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Dressing My Bump: Embracing Maternity Fashion for Pregnancy #3

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Okay, I’ll be honest here. When I was expecting baby A., I wasn’t exactly a fashion maven. Most of my maternity clothes came from graciously donated and loved maternity wear from co-workers and family members. There were functional pieces in there and even some beautiful dresses, but I still didn’t really have a maternity wear flow. Since I was more interested with comfort than fashion, I kind of allowed my wardrobe to diminish. Even a supervisor commented how he missed the business suits and flair I was known for when I became pregnant. I felt no insult because so did I. When I confirmed that S. and I were expecting this baby, I made a decision that I was going to find cute, functional, and budget friendly maternity pieces that would flatter my bump and keep my moods high. Thankfully, the Internet is filled with great suggestions and I’ve been having a great time sensibly stocking up!