Baby Update: 9 months old

Hello everyone! It's hard to believe how fast time has flown! This little one is nine months old! WOW! We've been pretty slack on our updates and I hope to do better. That being said, here's our 9 month update!

Weekend Recap: Thank you for your Service

Hey everyone! Apologies for the delay, but I wanted to spend a bit of time recuperating before posting. This weekend was pretty filled as we stopped to honor the men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. That sacrifice is not taken for granted nor taken lightly. Our weekend started on Friday morning when S., Bug., Honeybee., baby A., and I hopped into the car slightly before 6AM and headed down to Camp Lejeune, NC.

Friday. We were there to honor family friend and godfather to Bug on the occasion of his retirement from the United States Marine Corps after 20 years. It was a beautiful ceremony complete with honor and sentiment that expressed how great a man he is and how blessed the country and his family is to have him. His wife and I have been friends since 2000 when we both walked into a college classroom and decided that we would never stop moving to our goals. Incidentally, she is amazing and I highly recommend her shop at She Swank Marketplace if you are in the area.
Congratulations, Gy!

Anyway, after a moving ceremony and some yummy cake, the family and I hopped in the vehicle and traveled all the way back to our home several hours away. Why travel that far? Because they are family and there is no way we wouldn’t celebrate this accomplishment with them.

We ended the night with Chinese food and movies while the children slept from exhaustion. No complaints at all from me.

Friday Frazzle: Friday Faves!

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Hey loves! Happy Friday! I hope you week has been rainbows and butterflies, but if not, let’s just celebrate the upcoming weekend any way. This week has been an interesting conglomerate of kids running, new power tools, work deadlines, and graduation memories. It’s been awesome!

I’m pleased to share this week’s favorites with you as I ride to beautiful North Carolina to celebrate the military retirement of one of our family’s dear Marine friends! (Thank you for your service, Sir!). I’ll post more on that for our Weekend Recap, but for now…here’s what I’m digging this week. Hope you have a great day and a wonderful weekend. Feel free to link to your faves as well. I’m all about sharing the love.

Life Lessons since my HS Graduation...20 years ago...

Guys! I was just casually scrolling through my social media page while on a lunch break when I saw a post from a HS friend congratulation all of us on reaching 20 years. Wait! What?! Sure enough, I remembered that it has been twenty years since I graduated from my rural county high school. How amazing is
that? How cool is it?

I remember being so excited that I had “made it”. I was graduating high school, had been accepted to college, was leaving behind the poverty and vacuum that I felt my home county was. Wow, I had NO clue. It’s been a great 20 years and I’m super thankful, but as I was reminiscing I realized there were quite a few things I’ve learned in the journey after 17.

Weekend Recap: Movies, Away

Hi Guys! I wish I could say we had this amazing and magical weekend, but it was pretty chill. I’d originally planned to bring this great post about a planned company day at the local amusement park, but it was rained out and the company cancelled. That meant Bug’s baseball game was also cancelled, which meant we were pretty much loungers most of the day Saturday.

Photo credit:  Dominic Lipinski / AP

The Last School Concert of 2018

Well, we did it!  It's over!  Bug just completed his last concert of the 2017-18 school year.  He just completed his last concert of sixth grade.  The kids sang a few songs from Hamilton and Mary Poppins.  They did an amazing job and were perfect little songbirds.  It was wonderful! 

Giving the welcome "rules"
As I was watching them, I couldn't help but feel gratitude.  When I was growing up, there wasn't a car in the household.  All plays, concerts, and special events were performed without anyone from my family being there.  I loved to perform with the marching band in high school and didn't mind the absences too much, but I absolutely hated it when I was younger.  I watched as kids' parents bought flowers and hugs while I just waited for someone to provide a ride home.  It wasn't my great grandmother's fault.  Such a thing just wasn't available to us at the time.

I remember thinking if I were ever to have children of my own, I would come to every event as well as I could.  I've made it to most of them.  On occasion I have gotten to one or two late because of schedule conflicts, but I always made it and always made sure my son saw my face.  Tonight, he was taken to the concert early since they had to rehearse prior.  I watched him search the crowd for my face and then saw the smile that covered his face when he saw me.  That it always an amazing moment for me.

Now, I am reminded that if it is God's will, Bug will be a 7th grader next year!  What a beautiful and amazing joy that will be!

At the end of the night, the concert was a great event.  Even though he missed a baseball game and a choir rehearsal for it, I wouldn't have traded it for anything.  I'm so proud of him and can't wait to see what next year will have in store for him!

Have a great evening!


Because you never really beat infertility...

This week has been interesting for sure.  Blame it on work stress or hormones, but I've been really dealing with some unique experiences.  A couple of weeks ago, while celebrating our wedding anniversary, the app alarm went off on my cell phone.  I hadn't thought anything of the alarm tone, but when I checked it, my countenance fell.

The alarm was reminding me that our anniversary weekend just so happened to be my fertile week.  I sat there remembering how I used to email or communicate this information to my husband for years, literal years, as we walked in our infertility journey.  I remembered the day the doctor told my husband and I that the chances of our conceiving a child together without medical intervention would be slim to none.  I remembered all of the tests and false alarms and prayers and hopes only to see single lines on pregnancy tests.

When, we received our BFP with our daughter, I never even took a test.  I was too afraid to see what that would look like in case it was no longer there the next day.  So, I went through the entire pregnancy never having seen double lines on a plastic cartridge.  Now, here was with all of those memories feeling a yearning I thought had escaped me.

Friday Frazzle: My Mother's Day Wishlist

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Hello everyone!  It's been a REALLY busy week.  Truly it has, so much so I had no idea this weekend is Mother's Day!  I'm so serious.  I had no idea until I saw an email from our church asking if the women would consider wearing a specific color for Women's Day.  In my head I thought "We only do Women's Day for Mother's Day.  Wait!  Is that this weekend?"  So, yeah...shows how much I've been paying attention.

So, in honor of this week's Friday Frazzle, I decided to share my personal Mother's Day Wish List.  Now, please know I have no expectation of receiving any of this and I don't need it.  My kids and husband do a pretty good job of letting me know they appreciate me on a regular basis.  So a day isn't going to do too much.  That being said, if I were asked my preference, I'd request the following:

May! May already?! (2018 Summer Bucket List)

Hi guys!  Oh my goodness, it's May!  That came WAY too quick.  I enjoy the month of May because it is the unofficial start of summer month.  The weather tends to stabilize and more outdoor activities are available.

I'm so looking forward to some fun Summer Activities.  I've already put together a mini Bucket list of some of the cool things I would like the family to accomplish this summer. With this being baby A.'s first summer, Honeybee being old enough to try some new things, and Bug being old enough to hang out in preteen territory (gasp!), I'm sure it's going to be great.   I'm super excited to check items off and to share the adventures on this blog.  Feel free to download our list for a few ideas or download the blank Summer List for your own family's adventure!

Printable Version of Our Summer Bucket List
Printable Version of A Blank Summer Bucket List