Of Streams and Waterfalls

It’s been a while since I’ve written.  I can’t say it’s because a lack of things going on.  There is always something going on in our household.  Actually, my lack of writing has been a combination of things.  I’ve been busy at the office.  I’ve been busy at home.  I’ve been busy building another business.  [And] I’ve been fighting through some really honest and open places in my mind.  I haven’t been in a place where I wanted to share.  If I was in that place, I found the words wouldn’t come.  Plus, not too many people are clamoring for my thoughts, so I’ve been comfortable with keeping them to myself.  That being said, here I am ready to dump my streams (trickles of information) and waterfalls (a lot of information) for you to consume.
So, where shall we start?  Let’s start with my Honeybee. 

Honeybee.   She turned 8 months recently.  It’s amazing how quickly she hit that mark.  With that mark comes increased mobility as she all but has the hang of the crawling thing.  She has this lopsided crawl going on right now, but it doesn’t stop her from getting where she wants to get.  She’s tiny still.  Her 3 month old clothes fit her just fine, but she can comfortable fit some cuts of her six month old clothes as well.  She’s recently learned the word “hi”, but is confused to what it means.  When someone says “hi” to her, she jumps (literally) jumps from your arms to that person.  She did this in rapid succession for about 7 minutes last night jumping from me to Nana to SuperBug every time someone would say “hi”.  She did the same thing this morning and the spectacle is quite comical, but we are still trying to teach her that it is a greeting and not a request.  In the meantime, it’s her new favorite game.

She’s eating a lot now.  You know those Gerber containers?  She eats two of the smaller ones or one larger one and two smaller ones in one sitting.  Then she wants a few ounces of her bottle to wash it down.  No, we aren’t over feeding her.  She actually yells if she is still hungry and then turns her head when she is no longer interested.  Her personality is quite strong and very independent.  I love learning her moods and the person she will one day be.

SuperBug.  SuperBug is doing well.  Picture Day was this week.  I was looking forward to a nice Fall picture of him in a Fall sweater and colors.  It was not to be as the temperature was a balmy 79 degrees.  That was very surprising.  He ended up in a long sleeve shirt with a short sleeve underneath (the trend).  He then took the long sleeve off some point in the day.  I myself went to work and was surprised to see people in linen summer suits and short sleeves.  The office actually had the air conditioner blasting.  Yep, the air conditioner.  I ended up working a bit late and then left work to get some errands done.  When I got home, Superbug greeted me with his usual hug and enthusiasm.  I asked if he’d gotten a chance to go outside and play in the warm weather.  I was disappointed that he had not.  FatherWinter and I have an agreement with SuperBug that he may not go outside and play until and unless he has completed his chores and his homework.  Some nights he does it in minutes (it should not take more than 20) and some nights he does it in hours.  We were worried at one time that it was because he was having trouble understanding the work.  During a parent teacher conference we found this was not the case.  He simply gets distracted.  So, we are actively working on that.  That being said.  I was very disappointed that he couldn’t go outside and play.  It was probably one of the last arm days we will see for a while.

The TPR thing.  Things are still going forward with the TPR case (See Of Scents...).  It’s nerve wrecking to say the least.  I have said this before.  I know God has not given me a spirit of fear, but I also know that I do not presume to know the will of God.  I certainly hope and pray that Honeybee will remain with us—the only family she has known.  I just don’t know what God has in store.  I know that I love this child with every fiber of my being.  Every breath I watch as she sleeps soundly in my arms, every smile she throws my way, every snuggle just reinforces that I would move heaven and heck for this girl.  She’s my daughter and I love her.  I understand that she wasn’t birthed from my womb, but she was birthed in my heart.  I ache to think that one day I might not get to hold her or kiss her or give her the nighttime routine that has become her comfort.  I have always worn the banner that there is no weak woman here.  I still wear it, but must admit that to be without her would be devastating.

Stepping Out on Faith.  Things have been very busy in our household and the action has been centered in my home office.  Several years ago, I believed I felt God’s calling on a business venture that I’d dabbled with in college.  I have a passion for writing and communication and I love to help people achieve their own passions.  One day, after a particularly stirring sermon, I felt like it was time to restart the venture.  I put the thought away and went to sleep, but remembered occurrences in the week that had seemed to confirm what I’d been feeling.  That night, I was awakened from a slumber and started retyping and revamping a business plan.  That same night, I officially launched my business.  That was several years ago and like rivers, I’ve had some ebbs and flows and shallow places.  Things had gotten quiet because I was pretty uncomfortable with stepping up and out of my comfort zone.  Recently, things started happening in such a major way that I could no longer deny that God truly wanted me to continue this venture in earnest.  So, that is what I have been doing.  I started a social media and content management firm that specializes in small business owners.  I’ve been blessed to receive referrals, recurring customers, lock on and negotiate some pretty great media moves, and secure some of my client’s place in the limelight.  I love what I do and hope that one day it will become my full time career, if that is God’s will.  That notwithstanding, I still greatly enjoy my daily temporary full time and the work I do there.  But, when it’s quitting time, I go home, get the family taken care of, and then I’m locked in the home office for hours.  For the past week and a half, I’ve not gone to bed before 11p.m.  More often than not, it’s midnight.  I’ve been waking at 5-7 depending on how many times I need to hit snooze and making it to my TFT to give it my 100% here.  Pure transparency, it’s starting to catch up with me.  I’ve missed more than a couple of dinners and have subsisted on breakfast smoothies (which are AWESOME) for my energy and grilled cheese nom noms for lunch.  Today, I feel a little less peppy and recognize that I need to recharge.  It was a great night last night with a new monthly contract signed, two requests for prospective client meetings, one media opportunity secured, and the successful release of press for a client.  It was about 1230 when I made it to bed this morning.  I think I will have to take a bit of respite for tonight.

Daycare.  You all remember a few weeks ago I shared that Honeybee will be joining the ranks of millions of other children who venture into the doors of daycare.  Well…next week is the start.  I. AM. SO. NERVOUS.  I mean it.  I mean, I am nail biting, twist my hair, eating junk food, planning my surprise drop ins NERVOUS.  My baby is going to be away from me for a bit.  Sigh.  She’ll only be there a few days a week.  It’s more to get her acclimated to other people and children besides NanaWinter and ourselves.  Plus, now that she is mobile, it will be easier on Nana.  Still, I am NERVOUS.  The great thing is I know where she is going.  The daycare is the one that so loving cared for my son many years ago.  I know the staff.  The director is one of the kindest and sweetest ladies I know.  That being said…I am still nervous.  I wasn’t even this nervous when I allowed my son to be cared for there at 9 weeks of age until he aged into pre-school at 3.  Part of that was because I knew the people caring for them.  I mean I knew all of them.  I worshipped with them, sang with them, cried with them.  They were my family and I theirs’.  They were the strongest, most wonderful people I have ever known.  And I love them to this day.  But, they were elders and as elders typically do, they retire or fall ill.  That and my son grew up.  His last time there was 5 years ago.  Now, there are new people.  People whom I know, but not intimately.  People whom I know will love my daughter, but not like I can love her.  People who may confuse her size with weakness.  Something she most certainly is not.  I want to make sure she is healthy and happy when away from me.  I know she will be, but still I am nervous.

More…well, I’m sure there is tons more that I can tell you, but I won’t right now.  But be on the lookout J.  I’ll be sharing soon!

This is not the world I grew up in...and sometimes that worries me

I've been sitting here this week watching the news.  I know.  I know.  I can already see the eye rolls and hear the groans, but I am a news nut.  It stems from my grandmother turning it on before we got ready for school in the morning, in the afternoon when we came home, and at night before we went to bed.  We used to talk about what we'd seen.  The practice carried itself with me when I went to college and chose to major in a Communications field.  I still watched the news all day, every day.

This week, I've been watching and seeing that this world is not the same one I grew up in.  I was watching a story with accompanying video of a female student who attacked her teacher after being told to get off her cell phone during class.  The student threw a chair and book at the teacher and the teacher retaliated.  The student's family was demanding the teacher be fired for not behaving "professionally".  They blamed the teacher for retaliating.  They are talking about suing the school system and the city.  But, they never made any acknowledgement anywhere that their family member was wrong for physically assaulting the instructor or even thinking it was okay to do so.  Ummmmmm.....I'm sorry.  I have a problem with that.

I was raised in a family of educators.  I was also raised with good morals and taught to respect my elders and those in authority positions.  I may not agree with what they say.  I may not agree with how they say it, but I am certainly not allowed to put my hands on them just because they tell me something I don't agree with.  This is the same way I teach my son and will teach my daughter. I mean...has the world changed so much that it is okay for children to assault adults and the child is not disciplined for that?

My husband and I very much STILL believe in the old ways.   My son still holds doors open for women and elderly.  He still says yes sir and yes ma'am.  He looks people in the eye when talking to them.  If he says "yeah", instead of yes when talking to an adult, we have a problem.  He is allowed to play on the street in front of our home and down to the end of the same street.  He may not do even that without permission to be outside. I don't think my husband and I are being unreasonable with our expectations of his behavior and while Superbug is sometimes joked for having "strict" parents, we have yet to have an educator tell us they have a problem with our son's behavior (minus an occasional age appropriate distraction).  Moreover, we usually hear compliments with regards to his presence in the class.  If our child did what was done in that classroom, I can assure you the conversation held in front of the camera would not have been calling for the dismissal of the instructor.

Now, to be fair, I don't know the entire story.  I only know what I saw on the camera.  I am well aware that some teachers can have agendas against parents and take them out of students.  But even then, there are ways to handle it.  Let me share a true story with you.  A close relative of mine had to have words with her son's teacher after the teacher kept trying to hit on her husband.  After the husband made it clear that he was not interested, all of a sudden there were bad reports made just about every day.  The relative complained to the principal, but it was hearsay.  It wasn't until a cleverly placed audio device captured the teacher and her antics was the teacher let go.  So, as I said, I know those cases exist.  But even if that were the case in this instance, throwing a book and a chair and launching oneself at the teacher is not the way to handle the situation.

This world is getting terrible.  My faith tells me that these are birth pangs of the world.  I believe that with all of me because some of the stuff that we have going on today was never allowed in my time--the blatant disrespect, the constant killing of youth by youth, the shooting and killing of unarmed citizens by those sworn to protect and serve.

I have a boy, a little brown boy, who came to me several months ago and told me the little boy down the street won't play with him because his father told him he wasn't allowed to play with little brown boys.  My son didn't understand as I explained that some people are going to judge him because of his skin color and because they are making assumptions about him.  He was only seven years old at the time.  That was not the conversation I wanted to have with him.  Nor was having to explain what the word "racist" meant when he asked after a day at school this year.  Apparently, he was invited to play a game called racist and refused because he didn't know what the word meant. That wasn't a conversation I remember anyone having to have with me at seven years old.

My husband and I teach our son the faith of Jesus Christ.  We teach him to love all people, even those who hate him.  We teach him that he will have to face some hard truths in his life, but as long as he keeps Jesus at the forefront of all of his decisions, everything else will fall into place.  But I must admit, there are times that this world and all that it is becoming weigh heavily on me.

What will this world be for Honeybee?  I pray that it is a prosperous.  I pray she will always know and be surrounded by love.  I hope she will always know great things and that she never doubts that she is a core of our family.  I hope she knows that her heart strings tie intricately to all of ours, that she is a part of us.  I hope she always knows that we love her.


Sunday dinners and memories

Yesterday I was able to enjoy something I've been craving for a long time.  Soul food.  Yes, I'm serious.  I'm a Carolina-raised country girl complete with farm stories and everything.  I was sitting at work last week and decided that it had been WAY too long since I've had some good old fashioned Sunday dinner trimmings. With Thanksgiving holidays coming up, it's always a good idea to brush off those country cooking skills and I was in a mood to do some homemade, from scratch cooking, so that's exactly what I did.

On my way home from work on Friday, I stopped at the local grocery store and picked up collards, turkey necks, sweet potatoes, bananas, vanilla wafers, evaporated milk, macaroni and cheese, a block of Velveeta, a block of Monterey Jacl, a block of Colby, two bags of shredded of the same, and blocks of cheddar.  I picked up bottles of Jack Daniels Original No. 7, a huge pack of drumsticks, and a box of crockpot bags.  I walked through the door, put everything up, and smiled anticipating my Sunday.

Sunday morning came and we were out of the house early for our early morning church service and Sunday school.  When we got home, the fellas headed straight downstairs (well, FatherWinter did, Superbug had chores).  I immediately started cooking.  Washing the collards and separating the greens from the stalk, washing the sweet potatoes and putting them in the oven to roast, washing the turkey necks and then prepping them.  I washed and thoroughly cleaned my chicken drumsticks, got all of my spices together, rubbed it in, and let the chicken sit with those spices for about 30 minutes before layering in the bagged crock pot with plenty of Jack Daniels bbq sauce.  Slow and steady it goes.  It wasn't long before the kitchen began to have a familiar smell--home.  My kitchen started smelling like home.

It smelled like my childhood home in NC.  I was reminded of coming home from church on Sundays and having my grandmother in the kitchen doing the same thing that I was doing.  I remembered watching her hands moving so deftly across the table.  Now, here I was doing the exact same thing.  I looked over to the activity center and there sitting and observing everything I did was Honeybee.

I had to smile.  One day, I hope, Honeybee will be doing the same thing for her family and perhaps she will have a little one looking at her while she does so.  I smiled and continued to prepare the dishes that my grandmother and mother taught me.  I prepared new dishes that were guided by internet recipes.  It was an eclectic mix of yummy and everything turned out lovely.

Several hours later, I walked downstairs with a plate of bbq chicken, cornbread, collard greens, baked beans, baked macaroni and cheese, yams, and a nice beverage.  My husband's eyes were so excited.  I got a kiss for my efforts lol.  My son was much more exuberant.  I got hugs, kisses, and whoohoos.  Both cleaned their plates.  Because Honeybee has been allowed to have some solid food, I squished the yams into a nice easy consistency, did the same with the mac and cheese, and mixed the corn bread with a little pot liquor.  I gave her only a bit.  She ate it all!

Later, the family sat around and talked about our favorite meals and favorite memories.  Superbug told of how much he enjoyed the first Thanksgiving that our families spent together.  His favorite memory was that there was so much food that no one touched the dessert table until the next day.  FatherWinter shared a childhood memory of how it took so long to get to a family member's home (long distance) that when the family finally arrived, everyone had eaten.  FatherWinter and his family had to have food heated up.  My favorite memory was my first Thanksgiving where I cooked EVERYTHING.  I was 13 years old and I made everything from turkey to stuffing to macaroni and cheese to desserts for sixteen people.  Everyone loved everything and I was allowed to cook Thanksgiving dinner (with my grandmother's assistance of course) until I moved out and started having Thanksgiving on my own.

All in all, it was a very great day full of great memories and lots of great food. 

Do you have any good food, family, and fun memories?

Moments like this...

This morning, 5 a.m. to be exact, I found myself in a rather unusual location.  I was at my dining room table helping my son with his homework. I have to admit that I was frustrated.  I am not a fan of sitting at a table at 5 in the morning when I could be catching up on the last hour of sleep needed before beginning the day.  Yet there I was helping a stubborn SuperBug who'd given up on his homework the night before.

It was easy homework to solve in my opinion.  All he had to do was read and follow the directions, but it wasn't clicking.  I'd finally allowed him to go to sleep last evening and awake early this AM to try again.  As we sat at the table and my Superbug was slowly getting the concept of the morning's assignment, I thought to get a visual aid.  I told Superbug I would be right back, went up the stairs, grabbed some dollars and change (math homework) and was coming down the stairs when I saw it. Out the window was the beautiful start to the lunar eclipse.
Photo credit: Huffington Post

The edges of the moon were turning gray and I knew its face would soon be red.  I went downstairs and told Superbug that if he and I finished this particular problem soon, I'd have something neat to show him.  About 6 o'clock, I went back to the stair window and say the eclipse was well underway.  I bid Superbug to get his robe and shoes.  He looked at me with confusion, but did so.  Forty seconds later, we were standing in our driveway looking up at a beautiful lunar eclipse.

"Mommy, the moon is red.  Why?"  I explained to him the science of the Earth's rotation between sun and moon.  I explained the shadow cast.  I also explained some of the bible verses associated with a red moon.  We had a very fascinating conversation about it.

What I loved the most about the time was, despite the fact that I was up at crack of dawn, my son and I were sharing a private mommy son moment.  He was excited to see something that he would have missed otherwise as he is not required to rise until a few minutes before 7.  The sun would have hidden the night sky by then.

It was a great and wonderful moment.  We stood looking at it for a while and then returned to our dining room table and finished the homework.

I realized that had Superbug finished his homework last night as he was supposed to, he would have missed the eclipse this morning, as would I.  We would have missed that moment of awe together.  It would have been a missed experience.

While I am still not too thrilled that Superbug simply gave up on doing a task, and we are working on that, I must say I'm glad the opportunity was available for us to do something together and capture an amazing memory.  Hopefully, he'll think the same.


Thieves In the Kitchen

Oh, family!  If I can tell you the horror, the unmitigated gall, the devastation that exists in this realm…someone has stolen the cookies from my lunch bag!  Lol.  Okay, okay.  I have to admit it’s funny now, but oh how upset was I to discover that my painstakingly baked chocolate chip delicacies were gone! 

Last night, in true Winterfashion, in observance of the slight chill in the air and the need for something warm and filling, I made one of SuperBug’s favorite dinners..lasagna.  I added broccoli as a side because he isn’t a fan of too many salads and complimented it with 5 cheese garlic bread (a huge family fav).  As a special treat to the ones I love so dear…I baked chocolate chip cookies.  Alright, alright….they weren’t my famous from scratch white chocolate chip cranberry cookies, but they were the next best thing…Refrigerated chocolate chip cookies! 

SuperBug and I lovingly broke apart each tiny square and placed it ever so gently upon the foiled baking pan.  We ushered it into the preheated oven and grinned at each other in anticipation as the aromatic smells of chocolate spread through the home.  Yes, all was well with the world.  When the cookies were done, I did that which has been a tradition of mine since childhood.  I grabbed two after they cooled just slightly, paired them with ice cold milk, and sighed as the tantalizing texture tickled my taste buds.  Wonderful.

Blessed with dinner leftovers, I packed lasagna and broccoli in my bag along with banana for breakfast and yogurt for snack.  To cap everything off, I ever so gently two particularly beautiful spheres in a perfect transport (alright, alright…it was Tupperware…just stay with me!) and arranged it with care in my lunch bag.  All was well with the world.

Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?
This morning, I transported all contents to the work refrigerator, placed the bag in my favorite spot, the lower quadrant, and went to be progressive in my day.  When my tummy alerted me to the perfect time to indulge, I returned to my bag, removed the lasagna and broccoli, heated it, and returned to my desk with the bag.  Remembering the two spheres I reached down to remove them and GASP! INSERT SCREAM OF HORROR!  OH THE HUMANITY….THEY. WERE. GONE!!!!!  (cue the sinister music and cackling laughter of the thief).

I was so upset.  I couldn’t believe someone would go in my bag, erasing any possibility of saying they mistakenly ate my sweets, and kidnap that which was most anticipated.  The world is indeed cruel.  I emailed a very good friend of mine and her response changed my entire mood.  She laughed out loud.  Yep, she laughed.  And I laughed too.  Somehow it was hilarious that someone would go to the fridge, rummage through my bag, and take that which I wanted most…SWEETS. 

While I have to admit, I am so NOT a fan of thievery, I am a fan of helping.  I’d like to think that whomever it was that purloined my precious sweets were in dire straits and that the food was a welcome treat that gave energy.  I really wish they’d have simply come to me.  I would have been willing to share.  One of my coworkers said something that made a very valid point.

He said that it really says something about a person’s character when they are able to take something that they know doesn’t belong to them.  It isn’t the kind of person he would want to hire or have on his team or have working with him.  Then, they said, the sad thing was the person probably was on his team (meaning they worked at the same company) and walked away.

I understood that.  I remember when I was a little girl, I was walking through a store with my cousin, grandmother, and uncle and saw a Tarheel pin.  It was very pretty and I wanted to give it to my grandmother.  I didn’t think what I was doing was stealing.  I simply thought I would take it and give to my grandmother and she would smile all big and beautiful.  When we got home, I presented the pin to her and she asked where I got it.  Her face took on a mixture of disappointment, sadness, and even fear.  She explained that what I’d done was wrong.  It was stealing.  She explained that I should never do that ever.  She knew I didn’t know any better as we rarely went out and it wasn’t ever discussed.  So, she gave the pin to my uncle to return to the store.  He did so and came back and had a stern talking to me.

I remember him saying that if I never had anything else in the world, I had my name.  My name should always be pure and clean.  It should always be associated with good things and not negative.  It’s a lesson I’ve tried to keep every day of my life since that incident.  I think others need to learn it too.


She's scooting!!!!!

Okay, okay.  I will admit that Honeybee has been making some amazing moves recently, seeming to get from one end of the crib to the other in record time, but I'd never actually seen her make the moves.  She always seemed to move when I wasn't around and then grin when I turned back to see her progress.  So, I've been very patient and today, Honeybee shared with me what she has been sharing with her grandmother and father.  Honeybee scooted.  Yep, she kind of military crawled and jumped-ish to grab at my toes.  Apparently, she was fascinated with the red color.

What a great moment.  She practically beamed at me.  So, our Honeybee has started scooting at seven months.  This means a few things.  Number 1.  It means additional baby proofing.  We had quite a bit to do prior to Honeybee's arrival per the rules of our agency.  So, most of the plugs are already covered.  The lower level cabinets have locks.  The medicine cabinet has locks.  But, we have a lot of stairs around here.  We'll definitely need to invest in a couple of baby gates.  Number 2 was touched on a few posts ago.  It is just about time for Honeybee to buzz with other little boys and girls during the day.  I am still nervous about that, but we have found a place that we trust and that is only a few minutes drive from my office (less than ten).  I can get there immediately if something happens or if I just want to pop in for lunch.  Number 3.  It means our Honeybee is growing up.  She'll be crawling soon and I remember how fast her big brother was.  I can only imagine how much faster she will be.

I'm super excited about the newest accomplishment.  I wish I could share pictures and video of the event, but God willing, this time next year, you'll be tired of our family posts :)

Have a very good evening and be blessed!!


Can I Be Honest? I'm Evolving and Me Time is a part of that process..

I recently wrote on my realization that I am not SuperWoman (see post I Am NOT Superwoman...) and the acceptance that it is perfectly fine that I will never carry that title.  In the post, I lamented the loss of musicals, plays, book stores, and times of complete solitude.  I noted, and feel the need to restate, that I don't wish away my life.  I love being a wife and mother.  Those roles are key parts of who I am.  They are me.  I like that person and all the love and joy that comes with her.  But, before I was WinterMommy (mommy and wife), I was Winter.  I had definite interests that I enjoyed, nurtured, and cultivated.  Somewhere along the line, I realized that embracing new interests and roles had pushed away some of the really cool parts of Winter.  Somewhere along the line, I stopped enjoying and partaking in me time.

So, today, I took steps to rectify that issue in a rather unplanned source of me time rebellion.  I'd just completed the end of a very long albeit productive work week.  I was turning out of the office parking lot when I remembered how I really wanted to continue reading the e-book that I'd downloaded to my tablet.  It's a great read based on the events occurring after the Rapture and I was not having any luck in getting through it.  Every time I'd tried in recent weeks, I was interrupted by the demands of home, community, shoot...life.

Today as I was driving, I decided on a whim that I was going to take just a bit of time for me.  So, I pulled into a local eating establishment, walked in, sat in a booth, and ordered a margarita and an order of cheesesticks.  I sat down with tablet in hand and enjoyed ME.

Honey, it was amazing.....

Perfect Margarita with a perfectly brown mozzarella stick package 

I sat in that booth, read my book, looked out the window, and enjoyed ME.  I gasped aloud at the unexpected plot changes in the e-novel.  I sipped slowly on my beverage, enjoyed my cheesesticks that belonged to me all by myself, and enjoyed myself.  No little hands reaching for a sample.  No disapproving click of tongue because I decided to have a beverage instead of ordering an ice water as I do 99% of the time.  No, it was just me, myself, and I.  I loved it.

You know what else I loved? I loved that I was comfortable in my solitude.  Seriously!  Can I be honest?  I have not always been comfortable in my skin.  When I first moved to the area as a young 20-something I would get off work on the weekends and would go straight to my cousin's home with whom I was staying.  I would get out the car, shower, and then go to my room and do absolutely nothing.  It wasn't because I didn't want to or because my cousin, who was an elder cousin, would have forbidden it.  I was new to area.  I didn't know anyone and I was too shy and uncomfortable to sit somewhere by myself.  Oh, I tried plenty of times, but it didn't work. I would carry my little self into a crowded room, sit in a booth, feel awkward, and about ten minutes later, I'd leave.  My goodness.

When I moved into my own apartment several months after arriving to the area, I thought to myself how easier it would be to go out, to host little get togethers, to be the social butterfly I'd always envisioned myself to be.  But, even into my late 20s, I would be terribly uncomfortable at a restaurant or event by myself.  I felt like people were staring, wondering why I was there, and what I was doing.  I would see women together in groups and would feel sad that I didn't have that option myself.

I am so glad to say I have evolved into a person who loves herself and counts her moments of solitude as a luxury.  I much, much, much more prefer the interactions of my family, but when I need to just sit and think or read a good book, I'm glad to say I can love spending time with me by me :)  I LOVE me time.

Today, I enjoyed my me time for about 40 minutes.  Just enough time to nurse my beverage, enjoy my appetizers, and get a couple of chapters in my book.  I didn't need hours and hours.  I just needed some uninterrupted stress free time.  After I finished, I paid my tab, tipped, wished my server a good evening, and proceeded to my car.  I felt light, happy, and delightfully free.  And guess what?!

When I got home, I was STILL super excited to see my children and love on my spouse.  My me time didn't diminish my love for my family at all.  Now, please don't think me time is limited to spending money.  It isn't at all.

Photo credit: seattleite.com
In the past, I've had me time in a huge sunken tub with bubbles, rose petals, candles (tea lights with batteries so I didn't have to clean up wax spills), music in the background, and sparking cider to keep me company. Those had me for 2 and 3 hours and wrinkled as a raisin when I came out.  But, I love it all the same.

Now, it's back to business as usual.  Tomorrow morning, there will be waffles, bacon,  scrambled eggs, and yogurt for breakfast.  I'm planning on taking the children out for fun at the Children's Museum followed by a bit of bowling, and finally a stop at the library.  Tomorrow night, I'll try some of the recipes that have been listed in my pinterest box.

But for right now, I am enjoying the results of my me time and look forward to having that time again in a few weeks or so.

Have a great evening.