Hello August!

Wow!  Is it really August?  Already?  Wow!  Well, hello August.  I am hopeful that this month offers us a lot of love, joy, peace, and fellowship.  We know the COVID is not over and we have had more than enough of the heartbreak that has accompanied it.  But we are very thankful to see another month!

What's Up, Wednesday

How crazy is it that I'm connecting to you all on another last Wednesday of the month.  Sunday will be August.  This year is flying.  Wow!  Anyway, I'm linking with Mix and Match Mama and Sheaffer Told Me To.  Here's what's going on in our world.

Preggo #4: Bump Update- 24 weeks

Hi everyone!  I hope your week has been as enjoyable as mine!  I hit 40 years young this week!  Yay!  I had a wonderful celebration that you can learn more about here.  The week itself has been very busy and I am looking forward to a chance to actually rest for a while.



Birthday Recap: 40 is Fabulous

Hi everyone!

I am still smiling and am so humbled by the outpouring of love and support I received on my birthday yesterday.  Truthfully, with COVID still running rampant, I was fine with take out dinner and a movie on Netflix.  I wasn't expecting anything big and I was perfectly fine with it.  The day had already started so beautifully.

Black woman holds "Happy" and "B-Day" balloons
A fabulous 40th birthday...even in COVID-19