Thank you for an amazing 2018!

Christmas Recap 2018-Part I

What an absolutely beautiful Christmas season it has been. This holiday was just beautiful. There was so much love, so much fellowship, and so much genuine enjoyment and merriment. What a blessing it is and was to be with family. The Friday before Christmas, I grabbed the kids and we went to Walmart so that the kids could buy each other Christmas gifts.

The rules were simple. You have $20 to spend for a total of three gifts—one of each of your siblings. Guys, it was such a beautiful process watching the kids walk through the store putting serious thought into each other’s gift. I allowed Bug to go off by himself and then come back to me with his concealed in his cart. I took baby A. and Honeybee with me and the girls had so much fun selecting gifts.

Super excited to find this gift for her brother

Weekend Recap: Celebration!

Hi everyone! What an amazing weekend! It flew by, but I have no complaints about that. I’m hoping your weekend was awesome. This weekend was filled with some of my favorite things—food and fun! Saturday was my sister in love’s birthday celebration. Her husband, my brother in love, hosted a girls’ night out weekend for her. It was so sweet.

The medication discussion

Today I had my appointment with the doctor who prescribed my anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medications.  I've been nervous about this appointment because I wanted to know the risks and benefits associated with my continuing medication while expecting.

Things have definitely been easier and more emotionally stable for me being on the medication.  I feel like a better mother, wife, and woman than I have felt in a long time.  That being said, as the pregnancy progresses I've felt the familiar anxiety I felt before when my hormones were out of whack.  I know that recently when I take a bit more of my medication, I feel much better so I wanted to discuss maybe upping the dosage as a standard, but ONLY if it won't harm the baby.

FET Update: Beta #3 and spotting

Hi everyone.  I apologize for the delay in reporting this update.  So much happened that I kind of shared to Instagram and kind of didn't.  So, here's what has been going on.  I received y #3 beta on Friday afternoon.  My number was 5705, which was a great jump in numbers.  I didn't post because a lovely #TTCsister with whom I have been sharing this journey received bad news on her beta day and I didn't want to cause more pain in my posting.

Saturday morning, I woke up to take Bug to his youth Christmas Concert rehearsal.  I went to the bathroom to get ready and was shocked to see spotting akin to my first day of my cycle.  I was immediately concerned and called the fertility clinic after dropping Bug at the station.  I was called back about twenty minutes later and given some reassurance.

The nurse said about 30-40% of IVF patient's experience bleeding in the first trimester.  After checking that it was light spotting, she put me on "pelvic rest" which included no intercourse or orgasm for the weekend.

I felt a bit better, but was still cautious through out the weekend.  I spotted again on Sunday, but not near as much as the day before.  I've been cautiously observing and making sure not to overdue it.

I am still relieved to feel the nausea that lets me know that something is still going on.  I won't know what until December 17th when we have our ultrasound. I'm praying for great things

So, that's our latest and greatest.  I'll make sure to keep you posted.  Have a wonderful day.

Weekend Recap: Yep, it's really looking like Christmas now

Hi everyone.  I hope you had an amazing weekend.  It was a pretty perfect one as far as close to Winter entrances go.

FET Update: Beta #2

This post will contain thoughts on this pregnancy and also the journey to get to this point. Because I know all too well how these kinds of posts may affect my fellow #ttcsisters and #ttcbrothers, I include this disclaimer to forewarn you. Furthermore, I will continue to do so on any post that may be related to this pregnancy (assuming viability) so that you may have the option to bow out of reading. Don't lose hope and don't give up.  It WILL happen.)

Hello everyone.  My apologies for not posting yesterday.  I made sure to share the results on Instagram, but completely missed the opportunity to do the same on the blog since I was running around.

I went to the fertility clinic early in the morning and gave my second round of blood hoping for a doubling number.  I received a call around 1:00 p.m. and was informed that Beta #2 is 2703!  That's 751 more than it needed to be!  The office was really happy with that number.

I am still super nervous.  I think I'll be better once I see a heartbeat.  Right now, though.  I'm just blessed to be on the journey.

Beta #3 is tomorrow morning.  I'm praying for great news. 

FET Update: Beta #1- 976!

Oh my goodness!  I am sitting here still not quite sure of how to react.  I don't feel pregnant.  Besides a bit of nausea, I don't feel anything.  But God is good and my test results say that I am definitely pregnant.  I don't know if there is one or two little ones in there, but someone is there and someone is fighting to hang around.  I'm so thankful.

Wow!  God really is amazing!  So, if the information on the due date calculator is correct, I am 4 weeks, 4 days pregnant today.  My due date is August 9, 2018.  This is surreal.  Wow.  I'm pregnant. I'm pregnant.

Wow....Beta #1 is 976.  Wow!!!!

Weekend Recap: It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Hello everyone!  I hope you've had an amazing weekend.  This weekend was the start of the Christmas season.  As such there were several gatherings and parties this weekend...all happening at the same time!  Unfortunately, S. and I don't possess that be in the same place at the same time super power, so we honored our RSVP for our company's holiday party.    Attire was semi casual, so I donned a beautiful black sweater, some sparkly jewelry, and swept the braids into an updo.  It was the perfect outfit.

FET Update: 12dp5dt: Beta Eve

Hello everyone.  Tomorrow is the day.  Tomorrow I will know whether or not I am pregnant.  Guys, I have no idea what the results will be.  I have had bouts of nausea, but I don't know if that is the medication or an actual baby.  I feel slight tugging sensations, but it could be my imagination.  I feel occasional cramps.  It could be my cycle ready to come.  I have had spotting that could have been implantation bleeding....or it could have been breakthrough bleeding.  I honestly have no idea how this will go.

I've still not tested.  I still haven't had a drop of alcohol.  I've cut out the caffeine.  I have paid attention to all the hormones in my system.  I've been keeping a wide eye on all of this.  I'm excited regardless. 

Let's see what happens!

Prayers are always appreciated.


FET Update: 8dp5dt

Hello everyone.  I just wanted to provide a quick update of how things are going on 8dp5dt.  Today was interesting.  While attending an all day meeting, I went to the bathroom on break and noticed that I was spotting.  It looked as if I was about to start my cycle.  Of course, I panicked as it didn't look like typical implantation bleeding.  I contacted my fertility clinic and nurse, but had to return to my meeting and couldn't answer the follow-up calls.  When I went back in the bathroom 20 minutes later, nothing.

I am hopeful that it was implantation bleeding and that everything is now well and a sign that the baby (or babies) has settled nicely.  There are another 5 days before I know for sure.  I've been super tempted to test, but I certainly won't yet.

That being said....keep praying for a sister.


Medications:  Estradiol 3x a day: 1 mg of PIO, Prenatal vitamin

FET Update: CDs 1-5dp5dt

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is recovering from a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving. You can read about our Thanksgiving antics here. Today, I wanted to give a small update of how I’ve been feeling post FET transfer.

Thanksgiving Recap

Hello everyone! I am hoping you had an amazing Thanksgiving and that it was so very blessed in the Lord. This was the first year in about four that S. and I did not host Thanksgiving. Our sister in love did a fantastic job and we were so glad to be able to make a few dishes, come to her and my brother in love’s home, and just enjoy the day.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

Closed to Count our Blessings

Hi everyone!  I'm closing shop for a couple of days to enjoy our friends and family, and to thank God for all He has done and all that He is.  I'll make sure to check in after the holiday with FET updates and holiday recaps.

FET CD19: Transfer Day

What a day.  I am currently resting on the couch with two beautiful embryos resting well within me.  Today was our Frozen Embryo Transfer and it was a wonderful success.  This was our first frozen transfer, but it was vaguely reminiscent of our last IVF w/ICSI transfer.

Rocking my transfer booties

FET: CD18 Transfer Eve

It's the night before my transfer and I'm sitting here with my husband watching him watch football.  My right butt check is still protesting the injection I gave myself earlier.  I am almost certain there would be a bruise if I actually looked carefully enough.

I'm tired.  I'm ready to close my eyes and have a good night sleep before tomorrow's transfer.  I've done this before.  I know how this is supposed to go.  But man...I wish I didn't feel so nervous.

Tomorrow, if God is willing, I will have little passenger(s) resting within my womb at the end of the night.  I hope and pray with all of me that this procedure works.

Keep me in your prayers all.


Weekend Recap: Four Faves

Hi Guys!  I hope all is well with you.  It's time for another Weekly Recap and I wanted to pick a few of my favorite moments with you.

FET Update: CD14-We have our date!

Well guys, things have taken off at a rather rapid pace. After a pretty quiet cycle, I went in on yesterday (CD13) for my lining check and to confirm that 1.) I was at a lining of at least 8mm and 2.) I was ready to progress to progesterone in oil. The blood work and lining came back fine and then I received a call from the nurse practitioner.

Weekend Recap: Adventures in Babysitting

Hello everyone!  After last weekend's amazing trip down college memory lane, I was pretty pleased to take it keep it local.  Friday night, S., Bug, my niece, and nephew joined the church's young adult and youth ministries in an all night Laser Tag event while I kept baby A. and Honeybee at home.  They had an amazing time and my niece and nephew came home with S. and Bug for the weekend.

Friday Frazzle: My Week In Review

Hello everyone! I hope it’s been a fantastic week for you! It’s been a mixed bag for me. Some days have been wonderful. Others, like after the news of another mass shooting, not so much. I’ve been enjoying the link up with Narci, Erika, and Andrea so I decided to continue it. Here is my week in review and a few favorites too!

Why I took my 12 y/o son to the polls

I called the sitter on the way to the house.  Bug had the day off from school.  The sitter was still with Honeybee and baby A.  He was enjoying the day doing what preteens do on a rainy and dreary day.  He was sleeping.  I told the sitter that I would be picking him up in about ten minutes and for him to be ready.

Weekend Recap: 2018 NC A&T Homecoming (Photo Heavy)-Part 2

Hi everyone.  Thanks for joining us for Part 2 of the Weekend Recap.  There was so much to share that we just weren't able to put it in one post.  We hope you enjoy this one as much as we enjoyed experiencing it.

Weekend Recap: 2018 NC A&T Homecoming (Photo Heavy)-Part I

Hello everyone! I hope you had a fantastic weekend! I definitely did as my husband, his coworker, his coworker’s wife (both of whom are without a doubt awesome), and I drove down to Greensboro, North Carolina to attend North Carolina A&T State University’s Homecoming. Known among Aggie alumni as #GHOE for Greatest Homecoming on Earth, we drove down on Friday and made our way back yesterday. Guys, it was a great trip.

Friday Favorites: Our Favorite Children/Youth Adoption Books

Hi everyone!  If this is planned properly, you are reading today's Friday Favorite as I am en route to the Tar Heel State to celebrate Homecoming!!!  AGGIE PRIDE!!! 

Homecoming three years ago with Honeybee!
Because this month is National Adoption Month and November 1st was National Author's Day, I thought it would be nice to share some of Honeybee and my favorite adoption or adoption related books, along with a few recommendations from friends with you during this week's Friday Favorites.  I'm linking with A Little Bit of Everything, Momfessionals, and Grace and Love and hope you have an amazing Friday.

Skate Night with the Family

Hi everyone!  Last night was a pretty cool night for us.  I promise I'd already decided we weren't doing anything.  We don't celebrate Halloween and I wasn't too keen on going out, but Honeybee asked if she could be a "pretty purple princess" and S. mentioned at least showing face at the church's skate event and I acquiesced.  I'm so glad I did.

A Month of Gratitude

Hello everyone!  Happy November 1st.  This month is truly special.  There are a lot of wonderful things we are hoping and expecting to happen.  It's National Adoption Month.  It's "I'm Grateful" month.  It's the month we walk toward expanding our family via FET.  Wow...We have a lot going on.  So let's talk about it!

When are we going to humble ourselves and pray?

Guys, I have to preempt my usual Weekend Recap and vent. The past few days my heart has been breaking over and over again. Last Thursday, avowed white supremacist Gregory Bush, walked into a Louisville, Kentucky grocery store and killed two black senior citizens. The victims were minding their own business, grocery shopping, and were killed. Fifteen minutes earlier, the same shooter had tried to enter a predominantly black church but found the doors locked and went on his way.

Friday Favorites: Still Falling ‘for Fall

Hello everyone! Happy Friday to you! This week has been an interesting mix of Fall and pre-Winter temps, and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve had hot chocolate quite a few times and even enjoyed chili! Yay!!! It might sound cheesy, but I really do live for this season. As such I had to share with you some of my favorite Fall finds this week! It’s like the community has finally caught on that this great season is here. Last week, I decided to do a link up with other bloggers for Friday Favorites. I had a ball and met some really cool people so I decided to so again. Today, I’m linking with A Little Bit of Everything, Grace and Love, and Momfessionals for their Friday Favorites! Hope you enjoy!

FET prep: Mock Embryo Transfer

Today was a rather busy day.  I woke up for my mock embryo transfer appointment and realized I was more than a little nervous.  I suppose it was really hitting me that we were preparing to go forth and do great things. After a slight delay in getting out the house, I made my way to the fertility clinic--a new satellite location and met with the nurse practitioner who explained the procedure for me.

New digs

Weekend Recap: #ENDALZ: Memory Walk 2018

Hello everyone!  Here's hoping your weekend was wonderful!

It was an absolutely beautiful day for our family to walk to end Alzheimer’s. We woke up early, donned our purple, had a bit of breakfast in the chill of the morning and then headed out for a great time.

Friday Frazzle: A Week of Faves

Hi guys! Happy Friday!  I’m am hoping your week has been awesome and filled with all kinds of Fall things. Temps are getting cooler and I am absolutely loving this season. I actually turned on the heat last night. 😀Yep, that was needed! I also thought today was the perfect day to share hot chocolate with baby A....nope.

Just when we had a bit of breathing room...

Hi everyone.  A few minutes ago I opened my email and was greeted with a message from our fertility financial coordinator.  Remember how yesterday I was so thankful that our meds would cost a lot less than last time?  Well, the joy of less income was short lived.

The journey continues. FET #1 is about to begin.

Photo credit: Shady Grove Fertility
It’s been a while since I’ve shared about our FET journey. That’s because there hasn’t been a lot to share. We were delayed for a number of reasons.  First, the fertility clinic was cautious about proceeding after my trip to Punta Cana where I was once again besieged by demon mosquitoes before I doused in repellent and they didn't want to take the chance on Zika (I completely understood).  Shortly after that, I received a diagnosis of PPD.  {I promise to blog about that one at another time.}

Weekend Recap: My Weekend Top 5

I'm sorry for the delay, everyone!  It was a great weekend, but I got a bit busy in trying to recap it.    Friday night into early Saturday morning, our church hosted a Women's Lock-in where we fellowshipped, talked, and worshiped until 5AM.  It was an absolutely amazing event.  I have to admit I was reminded that I am not as young as I used to be lol because I was EXHAUSTED come time for Honeybee's game.  I decided instead of sharing tons of words and recaps, I'd list my Weekend Top 5.

Friday Thoughts: She doesn't have to hug you.

Hugs, optional.

This morning, my 4 year old daughter tried to get my 1 year old daughter to give her a hug. Baby A (our one year old) wasn’t having it and Honeybee (our 4 year old) was getting frustrated. “Mommy, she won’t give me a hug!” I smiled with so much love and gently told my beautiful 4 year old that her sister didn’t have to hug her. I reminded Honeybee that she and I had discussed feeling comfortable in your own space and that included hugging or kisses. If she [Honeybee] didn’t want to hug or kiss someone including adult relatives, she was not required to do so. The same went for her siblings. Honeybee stopped, looked at her sister, looked back at me and smiled. “Okay, Mommy”. When she hopped off the chair and went to play, her little sister followed her…and gave her a hug on her own terms a few minutes later.

National Stop Bullying Day

Today is National Stop Bullying Day.  I've written in the past of my absolute disdain for those who feel the need to bully.  I've written of the absolute heartbreak of having to have conversation with a younger Bug about why a child of 11 or 12 would feel no other recourse than to take their life.  Last year, I had to contact the school for a particular cruel social media bullying of my son who didn't even have access to social media.  The reason?  A little boy didn't like that Bug was friendly with a girl the boy had a crush on.  The silliest thing to his father and I?  Bug was only 11 and dating is absolutely not allowed nor to be encouraged at this age.  So the entire thing was unnecessary.  We were fortunate that it was addressed very quickly, but we'd heard several horror stories of when it was not.

Weekend Recap: Fair Thee Well, Auntie

This weekend I was blessed to attend the home going of my great aunt M.  That great aunt may make her seem distance, but when you remember that it was my great grandmother who raised me, it makes sense that I would have a close relationship with her sister.  I'm so glad that I did.

That was different...

There was actually a really cool moon graphic for the other "O", but I couldn't get it to show up :(
Hi guys!  Last night was Bug's Back to School night.  For as long as I can remember, Back to school night has been an opportunity for us to go and see what the students have been working on thus far, meet with his teachers, and get a lay of the land before engaging in parent teacher conferences if needed.  Even last year that appeared to be the case as we strolled six grade halls looking at work proudly displayed.  This year...not so much...

Weekend Recap: Of Soccer and Books!

Hi everyone!  Here's hoping you had a really enjoyable weekend.  We were fortunate to have another beautiful weekend here and we took advantage.

Friday Frazzle: The Joy of Motherhood

This week I’ve seen my social media timelines filled with beautiful daughters and handsome sons in recognition of Sons and Daughters Days. All of the posts celebrated their children and all of the posts made you feel the love that the parents have for their babies. I’m no exception. I love being a mother. It’s one of the best gifts I’ve ever been given.

Weekend Recap: Soccer Games and Homecoming Rain...

Hello everyone!  I am hoping you had an amazing weekend.  This one was a busy one for us, which I have to admit was a nice change of pace from the lazier days.  (I'm sorry, but I admit that I think I might actually like the more hectic pace (insert smile here)).

ALL The Fall Things!

It’S FALL!!! Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! GUYS! This is my season. I love this season. I have posted about it here and here. It’s my absolute go to season! The warm browns, the crisp apple reds, the pumpkin patch trips, the leaves, the hot apple cider, and YUMMY pumpkin and apple cider donuts! Oh my goodness! I LOVE this season!!! There is no other way I can celebrate this wonderful season, but by sharing all the FALL things! So, indulge me a moment or two, please!

Vacation Recap: Paradise at Paradisus Punta Cana

Hello everyone. I’ve been waiting to share this one for a while. It’s the recap of our trip to Paradisus Punta Cana! It’s been three years since we visited the Dominican Republic, three years since we stopped by Paradisus Palma Real (see that post here). This time, we invited my brother and sister in love and their spouses. Yep, S.’s brother and his wife and his sister and her husband joined us for a really beautiful trip, a couples’ vacation that we will definitely have to repeat in the future.

The lovely walk outside our room

Weekend Recap: Kevin Hart and Football

Hi everyone. I’m hoping it was a pretty great weekend for you. We were expecting to have Honeybee’s first soccer game, but received an email from the association that it was cancelled due to the inclement weather surrounding Hurricane Florence (prayers for all affected). This hurricane was no joke with all the flooding that's been going on in my home state.  Today, 95 is STILL shut down and the state DOT is telling people not to use I-95 at all due to flooding.  It's that bad in places.  I have a cousin who drives tractor trailers for a living.  He posted a video of driving through South Carolina today and the flooding is ridiculous. 

But I definitely digress.  After Saturday's announcement of no soccer, Bug and I decided to cook breakfast. He was very excited to cook with me and add to his kitchen skills. Nothing fancy, just scrambled eggs and cheese, biscuits, breakfast potatoes and peppers, and sausage. Everyone crushed everything. We tidied up for a while and let the kids settle down for quiet time before getting ready to leave the house. S. and I had a date night scheduled and our brother in love agreed to watch the kids. 

The show was supposed to start at 7, but with lines stretched around the block for the sold out show, it didn’t start until 8PM. The opening acts were pretty funny. One, in particular, had me cracking up and I enjoyed him. Kevin Hart took the stage a little after 9 and I enjoyed him. I didn’t do the guffaw laughs that I have in the past, but I still enjoyed myself. After the show, S. and I went and picked up the kids and made it home to get a few hours of sleep before church. No pics of the evening beyond the one below because they were NOT playing with the no cell phone rule.

End of the Night pic that Kevin Hart allowed

Marriage Musings...

Today my sister and her husband celebrate 17 years of marriage!  I was pleased when I saw their social media post this morning and couldn't wait to shower them with love and affection of my own.  I love their relationship.  Every time I see them, they genuinely love one another.  They look like they like one another.  They often fire jokes at each other and little inside jokes that make the other blush.  Looking outside in, they are a beautiful union.  I'm sure if you ask them, they will tell you that they love each other very much.  They will also tell you that they have walked through their own set of challenges as well just like any married couple will say the same.  Their love story got me thinking about marriages, mine in particular.

Google stock photo

Happy Birthday, Bug!!

Time waits for no man.  Truer words were never spoken.  Today, my first born turns 12 years old.  I'm so proud of him and the young man that he has become.  He is kind, respectful, sweet, and sincere.  He's an excellent big brother, a fantastic son, a lover of Christ with all his heart and soul.  He has a genuine compassionate nature and I am excited to see what God is going to do in his life.  I pray He allows me to live to see it.

Twelve years ago, I greeted this amazing little person and today, I get to celebrate him all over again.  Join me in celebrating my Bug.  As is our custom, we will have a family dinner at the place o his choosing, followed by cake, ice cream, and gifts when we get home.

I'll make sure to give a bit of recap on that later, but for now...happy birthday to my BUG!!!!

Weekend Recap: Apple Butter & Pizza

The great thing about weekends is there is always the opportunity to try something new that you don’t have time to try during the work week. This weekend, I was able to try my hand at apple butter AND try a local favorite in the form of 28” inch pizza. It was the weekend of awesomeness.

I found this recipe via a Pinterest search for apple recipes. I tried it with a bag of Red Delicious apples I had at the house that wasn’t getting eaten quickly enough. Sure enough, I dropped it in the crock pot for the directed time, and then placed the apples in my Ninja blender to get that all the way smooth consistency since there were quite a few lumps left previous. 

Red Delicious apples.  Took a while to peel, core, and slice, but so worth it.

First Day of School 2018

Have an awesome first day of school, guys!!!!

Summer Recap 2018

Happy Labor Day! What a much needed and well appreciated day off! Know what I did today? NOTHING!!! LOL! Honey, my tired is tired and that’s the truth LOL! With Labor Day comes the unofficial end to summer and I can officially say “It’s a wrap ladies and gentlemen!”

Tomorrow is the first day of school for the kids in our county. Lazy summer days are being replaced with books, papers, and homework. There are school activities and organizational hacks that need to be discovered. Summer is unofficially over. I decided that in addition to our regular Weekend Recap, I’d round out our Summer with a fun trip down memory lane. Hope you enjoy.

1.  End of Summer Bash/Baby A.'s Birthday Party.  It’s not every day you celebrate your first birthday. We decided to combine our annual End of Summer NFL Fantasy draft with baby A.’s birthday party. The kids had a ball with moon bounces. (Truth be told so did the adults). The adults enjoyed drafting their favorite players and building their amazing teams. We had food for days, friends for months, and fun memories for a lifetime. It was the perfect way to end summer.

The moon bounce was the hit of the neighborhood!

Baby A.'s Birthday Party Recap (plus End of Summer Bash!)

So, I’m not sure what I was thinking when I agreed to go with my husband on a couples’ vacation, only to return and host an annual party that would feature our daughter’s first birthday party exactly two days later.

                                                                          via GIPHY

Lesson learned. I don't think I'll try that again. Fortunately, everything seemed to fall into place exactly as it should have...despite being a bit crazy.  Now, let's discuss the party!

Hello September

Hello everyone! We’re back from our getaway to beautiful Punta Cana, DR. I’m looking forward to sharing the sights, sounds, and experiences of the vacation with you next week, so be sure to drop by for a recap. 

In the meantime, can we just talk about how quick September seemed to roll around this year? I’m really excited about it and am hoping to share some great experiences with you including what we decide as far as Operation FET. 

 Have a beautiful day!


Happy Birthday, Baby A.!!!

One year ago today, I was laying on the couch monitoring contractions wondering if today was going to be the day you decided to make your presence on your Earth.  Less than twelve hours later, you confirmed it was.

Mental Heath/R&R Break

Hi guys! Thanks for checking in. We’re stepping away from the keyboard for some R&R. We may interrupt it here or there, but for the most part…SILENCE!

 Don’t worry! We’ll be back soon with all sorts of interesting shares including (but not limited to) back to school, FET plans, and life in general. In the meantime, we hope you all have a blessed day. 

Talk to you soon!


Weekend Recap: Prep mode

Hi guys! You already know it’s August. For me that’s the month of preparation because school is right around the corner. This year, it’s going to be a hectic trek because S. and I are actually away for some of our usual prep month. That makes things a bit more difficult, but we are a family that rises to the occasion during challenges. So, what’s on the prep agenda this month?

Depression is..

My aunt is dead.  There's no jokes.  No corny metaphors.  No #bloglife or click bait. This is real life.  This is happening.  Yesterday, I received a text from my mother (our preferred way to communicate) asking me to call her ASAP.  Shortly thereafter, I received a text from one of my aunts asking if I'd spoken to my mom.  I already knew something bad was about to be shared.  I called my mom and there wasn't a "hi Mom" greeting.  It was "what's wrong?".  She couldn't get the words out.  She couldn't wrap her tongue around what she was trying to tell me.  It finally tumbled out..."Aunt C [name removed from privacy] is dead.  She ended her own life.  She...committed..she took her life..she's dead".  And I hit the floor.

Weekend Recap: Jesus! The Stage Play

Hi everyone! Here’s hoping your weekend was amazing. I absolutely enjoyed ours and can’t wait to share with you! This Saturday, S. and I traveled to the Sight & Sound Theater in Lancaster, PA to see the live stage play “JESUS”. Guys, it was beyond amazing and I am not just saying that. I am still trying to figure out why I bothered to put on makeup because I cried it off by the time everything was said and done. It was SO well done and like no play I’d seen before. This is NOT your regular live play production, I PROMISE you that!