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Crushing the Fall Checklist like RAH!

Hi everyone!

We are officially in the season of WINTER!  Woohoo!  I know.  I know.  Technically, winter visited us on the 22nd of December, BUT there have been temperatures closer to Summer than Winter. Nevertheless, I wanted to check in and show how we did on our Fall Checklist challenge.

So you know how it goes.  We came across a great Fall Checklist by SimplyKierste and blogged about it here.  So, here's how we did.

1.  Bake pies.  Yep!  I baked two pecan pies for the very first time.  I also made sweet potato pies in Fall.  And while cobbler isn't exactly pie.  I made a peach cobbler as well!  Woohoo!

2.  Visit the pumpkin patch.  Yes! In our Fall recap, Superbug, Honeybee, and I visited the pumpkin patch for a nice Fall retreat.  A couple of weeks later, the entire family went to a pumpkin patch to celebrate National Adoption Month.

3.  Go through a corn maze.  Done!  Granted, it was a tiny one for the babies but it still counts!

4.  Bake fall cookies.  Yes!  We made some great white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies and some oatmeal raisin cookies as well.  Nothing says fall like the fresh smells of fresh cookies.

5. Trick-or-treat.  Well, we didn't actually trick-or-treat since we don't really do Halloween.  But we did go to our church for their Trunk and Treat and that's pretty close.

6.  Go on a hayride.  We did this twice!  And had a great time every time we did so.

7.  Decorate.  We knocked this one out for Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving accents were everywhere.

8.  Tailgate.  My college homecoming was the perfect tailgating location!

9.  Count our blessings.  :) Each and every day.

What we didn't do :(
1. Jump in a pile of leaves.  We don't have that many trees yet.
2.  Go on a nature walk.  We'll tackle this one for sure in the future.
3.  Pick apples.  How disappointing it was that we couldn't get out to the orchard and pick apples.  That's a must next year.
4. Sit by the fire.  We did it in the summer, but that doesn't count for the fall.  We'll try it again next year.
5. Carve pumpkins.  Never really been a fan of things pumpkin related *gasp I know*
6.  Roast pumpkin seeds.  See above.
7.  S'mores and bonfire.  I love s'mores.  But we did it in the summer and not the Fall.  We have to do better next year.
8.  Drink apple cider.  Yuck lol.  Not a fan!  But maybe Superbug will try it next year.

So, 9 items out of 17 completed.  I say we knocked out quite a few.  Woohoo!!!  Now it's time to focus on our Winter checklist.  That one is coming soon!

Have a great evening.

Weekend Recap: More than just a cause

I really wasn’t expecting this weekend to be as fun and memorable as it was. Truly, I wasn’t. I knew we had a few plans, but the outcome went above anything I could have imagined. When I arrived home on Friday, FatherWinter informed me that we would be getting up early the next morning to attend a 3-on-3 basketball tournament. I was less than thrilled and didn’t really want to go, but he mentioned it was co-sponsored by our church’s HIV/AIDS Ministry and I was in.                                        

We arrived at the event to be ushered into a cafeteria where a video was presented about HIV/AIDS in the community, prevention, and stigma associated with the diseases. I’m familiar with epidemic. I’ve lost family members to it and have been faithfully testing every year since college. What I wasn’t familiar with were the recent statistics in my area. DC ranks #1 in the nation for HIV/AIDS cases. VA ranks #2 and MD is #3. That’s a very sobering statistic. The county the tournament took place had the unpleasant distinction of being #2 in the state for new cases. Not great at all. I watched Superbug attentively listen to all that was presented and knew we would be having a discussion later.

After the video was over, we went to the gym and began the tournament. Our church has four teams because we had so many participants! That was awesome, BUT we weren’t as great as some of the other teams. Three were knocked out early. The latter team was knocked out in the championship battle. So, we came in second place, but had a great time participating! 

Didn't quite make it this time...
Photo credit: National Geographic/
After the event, we took a journey to the National Geographic Museum to visit the Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology. FatherWinter and Superbug really enjoyed the exhibit as you faced interactive “walks” with movie and informational video clips on portable devices. Unfortunately, my device was malfunctioning and wouldn’t show any of the movie clips. It showed all of the informational clips though and I learned quite a bit including the origin of “thugs” and the history of the “Thugee” tribe made famous in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. My favorite part of the exhibit had to be the recreation of the Ark of the Covenant. I think I examined that most of all. When we’d completed our visit, we found temps dipping and stomachs rumbling. If you're in DC in the next couple of weeks, I highly recommend the visit.  It really was very educational but a lot of fun at the same time.

Yesterday was just the best day ever.  First, we got to hear Superbug sing. :)  Superbug hasn’t sung in the church choir since he was about four years old. He recently expressed an interest in doing so again and FatherWinter and I allowed it, after having a discussion about commitment and discipline. He did a great job and we were very proud of him. After he completed singing, the family went to the Family Fun event that Honeybee's adoption agency hosted.  We had such an enjoyable time.  

Honeybee, Superbug, and I enjoyed a hayride around a beautiful farm. FatherWinter couldn’t join because he is allergic to hay, but he was fine. While we were riding, he was parktaking of the yummy snacks and beverages in the greenhouse. The ride was a bit nippy but not uncomfortably so.  After it was over, we came to join FatherWinter and Honeybee found the cake to be her favorite thing there.  She spend the rest of her time trying to convince others to share their cake with her. :)

No cupcake is safe!!!! Lol 
Enjoying her own small piece

Superbug made a new friend and they spent the afternoon playing football until the sun’s rays began their descent. After farewells and pictures, the family loaded up and went to celebrate one more family event—an anniversary.

We spent time visiting with our brother and sister in law celebrating their 3rd wedding anniversary. While we didn't get to grab photos here, it was an enjoyable time and we were blessed to celebrate with them.

When we got home, we were so tired, everyone was out within 10 minutes of getting settled.  It was a wonderful weekend and we were very pleased to enjoy it as a family.  Next big event....we're going to try and hit Christmastown!!

Have a blessed evening!!

Weekend Recap: #GHOE

I recently returned from my alma mater's college Homecoming.  It was a wonderful trip.  Since FatherWinter and Superbug had a men' retreat to attend, I decided to take Honeybee with me to enjoy her first #Greatest Homecoming on Earth aka #GHOE.

 Now understand, I haven't been to my alma mater's homecoming in about three years.  As much as Aggie Pride runs in my veins (not to mention my family) that seemed abysmal.  I refused to allow that to happen again, so I had my riding partner (aka Honeybee) strapped in and we were ready to go!!!  Once we arrived in sunny Greensboro, I had to let the mantra that has been that of all Aggies be known (See Above!).  And then, I made sure my riding partner was sufficiently attired...

Had to make a quick stop at the campus bookstore

Afterwards, I decided to take a tour of the yard and see how much things had changed.  Boy, had they ever.  The small and outdated Student Health Center was now a sleek and highly advanced technological building wonder with a new look and new location.

All shiny and new?!  Where is the brick outlay?
This used to have a road directly through it and the dorm was in front of the light post

That was fun and a great trip down memory lane.  To continue it, I decided to take Honeybee on a walk along the same hallowed halls that her Mommy once trod.  Can I tell you how much fun that was?!  I even ran into one of my favorite professors and told her how I actually use the skills I learned in college--both professionally and personally.  I'm so thankful to be an Aggie.

There were great memories in being a student here.  I met some very great and wonderful people.  I established some wonderful bonds and loved very hard while I was here.  There is always something great about coming home.

After I got my fill of walking around campus and strolling down memory lane, I decided to take Honeybee and I to catch up with some dear friends of mine who still live in the city.  I hadn't seen them since my wedding, so we were well overdue to catch up!    

My best friend and I 
Pictured is one of my best friends.  She was bridesmaid at my wedding, is godmother to my son, shares a friendship with me from that spans high school and college.  It's always great to see her.  It was her first time meeting Honeybee and she and her husband spoiled her rotten :).

I visited with she and her husband for a while and then Honeybee and I called it a night.  That drive took it out of me.  But, since my Honeybee was knocked out well before I was.  I was able to sit and have a evening night cap.

College buddies!!!

Evening night cap...

Trust, I very rarely get this opportunity.  But I sat down, watched mindless dribble on television, and savored the quiet until the next morning's festivities, starting with getting my riding partner ready! 

In her blue and gold.  Future AGGIE!

We got together with the college buddies and spent the rest of the day finding great food, wonderful friends, and enjoying an amazing fellowship!

Smiling for the camera!

A #GHOE must!  Fried fish platter

You're looking at 20+ years of friendship right here!  Middle school to college. God is good!

She's all about kisses for the camera.

All in all, it was a wonderful trip.  I enjoyed the friendship, loved the fellowship, and LOVED all the food.  AND knocked off an item from our Fall Checklist!  Tailgating!!!  Woohoo!!!

Hopefully, next time I'll be able to take Superbug with me.  I'm sure he'll enjoy it!

Here's hoping you have a great evening.  We'll talk to you soon!