Baby A. is 7 months!

See, this is what happens when life gets crazy and hectic and...well...frazzled. Things have been a roller coaster around her  Between work deadlines and home demands, I haven't had the time I've desired to share!

Today, I'm purposely bringing you some baby A. updates just to make you fill warm and fuzzy.

Baby A. is 7 months old and is loving life.  Her happy personality is so awesome.  Seriously, she very rarely cries.  If she does, it's a quick fix to find out the solution.  I'm very blessed in that regard.

Weigh In!
She's growing, but not ridiculously so.  A. weighed 14.12 pounds and measured 27 inches at her last appointment a month ago.  She is still wearing 6-9 month clothing, but some of those 9-12 month clothes fit her much better.  She's in a size 2 diaper, but will be changing soon as one of her butt cheeks likes to slip out of the diaper.  Fortunately, no mishaps yet.

Sleeping Beauty
A. is a pretty consistent sleeper.  I'm still pretty good about getting her to bed by 8:30 (with the exception of Bible Study and rehearsal nights).  If you put her down sleepy, she'll konk out and won't move until 7:00AM. When she wakes now, she'll play in her crib cooing and "singing" until about 7:30.  Then she lets you know she's ready to see people.

Everything tastes so yummy!!  (Well, almost everything)
We have been giving her solids since about five months under the doctor's direction.  She loves the Gerber bananas, carrots, and sweet peas.  She is not a fan of the applesauce.  Table foods have her loving regular grits.  She is not a fan of cheese grits at all (just like her Daddy).  She'll eat mac and cheese with gusto and recently discovered that money's cornbread is amazing lol.  Seriously, the girl shrieked every time I moved the bread away from her lol.

She is still getting her formula.  When she wakes, she wants a minimum of 8 oz. and then decides if she wants another round or if she wants a breakfast baby food.  The other day she did both and I was amazed.

Any firsts?

YES!!! She is semi mobile!!!  On the day she turned seven months old, she did this...

She is babbling "Da da" consistently.

She is about to celebrate her first Easter (which we will be recapping) and her first Easter dinner.

She's doing amazingly well and I am so thankful for the journey!

Talk to you soon!


Friday Frazzle: Faith Inspired Easter Basket Ideas for your Baby

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We are rapidly approaching Easter. I’m so excited. You all already know how much this holiday means to me. It’s more than a holiday. It’s a relationship, a celebration of Jesus. We know that He is the reason for the season and are more than grateful that He loved us so much that He died and rose again for us. It’s a joy my family shares.

Still, I am also aware that children like an opportunity to share in some of the holiday activities they see their peers participating in. My children are no different. I decided, when Bug was still very young and it was just the two of us that I would create Easter Baskets that speak to faith and allow him the childhood memories of Easter baskets just like my family did with me. They were a great hit.  I now do the the same with my Honeybee and am looking forward to being able to include baby A. in her first Easter.

Friday Frazzle: Quick Meals for Game/Practice Nights

Hello everyone!  Happy Friday!

Today's Friday Frazzle is in honor of baseball season!  I know.  I know.  I recently posted about how less than excited I am about the upcoming season. BUT I am also ALL things food, and now that practice schedules have been released for the week, my calendar looks like Honeybee attacked it with her finger paints.  That means it's time to get back to my "quick and out the door" meals for practice and game nights.  I have NO problem with that!

Below are are meals that my family makes or have had made for us to ensure we get out the door quickly on those nights practice and game times are looming.

The kids give them thumbs up and we hope you do, too!

Oh, and I am ALWAYS looking for yummy recipes.  Feel free to leave a few of your own!

What's Buzzing With Our Honeybee? The Four Year Old Version

I was looking through the blog the other day and realized that I hadn't provided a proper update for Honeybee after her February birthday.  I found a pretty nice year end kids interview post from Hands On As We Grow and have picked up a few questions from there to assist.


Height:  Our Honeybee is 37.2 inches tall.  She is in the 6th percentile for her age group.  I'm certainly not complaining as the size allows her to continue to wear the smaller size clothes for a while. I'm all about the cost savings there.

Weight:  So, Honeybee actually gained four pounds since her last visit.  BUT she is still only 26.2 pounds and is in the 0 percentile for her weight.  I asked the doctor should we be concerned and was told no.  Some children are naturally petite and it looks like our Bee is in that boat.

The Day We Me Met Our Honeybee: Our Placement Story


Four years ago today, S. and I walked into a room to sign a mountain of paperwork.  I kept glancing anxiously at the clock wondering how much longer it would take, wondering if she was there yet.  The woman across from us, our amazing social worker, felt my anxiousness and said, “She’s here.  She’s upstairs and after we finish, I’ll take you to her”.  Mountains of paperwork loomed, some asking the same questions as the sheets before it.  It was daunting and reminiscent of when we closed on our first home, but this task so much more important to us.  Task complete, a manila folder with all of the paperwork was handed to us and minutes later my husband and I were walking into a cheerily painted room where a man stood (his wife and son beside him) holding this beautiful, tiny little baby girl.  An amazing and pure blessing.

adoption placement
Meeting our Honeybee for the first time
She was handed to me.  My husband, recording on his tablet, and I started crying.  Huge tears and HUGE praises uttered from my lips.  I thanked God for that moment, for that place, for that time that was created and preordained before I was even a thought.  God is SO great.  I reclined slightly on the couch and stared into her beautiful dark eyes and she stared at mine.  She was quiet, so very tiny, and I was in awe.  I enjoyed that moment, basking in her, allowing her to bask in me.  I passed her to my husband, whose eyes betrayed the tears that were there.  This was a moment that he’d prayed about, that we’d prayed  about together.  It was beautiful and raw and open.

Baseball Pre-season started today and I am NOT that excited

You know how there are all these parents of little leaguers running around excited that Spring is in the air and the smells of baseball glove oil and sounds of ball smacking against bat will soon fill the air?  Yeah, I’m not one of those parents.  I approach this season with a healthy dose of melancholy every. single. year.  Ugggggghhhhhhh. Save me.

Happy International Women's Day!

Happy International Women's Day

I woke up this morning, full on “get-this-day-started” mode, and turned on the news for some informative background noise as I prepped my babies’ breakfasts. The news fairly shouted that today was March 8th, International Women’s Day 2018. I smiled at that because I know some people see the day as unnecessary and completely out of place, but any day that allows me to celebrate the brave women in my circle is a day I want to embrace. (BTW, that was a heck of a long sentence). Anywho, let’s discuss for a moment, shall we.

The first International Women’s Day was celebrated in 1911 started by the Suffragettes. These ladies were the scourge of society when they first started. In a world where women were treated as little more than property, and indeed could not even be willed property or own any of their own, men thought the notion that women deserved equal treatment ( as in property ownership, financial management, and voting rights) as preposterous. Today, in several countries across the world, the same beliefs hold fast. Women are seen as inferior and weak-minded in these places. Some of “these places” are closer than you think.

As I listened to the announcement, my eyes were immediately drawn to my Honeybee and my Baby A. both contently in their places in our family room. They are our future and it is so important that they grow up to know they are strong women with their own minds who can achieve anything they set their mind out to achieve.

It’s the same with the women in the #TTC, #infertility, and #fertilitymom communities. We are strong women. Remember the first time you stabbed your stomach fat with that long behind needle? Yeah, that’s strength. Or the time, she had to get blood drawn from your HAND because all your veins refused to cooperate from the daily blood draws in the fertility process? Yep, that’s strength. Or, the moment you had to pick yourself up and try again when that #BFN showed its face across the latest test. That is strength.

This isn’t some man bashing post when I say women, you rock! You absolutely do. I’m glad it is recognized and celebrated. I’m glad women all around the world are seeking a better way, seeking better opportunities! 

Today, women can aspire to be and do whatever they desire to.  I'm looking forward to seeing that world when my girls become women.

Have an awesome day!


40 Springtime Activities for the Family

Hi everyone! Despite the crazy windstorm of this past weekend, Spring is rapidly approaching.  I'm looking forward to it as winter blues are a real thing for me.  The warmer days, more sunlight, and active activities are all things I'm looking forward to.

Last Spring, I was carrying Baby A. so I wasn’t exactly in the mood to run around and get stuff accomplished. This time, I’m so ready.  I'm compiling bucket lists, searching local visitor convention pages, and dusting off my walking shoes.  This is going to be great.  If you're equally excited about Spring and are looking for some fun Spring activities, I've compiled a list of 40 that are sure to please.  Happy hunting!

Weekend Recap: Of Winds and Nights Out

Hi everyone.  This weekend was pretty power packed.  All week long, the meteorologists were predicting a pretty serious wind storm.  I was skeptical.  I mean, it wasn't a hurricane.  It was a wind event and really couldn't have been that bad. 

Friday Frazzle: I Love My Hair! A Book Review of a Melanin Inspired Birthday Gift

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Hi everyone. Today's Friday Frazzle is a book review for an amazing birthday gift Honeybee received on her 4th birthday. So, I am ALL about teaching my daughter to be comfortable in her skin and to embrace every beautiful part of her including her beautiful 4c hair. She knows that Mommy has a huge bag filled with wide tooth combs, leave in conditioner, shampoos, hair bands, etc. all for her hair. She sometimes asks me "Mommy, is my hair pretty" and even on the days it absolutely wants to be diva and not play, I assure her that her hair is indeed pretty.

That's why I was so excited about the "Hair Training" episode from Sesame Street and the reason I was that much more excited at the book my cousin (Honeybee's sitter) chose for Honeybee's birthday. I Love My Hair! authored by Natasha Anastasia Tarpley and illustrated by E. B. Lewis.

The book discusses how every evening a little girl names Keyana sits between her mother's legs while her mother combs her hair and oils her scalp with coconut oil.  My Honeybee related immediately, especially the part where sometimes it may hurt when there is a snag or tangle.  (Incidentally, I love Shea Moisture Kids Extra-Moisturizer Detangler, Coconut & Hibiscus,)