Weekend Recap: Family Time

Hi everyone!

I hope you've had a wonderful weekend.  This weekend our family just spent time together.  We stayed up late to watch movies.  We ate food. We had a wonderful time!  It was just a weekend of loving our family and I loved it!  
Smiling for beautiful days.

Preggo #4 Update: Weekly Update 21 weeks

Hi everyone!  Thanks for checking in!  I am 21 weeks pregnant.  All well on the home front.  So the baby calendar over at Babycenter says baby is the size of a carrot. I am in my fourth month.

We haven't announced yet, so you probably won't read this update until after the actual announcement, but I still wanted to document all the same.  Here's hoping you enjoy the update.

Hello July!


Can you believe it?! We’re halfway through the calendar year. The year has been something. We’ve had civil unrest. We’ve had COVID-19. We’ve had quarantines. We’ve had deaths. We’ve hard discussions. It’s been a journey! 

The Announcement

Yes!  It's true!  S. and I are expecting child number 5!  Do you know how LONG I've wanted to tell you guys!  This is awesome and amazing and nothing short of miraculous.  Please know that this comes as a complete shock for us as this child has been conceived naturally without any medical intervention, and against all odds according to the doctors.  Everything looks good and healthy.  The heart rate is strong.  The baby is growing like it is supposed to and we are so excited.