Friday Frazzle: Gridiron Grub

Hi everyone!!  So ideally, I would love to have the NFL theme play here, but since I can’t…let’s just pretend that we hear it in the background as we prepare for this week’s Friday Frazzle: Gridiron Grub (aka Superbowl Foods). Guys, it’s Superbowl time!  As much as I loathe the New England Patriots (sorry to the fans), I love the celebration that is Superbowl. I love the competition, the rivalries, the intense battles, the fun commercials, and the food. Guys, seriously, the food can make or break your Superbowl Party.

Friday Frazzle: Gridiron Grub!!!
This year, several friends have requested that guests bring their favorite dish(es) to add to the quality and quantity of the festivities. I have always loved a good potluck. If you all are doing the same, here’s hoping today’s Frazzle will get you inspired!

Happy 5 months, A!

Hi everyone! Today our A. turns 5 months. It’s amazing how much she has changed in such a short amount of time. She’s a ball of quiet energy, inquisitive and fun. Her laughs are the absolute best thing on a daily and it is pretty easy to decipher her “I’m hungry” cry from her “Where are you? I don’t see you” cry. She has rolls for days and this love of jumping. I seriously need to invest in a jumperoo or something, lol!

So, how is A. doing?


I abhor bullying!

I abhor bullying. I really do. I can’t stand it. It’s getting so prevalent. Kids can’t go home to escape it because they see it on their social media at home. Don’t have access to social media at home? Their friends tell them and show them on their electronic devices. Then, because the kids don’t want to seem like weaklings they don’t say anything to anyone who can do something about it. And then something tragic happens.

That’s what happened in our county. A sixth grader, the same grade as my Superbug, was allegedly being bullied by an 8th grader. It had been going on for a while. I don’t know all of the details, but I do know that based on the information slowly trickling out, the little boy went into his parents’ bedroom, retrieved a weapon kept there, and committed suicide. I am absolutely floored. FLOORED.

I can’t imagine what the parents are going through. I can’t imagine coming into a room and finding the lifeless body of your child. I can’t imagine not being able to assist him, not knowing there was even an issue. The internal questions of how they missed, did they do enough…I can’t imagine.

Then, the parents of the bully. What do you say? What do you do? What is the impact of knowing the reason a child is dead is because your child thought it fun to bully someone else. What do you do?

Please pray for the family of the little boy and pray for children everywhere. They need to know that bullying is never okay and that they are never alone. I HATE A BULLY.


Friday Frazzle: My Favorite Telework Tools

This post contains affiliate links that may provide commission if you purchase something from the link.  That being said all opinions are my own and this post is my genuine Friday Frazzle snapshot of all things great and awesome in the telework world.

Hello everyone and happy Friday! I hope your week has been warm and comforting! It’s been more than a bit chilly on my end, but it’s a blessing to feel the cold, so I thank God for it. Today is our second Friday Frazzle. For those who don’t know, Friday Frazzle is basically a quick snapshot of my week. I pull a few things that may have happened or that I’m doing or thinking and I’m sharing with you and asking you to feel free to do the same with me.

This week’s frazzle is an ode to great tools when teleworking. It just so happened that Superbug’s school district, along with several others, was closed yesterday due to early morning snow. While it wasn’t a lot, it was enough to make the roads pretty slick and I received authorization to telework since someone needed to be home. (Did I mention how amazingly grateful and blessed I am to have received that option?). That being said, I decided to share some of my favorite tools of the trade to ensure a successful teleworking experience.

Recognizing Middle Child Angst and What You Can Do to Address It

Hi lovies. I hope you are all having an amazing week. It’s been all kinds of interesting here. First, we had the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday on Monday. We spent the day spending time together as a family and catching up on some of the familial tasks, while discussing the importance of Dr. King’s legacy today. Then, yesterday, the area experienced a crisp clipper that dropped an inch or two of snow during the morning commute that shut down everything. The school alerts went from two hours to closed in about an hour. I ended up staying home to #telework (thank you, God for flexibility and internet) and caught up on work documentation. It was also then that I received confirmation of something I’d suspected for a while. Our eldest baby, Honeybee (3) is regressing. Well, no, not really.  That's been overly dramatic, but she is feeling left out and has been giving not-so-subtle hints for a while.

If I was attending to our infant daughter, she would laugh extremely loud and talk baby gibberish to make sure she was included in the conversation. Then, her subsequent conversations would be barely discernible because she would continue to talk in baby talk. If I asked her to do something that she has been doing on her own for months now, she would suddenly need help to complete the task (like dressing in the mornings or making her bed). I knew pretty quickly that she was crying for attention and spent some extra time with hugs and kisses, but she still seemed to be reaching. I decided I’d do some research on what she may be experiencing and came back with all kinds of hits for “Middle Child Syndrome”, which has some pretty scary stats by the way.

Weekend Recap: Playoffs

Hi everyone!  I'm just now sitting down from the conclusion of a pretty mixed weekend in our home.  It was just as I liked it.  Father Winter was kind enough to take the kids on a day trip to visit family giving me the first day sans children since the birth of our youngest daughter almost five months ago.  I honestly was so excited and had all of these terrific plans, and then ended up doing nothing except resting on Saturday.

I would have been super disappointed in myself for this, but dang it, when was the last time I allowed myself the luxury of just lounging without running around.  It has been super busy the last few weeks and a bit of me time was just what I needed.  I don't know why we moms (and dads, too) put so much pressure on ourselves to be there for everyone without taking time to recharge.  It's so important to have the downtime.  I have learned that if we aren't able to function, we are no good to anyone else.  And I needn't have felt bad for long.  It wasn't too long before it was time to make dinner.  I racked my brain for a while before settling on these Jerk Shrimp Kababs with Brown Rice for the family. Let me know if you would like the recipe.  I'll be glad to share.  I'm currently fasting from sweets, so the pineapples that beautifully accompany this dish are omitted this time. Don't worry!  They'll be there next time!

Friday Frazzle: My Weekly Snapshot

Hello everyone and happy Friday!  I hope your week has been wonderful!  It’s been super busy on my end, but that is always a good thing and I will not complain about that.  So, today is my first #FridayFrazzle.  Friday Frazzle is basically a quick snapshot of my week. I pull a few things that may have happened or that I’m doing and I’m sharing with you and asking you to feel free to do the same with me.

So, let’s begin!

Happy New Year..

Hello everyone!  Welcome to 2018.  A couple of weeks ago, I'd planned to do a countdown, a review of 2017, my #Infertility9 and all kinds of good stuff.  Then, my mother in love passed and I kind of didn't care about doing those things any more.  Funny how the importance of stuff changes from moment to moment.

Today, I'm feeling better about sharing and figured I'd touch on a bit of everything.  So let's begin.

2017 Review

What a year 2017 was.  We'd only JUST received our Beta on Christmas Eve in 2016 and here we were in January being discharged from our fertility clinic.  What an amazing and scary time that was.  Stepping away and debating about whom we would tell and how soon we would tell. We finally decided that, as we'd done in the past, we would allow God to direct our paths and He did in a major way.  We had a successful pregnancy, delivered a healthy baby girl (a shock to our #teamgreen guesses), and went through the fun of naming her.  In addition to the joys and highs of 2017, we faced sadness when my mother in love was called Home the day after Christmas.  The day before she'd been full of smiles.  Then, she was gone.  But we are still celebrating because we know exactly where she is and know we will see her again someday.