Weekend Recap: Birthday Behavior

Hello everyone!  I hope your week has been absolutely amazing!  Mine was rainy and cloudy and blah looking outside, but SO much fun and enjoyable for the family.  Sunday was S.'s birthday.  We decided that we would do a private date night on Saturday with just the two of us and then celebrate with the family on his actual birthday.


I had quite a few ideas of things we could do for S.'s birthday.  He's big on new experiences and I was all game for some small thrill events like hot air ballooning or indoor sky diving.  It turned out the weather was forecast to be too yucky for ballooning.  The nearest indoor skydiving facility was an hour and some change away and our childcare arrangements couldn't cope.  So, I was thinking...what do we do.

Fortunately for me, S. has had an interest in trying out the Escape Rooms that have been so popular in the area.  We looked on Groupon for any deals and sure enough there was a pretty good one for a couple wanting to do the adventure.  We purchased, called and made an appointment, and were booked for the same evening.

We arrived at the Escape Room and were very impressed.  The lobby by itself was awesome!  Because the attraction has such a shroud of secrecy, I won't share too much about it, but we were paired with two other couples to solve a buried treasure riddle.  Oh my goodness!  We had so much fun!  Unfortunately, we didn't figure out the last riddle in time though we were SOOOOOOO close!  UGH!  But it was still a great adventure.

Happy birthday!

Wishing my amazing, awesome, sexy, handsome, hard-working, good providing, God-loving, God worshipping, God-following, wrapped around his daughters' fingers, our son's buddy, my HUSBAND, my MAN...a VERY GREAT  BIRTHDAY!!!!

Love you, S.!

Friday Frazzle: Honeybee's Birthday Wish List

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When I was a child, I grew up excited that the two days special and unexpected things could and would occur were Christmas and birthdays. Those were the times where, despite budgets being extremely tight, we could hope for something magical to occur. It often did like the year my Mom moved heaven and heck for an alto saxophone to replace the used and beaten one I’d been carrying in the marching band. I’ve carried some of that on to my children. They know that birthdays and Christmas bring amazing family experiences.

So when our Honeybee came tiptoeing up to me last week and asking if she could have a few simple items, my heart melted for a couple of reasons. (1) This is the first time she has asked for anything specifically for any celebration and (2) Her list really is quite tame. She’s such a generous spirit. Of course, I couldn’t wait to share with you all.

1. A Pretty Birthday Cake. When queried further, the “pretty” means any pastel colored cake. Our Honeybee is a Minnie Mouse Bowtique and Paw Patrol fan. The local stores don’t have Paw Patrol, so I’m grabbing her this lovely for her day.
I can't wait to surprise our Honeybee with this cake!

5 Lessons the American Figure Skaters' Fall and Aftermath Can Teach You (As colored through my experiences with Infertility and Adoption)

I'm such a lover of Winter Olympics, especially figure skating.  I think it is an amazingly beautiful sport with artistry and athleticism.  I know also that the competitors work extremely hard and put in countless hours.  To be able to showcase all of that time and effort has to be an amazing feeling.  To place high and win a medal as a result of all of your hard work has to be an even better feeling.

That's why Madison Chock and Evan Bates' fall during their ice dancing/skating competition on Tuesday night was so very hard.  The look on Madison's face after the fall was horrible.  The commentator immediately stated that it was such a rare occurrence to see a fall on the ice.  It was as if their fate had already been sealed.

What happened next reminded me that things happen that will sometimes waylay your best laid plans.  How you respond to those things will define your life and your journey.  Here's five nuggets of truth that Tuesday's fall gave to me. (To my #TTC family and #adoption families, this definitely applies).

1.  If you fall, get back up.  Immediately after the fall, both Madison and Evan popped back up and continued their routine.  Later, Madison stated that everyone was looking at them like injured puppies.  She knew the fall was bad and knew the implications of their medal opportunities, but she got back up anyway.  In our adoption and infertility journeys, S. and I have had our share of "falls" whether through the disappointment of a failed match or through the crushing defeats of recurring #BFNs.  Despite those hard times, we picked ourselves up every time no matter how hard, no matter how difficult.  Remind yourself that you need to do the same. The episode will hurt.  It may require tears.  Do that, get yourself together, and then get back up.

Getty Images

Letter of the Week "M"

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Hi Guys!  Look, I have to tell you that I have been absolutely enjoying the home school experience with my preschooler.  To be clear, I am not homeschooling her in the traditional sense of the word.  We have a former preschool teacher, who just happens to be family, who comes in and goes forward with lessons, ideas, activities, and experiences that we have cultivated together.

This week, the letter is "M" and as it turned out, I was able to participate in a LOT of the fun activities.  On Wednesday, Honeybee and I started our day with a healthy breakfast and delved into our "M" day activities.

We started by doing pages in our Big Fun Kindergartner Activity Book.  We traced the "M" letters and searched for the hidden "M" in the pictures.  After that was completed, I wanted to boost her confidence a bit, so I took a piece of cardstock and duplicated the write your letters page.  She traced each line and continued from their to write the letters on her own.  She was so very proud of herself.

Something has to change...

I was supposed to post some cutesy Valentine’s Day recap for you today. It was supposed to include pictures of our day and the love that was shared. I may do that later this week, but not today. Today, I want to have a moment with you. Today, I want to have a raw and open discussion with you about yesterday’s school shooting-the 8th such shooting in our nation this school year. I want to talk to you and make it clear that something has to change.

I was at work when news broke of the school shooting. I caught a glimpse of it on my way to my desk. There was a gentleman looking at the news feed and I asked him what was going on.

“Another school shooting.”

“Was anyone hurt?”

“The media says 20, but you know the sensationalize everything. Probably nothing”

And he walked away…and I did too hoping and praying he was right, but sickened that it was so easily dismissed by this gentleman and worried because this was the same spot I was in when I saw the destruction and devastation of Newtown. I couldn’t do it again and prayed it was an error.

Weekend Recap: Spa Night

Hi everyone!  Another cool weekend has come and gone and I would not be me if I didn't share at least a bit of it.  So, let's start!  Friday afternoon, S. let me know that he and Superbug would be attending a HS basketball tourney with a good friend and neighbor.  That would mean A., Honeybee, and I would be home by ourselves for a few hours.

I immediately searched my brain for what we could do that would be fun, but not taxing and wouldn't mess up A.'s sleep schedule.  It finally dawned on me that Honeybee asked a while ago for her nails to be painted and some more Mommy time.  I'm a bit extra so I took that a step further and cloned a spa!

Affirmations: My "In Love" Moment with Sesame Street

When I was a little girl, my great grandmother would allow my cousin and I to sit and watch Sesame Street in the afternoons.  We learned ABCs, counted numbers, sang songs, and learned so many lessons from Elmo and Big Bird.  As we got older, the lessons that were taught in school seemed to mirror or support a lot of those concepts and I learned that Sesame Street was a pretty cool show.

Fast forward to 2018 where I have two little girls and a not-so-little boy and I found myself looking to Sesame Street again for additional lessons.  I have always taught my children that they are beautiful.  Not because of their outward appearance, but because of their hearts and the way their hearts love so freely.  I have also taught them that they are beautiful because of their uniqueness.  No one in the world can do exactly what they do the exact way they do it.  God created them special.

Weekend Recap: Part II- Museum Hopping w/Honeybee (Drummers & Play)

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Hello everyone! Thanks for joining in. I’m hoping you have had the most wonderful weekend ever! If you are an Eagles fan…CONGRATULATIONS! It was a hard fought win and you guys deserve it! Today, I’m picking up where I left off for my Weekend Recap where Honeybee and I decided to do a bit of museum hopping. In our first post, we shared our Terra Cotta Army exhibit experience and all of the wonder that went with it. Today, we’re picking up with a trip to the Children’s Museum of Richmond, which was right down the street.

I haven’t been to this museum in years. When Superbug was little, I bought him a couple of times to play and have a good time in warmer weather. Since I was already in the area for the Terra Cotta exhibit, I thought it would be a nice surprise for Honeybee if I took her to the museum to experience some of the same.

Turns out the surprise was on us. When we arrived, there was an African dance/drummer troupe that was performing in celebration of Black History month.  They were phenomenal!

Weekend Recap: Part I- Museum Hopping w/ Honeybee (photo heavy)

*This is NOT a sponsored post. I have a couple of links to some interesting places, but I promise it’s just sharing good fun and no monetary stuff for me!

Hey loves! I hope you had an awesome weekend! We certainly did and I am so excited to share it with you! I am a huge history buff. Since well before The Mummy movie series, I have always wanted to view the Terra Cotta Army in person. It’s a bucket list item. Seriously, it’s been one of my most desired things in the world. I almost had the chance many years ago before Father Winter and I dated to see a very large exhibit, but my chances were dashed after Snowmaggedon. I figured I’d never see them unless I high tailed it overseas. But nope! The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts has an exhibit and I was so amazingly happy to go and see them for myself!

My Secret to "Me Time"

It's no secret!  There is no true work-life balance.  You either spend all of your time working or all or your time with your family.  There is always something that must be done. And I'm perfectly okay with that.  It's a beautiful thing and I tend to thrive in the functioning chaos of it all.  But as I've stated before on this blog, I definitely need some me time from time to time.

I don't even need hours of it.  I just need a few minutes of uninterrupted time to myself.  All to myself.  But how do I get it?

Friday Frazzle: Valentine's Sweet (& Savory) Treats

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Hi guys! It's another Friday Frazzle and in the spirit of the Valentine's season, I thought I would share today's sweet frazzle with you!  Those who know me know I love anything that lets me shower love on my babies, so it should come as no surprise that I really enjoy Valentine’s Day.  While I know the commercial industry really packs on the gift giving for couples, I’m really big on making sure the family members feel super special (though I try to do this every day).  Since Valentine’s Day is a great time to enjoy sweets in all their greatness, I decided to share a few of my favorites with you.

Why February 1st means so much to me

Hello everyone! Happy February One.  For those of us who are students, alumni, friends, and supporters of the illustrious North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University (A&T), the largest HBCU in the nation, this day bears a huge significance.  This is the day, in 1960, where four freshman from North Carolina A&T walked to a then segregated Woolworth’s lunch counter in Greensboro, NC and refused to move until they were served.  It didn’t happen that easily, but what did happen was the sparking of the sit-in movement that flashed like fire across the nation and gave voice to the young people in the Civil Rights movement.  The four young men who started it became known as the Greensboro Four. That was an amazing day.

The A&T Four