traffickers. Some I paid attention to. Some I dismissed as click bait. After today, I never will again. This morning, I saw a post describing an ordeal of a woman and her child being almost abducted and something seemed scarily familiar. I contacted a friend who seemed similar to the person described in the post and confirmed it was her. This morning, someone tried to abduct her and her newborn baby. Guys, my absolute heart.

Weekend Recap: Family Fun at Kings Dominion (A Bucket List Item!)

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Hi everyone!  You may remember a couple of weeks ago I posted our Summer Bucket List and shared that I hoped we would be able to check off quite a few items.  Well, it just so happens that it exactly what happened!

Coincidence would have it that my office decided to host a Company sponsored family fun day at Kings Dominion in Doswell, VA.  Kings Dominion is a favorite amusement park of mine and there is always so much to do for everyone.  Every family member has their favorite thing about the park.  Honeybee loves Planet Snoopy.  Bug loves Soak City.  S. loves the funnel cakes.  I love the people watching.  When the company sent out the email to see if any of the employees were interested, you know that out family was ALL in!

We arrived about an hour after the park opened and ended up staying until about an hour before it closed.  What a fun and LONG day!

The Longest Day

Hello everyone. Today is June 21, 2018, the longest day..summer’s begin…Alzheimer’s battle cry. Today’s nationwide, charities and indviduals are feverishly pounding pavement, pressing keys, taking pictures, and doing whatever they can to bring awareness to Alzheimer’s disease. If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you may have seen our annual Memory Walks, and my honoring my great grandmother who developed and lost her battle to the disease. That woman raised me from three weeks old. I hated watching her diminish. I hated watching her not know me. I hated the fear in her eyes when she realized what was happening…and when she didn’t.

All day long, I’ve been posting and tweeting. I created a donation box at my office. I have talked about it to my colleagues. I’m praying for a cure. I can’t wait until we get there!

Rocking the Alzheimer's bracelet my cousin made me to honor my great grandmom

Because she really is always in my heart

Alzheimer's statistics

Weekend Recap: The Father's Day Edition

Hello everyone! I hope you had an enjoyable weekend. Ours was a method of madness since it was Father's Day Weekend and baby A. is currently cutting three new teeth at once. Not fun.

Friday night, the family headed to one of the local churches for a Christian comedy show event. It was really good and the comedian was hilarious as well as insightful. We knew he would be because he was a regular staple on our gospel radio station before a new show was bought on. S. enjoyed the how a lot. I found it just okay since I had to watch it from the soundproof children's room. With baby A. in the throes of pain from the top left, and two bottom teeth, she was not happy, so I ended up going into the room and watching the show from behind glass. I could hear out. They couldn’t hear in. I still got to enjoy the show, but yep that pretty much set the tone for the weekend.

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to every father and father figure.  May this day be awesome for all of you.  I am wishing a very Happy Father's Day to my father, my honorary father, and my uncle for the love and care these men have shown me in raising me so well over the course of my life.  I honor my father in love for loving me as his daughter and praying a covering over my family.  I finally honor my husband for being the best father he can possibly be and loving our children with all of himself.  I hope this day is amazing for everyone.  You all deserve it.

Last Day of School 2018: What the First Year of Middle School has Taught US...

Well guys, we made it! After adjusting to buses that come a full forty minutes earlier than elementary buses, after navigating multiple classes throughout the day and week, after adjusting to the rigors of middle school, Bug has completed his first year of middle school. I’m so proud of him. It’s been a year and I’ve seen him grow and branch out in it. He’s wiser than before, a bit taller, a little more comfortable in his skin, but still learning about who he is and what his decisions mean for his future. The 2017-18 school year has taught us a lot about ourselves, but it’s the nuggets below that speak
the most. 

Friday Frazzle: Father's Day Gift Ideas


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Hi guys. I hope this has been a great week for you. In honor of Father’s Day this upcoming Sunday, today’s Frazzle is our top 5 favorite ideas for honoring Daddy on Father’s Day. I know. I know. Shouldn’t we have posted this last week? Maybe, but I promise if you haven’t locked on a gift, these will seriously work and show just how much you love Dad!  (Plus, if you hit Amazon, you can order today and get it in time).

Our FET consult

Hi everyone!

Yesterday, I went to our Reproductive Endocrinologist to discuss what we need to do to begin our Frozen Embryo Transfer.  S. and I have been discussing it and feel like we would both like to have another child.  With baby A. at 9 months, almost 10, this seemed like a perfect time.

I met with Dr. G., who was so happy to see me and I felt likewise.  She is a beautiful woman and I love the effort that she and nurse A. (who is seriously a sister from another mister) made on our behalf.  Dr. G. explained that we have three embryos left.  There is one Day 6 embryo and two Day 7.  The preference is to transfer the Day 6 though all look great.

Not ours, but a pretty good representation.

Weekend Recap: Celebrations Galore!

Hi guys!  Hope you have a great weekend.  It was wonderful for us. First, Bug had his playoff game at 0900 on Saturday morning.  It was hot as the blazes, but they fought hard and won that came 14-5.  Bug didn't get a hit (he was walked though), but he made sure to contribute to those runs.

After a thirty minute wait, the team played their championship game.  It was so hard fought, but this time they didn't prevail.  The team lost 10-6, but had a great season and all of the parents are proud of them.


....And we're off!  Wish us luck as we prepare to join Bug's teammates in an epic battle royale for finals!  Tonight, Bug's team plays district rivals for a seat in the championship game on Saturday.  Whomever wins tonight has the chance at bragging rights come Saturday. Proud of the boys no matter how it goes.  Still...


Depression is Real

Many years ago, I wrote a poem while in high school. I was going through depression then, but no one knew it. I smiled every day. I was polite and poised. I made sure to represent my family’s name well. I made sure to maintain high grades and speak positive. I encouraged others and made sure no one left my presence without feeling like I truly cared about their well being. Inside I was dying. I walked out of one room with a smile and turned the corner by myself with a frown. I compared myself to other incessantly. Why wasn’t I popular? Why didn’t people like me? Why did I get teased so much? Why wasn’t my mother raising me? Why wasn’t my father raising me? I was hurt. When I wrote the poem, it was to explain to myself what I was feeling and the impact it was having on me.

Yesterday I was saddened to read the news of Kate Spade, who chose to commit suicide to escape her personal struggles. I can only imagine the heartbreak she felt in believing the world and her family would be better off without her presence. I can only imagine how hard her husband, daughter, and loved ones are searching to see if there were signs. Of course, now there are rumors of splits and mental illness. That now is not the point. With her gone, all that remains is the prevention of another such tragedy before it’s too late.

Friday Frazzle: National Donut Day!

Guys!  Guys?!!!!  Today is June 1st.  I'm excited about June coming into play, but I am so much more excited that today is National Donut Day!  I've been receiving emails and posts all week about this awesome day and I am so looking forward to indulging today.  Eating well be danged for one evening!  In honor of National Donut Day, today's' Frazzle will be my favorite donut flavors from my favorite locations and any deals they're promoting for the day.